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Sirius SL906-L 520 / SL906-L 850

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SL906-L 520 and SL906-L 850
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Hi Sirius Team, I am about to purchase a SL906-850 unit and instal in an old house with a brick chimney. The exhaust would be routed directly to the chimney with free ventilation to the existing chimney cowling. Could you please advise weather ducting is required, and if so, what purpose would this serve as I have been getting conflicting information. Many Thanks, Mick
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If i put my filters/baffles in backwards after cleaning them, how do i get them out? they seem to be stuck :( It's a SU90270
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We have a flat roof home and are currently looking at the Sirius SL906-L rangehood. Wondering however if this unit if compatible with a flat roof house with no roof cavity, and whether or not this unit can be ducted outside somehow still?
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Hi...yes it has 2 options of being ducted up or straight out to an outside wall. Ours is ducted straight out.Penny, does your rangehood which is dicted straight out sound noisy? All reviews said this was silent but ours isn't and ducts straight out.

Dear Sirius, We are building a new home and I have to very quickly choose an under-mount rangehood to sit over a 90cm (5 zones) Induction cooktop. Our electrician has already installed ducting ready to go, and the builder does not want to change this. It's also a skillion roof, so there's very little room in the roof cavity. I'm stuck as to which is the best unit to go with that will give great suction (I do a lot of stir frys), but also with the least amount of noise if we cannot have the motor outside. Please help. Regards, Karinda
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We have a sirius 90cm wall mount range hood glass front - Sirius SLTC 48-50 and can't remember how to remove the filter platform so that we can clean it? i.e. which buttons to press.
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Hi Kirsty, to remove the filter you simply need to pull on the tab on the filter and swing the filters down. For a video guide on how to remove your filter, please click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtr-rXYyuLA - Kind regards, Sirius Team.

the draught excluders do not seem to open when the motor is on. Any ideas?
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From memory (and perhaps depending on the model) there are two sets of butterflies, one set is on the top of the fan and one set is in a black plastic flange on top of the hood unit. Both sets should freely open with minimal airflow. When I installed mine, I accidentally somehow got the butterfly valve in the black plastic flange on top of the hood unit stuck closed and had to reach up inside there and clip it back properly in place, which required several minutes of contorted dexterity. If you have the unit with a seperate fan/motor unit, simply take out the baffles, and look up into the unit to make sure the butterfly opens freely. If you can access the fan/motor, ensure it is installed so that it's facing the right way.

Hi l have just had our Sirius SL906-850 installed and it works perfectly. The only issue is the noise. It has the twin on board motors. The sales person was adamant that this would be the quietest product they have as we wanted to avoid the noise like the plague. We also have a box (its possibly an off board motor) that we haven't yet connected up. Is it a case of, once connected this off board motor overrides the motor in the undermount, does this make it quiet?
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Hi L.Dorsi, can you please advise where you purchased your rangehood and what suburb? If the rangehood has not been ducted correctly, this might be creating extra noise. For example, do you know if flexible ducting was used? This type of ducting can be easily damaged and created excess noise. Does the box have any codes or model numbers on it? This will indicate to us if you were given a SEM (silent extraction method) motor. This is unnecessary for an on board motor. Also, can you please check your model number as the SL906-L 850 is a single motor. Please advise. Kind regards, Sirius Brand.Hi, the model number is sl906 L Excel 850. I'll look at the other box provided to find out what is in thereIt is not quiteHi L.Dorsi & Marion, I am thinking of buying the same one with twin on board motors. I'm wondering if this issue got resloved or is it still noisy?

Hi Sirius team, we love the under mount range hood its the best! but I have a question last time I cleaned the vents I put the first one in the wrong way around it went in ok yesterday I went to take them out & realised my error now I cant get the vent section out do you know how I would go about this?
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Hi Ailsa, It is great to hear that you are enjoying your Sirius Under Mount Hood. In relation to your filters please contact our Service department so that we can guide you in rectifying the positioning of the filters. You can reach our support team on 1300 762 219 thank you . Regards, Sirius Support“Hi Ailsa, It is great to hear that you are enjoying your Sirius Under Mount Hood. In relation to your filters please contact our Service department so that we can guide you in rectifying the positioning of the filters. You can reach our support team on 1300 762 219 thank you . Regards, Sirius Support”

Hi, we are about to have our kitchen cupboards made and just wondering what size we need. We have 6 gas burner 90cm. The duct will be about 1metre. Which size do you recommend? Thanks Karen
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Hi Karen, for a 90cm cooktop, you would definitely go with the SL906 L 850. You can view all the specs on the website siriusbrand.com.auI'll answer this for posterity, even though it's too late for the original poster... SL906 L 850: With some stuffing around with a router, you can fit this unit into an 800mm wide cabinet, with 4mm to spare each side. You will need to router out a 14mm recess into the sides of each adjacent cupboard. In other words, you need 828mm, noting that the distance between inside walls of the adjacent cabinets (with 18mm melamine carcasses) is 836mm. However you will need to specify a custom position for your door hinges as the bottom hinges need to be about 300mm above the bottom of the door. Only attempt this if you are very handy. Otherwise use a 1000mm wide cupboard.

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