Love my new home!

We are very happy indeed with the excellent workmanship and high quality finish as well as the fantastic customer service and support we have received from Summit Homes.
From the very start of our experience with Summit, which started with Rene Peters, our salesperson at the display home, who was such a lovely helpful person who definitely knew his stuff, we had a great experience.
The administration work carried out by the girls in the office was very quick and professional and all documents and plans were correct. Our Pre-start Consultant, Cerys Loader, was very good and kept up the great service from beginning to end.
The construction process was very organized and I was amazed at how clean our block and home was left every time we went to our block to see the progress. Also loved the Summit Portal where we could see regular updated photos of each phase of the build. The fact that we keep this Portal for life is a great idea.
Paul Swarbrick, our Supervisor, was always available via phone or email and actioned any questions or queries immediately. He was friendly, very knowledgeable and helpful and also kept us up to date with what was happening next with our home. Communication is key and he did a great job of that.
In the beginning we looked at a lot of other builders’ home designs and finishes but it was an easy decision in the end to build with Summit Homes and we are extremely glad we made that decision.
Thank you Paul and Summit for making our new home build a successful one!

Customer Service
Site Admin
Structural Integrity
Plumbing & Waterproofing
Electrical & Lighting
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateFebruary 2019

Prompt and pleasant experience !

My partner and I were incredibly surprised by how quick and efficient everything has been, when building our new home. Summit is not exactly the cheapest in the market but they are not the most expensive either and they were transparent with the costings.

We would like to personally thank the 3 main people responsible for our build. Glenn Williams (designer and home consultant), Jacqui Done (client liaison officer) and Andrew Rose ( site supervisor) - they were extremely efficient, patient and very organised. No queries were too big or small. There is no perfect builder, but we have been happy with the whole outcome of this build and these 3 are an asset to the company.

At the end of the day, a happy customer is a customer who gets a quality build along with excellent customer service and a dependable team who delivers the home on schedule.

We are pleased that our home was completed ahead of schedule with minor touch ups during PCI (mainly cosmetic) . So thank you for that, especially to Andrew for the last crucial few months of supervising our build. Our private building Inspector also commented this was a quality build and speaks highly of Andrew. 'Underpromise but overdeliver' - that’s what we found with him, who goes above and beyond. The tradies he used during this build process were prompt and reliable as well.

Thank you Summit for a smooth and enjoyable process. Please convey our thanks to these 3 people listed above!

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Hi Jazzy, thank you so much for your kind words. We are so glad to hear that you have enjoyed your build journey with Summit Homes. I will be sure to pass on your lovely feedback to Glenn, Jacqui, Andrew and the rest of the team. We wish you many happy memories in your brand new home! All the best, Gemma (marketing)

Very stressful

When I am going trough latest review about Summit, I am thinking are we talking about the same builder.

Sales consultant was perfect to start with. We knew we couldn't expect the same service trough our building process, but our experience with our supervisor had been terrible.
We had picked up a lot of mistakes and instead of just simply acknowledge them and rectified, we had to spent so much energy and time on emails, going trough our contract page by page, over and over again, engaging Construction Manager, Contract Manager, Sales Consultant and even General Manager to get what was written in our contract and signed by both parties.
We had building inspector checking all stages as well but Summit didn't care.
If you are going to build with Summit, put in the contract the name of Supervisor you are confident with,as from other people's reviews, it looks like that Summit has a great guys there.

Construction End DateJun 2018
Hi Mandi, Thank you for providing us with your feedback and we’re sorry to hear you had this experience. As part of our 'built around people' philosophy, our customers are at the heart of everything we do here at Summit. Are you able to please send through your contract number so that we can look into this further? Thank you, Rikki (marketing)Hi Rikki, our contract number is 149980.Hi Mandi, thanks for providing this. Rikki

Smooth process and good quality home

We decided to proceed with Summit after we saw our friend’s house ( he bought a Summit display home at southern river), which was nicely built.
Actually we already paid deposit with another notable Builder but that had a bad customer service and manipulated the $$ figure to get us into contract.
So we decided to give Summit a go and thank God all went well with Summit.
We got to meet our consultant (Tim) through the online chat. He was friendly & really helpful.
Long story short we signed the PPA and once the Building contract all the costing are like what we signed.
Then we got a free consultation with the interior designer La Vie, which was really helpful for the pre-start.
Then our pre starts consultant was good as well. but unfortunately last time the display was still in the old office, so it wasn’t as great as at the new office.
Our construction started on Feb 2018 and finished on July 2018..We only got to see our site supervisor (Gary) for few times but we emailed each other regularly and he responded to our queries in timely manners. Overall, Thank God everything went smoothly according to the schedule, only the paving was delayed few days.
Then we had a building inspector to do a check and only had few minor things to be fixed. He also mentioned that the workmanship was done nicely.
So yeah today is the handover and we finally got the keys to our house:)
Really recommended Summit Homes!

Construction End DateJul 2018
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Thanks so much for taking the time to provide us with your fantastic feedback and 5 star review, we really appreciate it. As part of our ‘built around people’ philosophy, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do, so we're thrilled to hear you enjoyed your building journey with us. Thanks for choosing Summit Homes and enjoy your new home! All the best, Rikki (marketing)

Our Dream Home

The workmanship on our home was nothing but 100% we had some fantastic trades and they all did a brilliant job. There was never a problem with any of them.
The whole built with Summit was nothing but the best right from the beginning and the supervision well there were no words to describe updates each and every day and also up to date on the computer it was the best.
When ever we had a question there was always some one to help us through the whole process. They understood.
Thanks to the team David, Jacqui, Lindsay and anyone else who was involved with our new home, we could not be happier with the end result.

Construction End DateJun 2018
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Hi Carol, thank you so much for your kind words and wonderful feedback! We are so glad that you are happy in your new home. I'll be sure to pass on your 5 star review to David, Jacqui, Lindsay and the rest of the Summit Homes' team. Thanks, Gemma (marketing)


After visiting many other builders we decided to look at a Summit display home. This is where we met Michael Klaver. Michael was an ex brickie. What a difference it was dealing with someone that had a true understanding of the technicalities of a house build instead of a sales rep that's just trying to get your signature. He listened to what we wanted, was so enthusiastic and genuinely excited for us. He cared and put much time and energy into us, meeting us after normal business hours to work through things. He created a fantastic home for us. Michael Klaver 10/10.
Next was prestart. Cerys and Danica were both awesome. Had some great ideas, happy, helpful, nothing to much trouble. Prestart was a fantastic fun experience. Thanks girls, 10/10
On to the build.
Our supervisor was Alistair Hunt. The first thing Al did was give us his mobile number and told us he is available and to call him should we have any questions or concerns. He kept us updated at all times and was fantastic to deal with. Thank you so much Al for ensuring our home was structurally sound and with great finishing. The tradies I spoke to onsite all speak highly of Al also. All the tradies were fantastic. Special mention to Jamie and Daniel, the brickies and Danny, the finishing carpenter. 10/10 boys.
We moved in about 3 weeks ago and are loving it. We had one minor issue after the big rains and winds that we had recently and it was attended to promptly with a smile. With an established respected builder like Summit I feel very confident should any other issues arrive moving forward we will be well looked after. The @home feature is fantastic.
Dian and I would have no hesitation in recommending Summit to anyone that was looking for a builder. They may not be the cheapest but you get a quality build with no short cuts and peace of mind. What's that worth?

Construction End DateJun 2018
1 comment
Hi Simon Thanks so much for taking the time to provide us with your fantastic feedback and 5 star review. As part of our ‘built around people’ philosophy, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do, so we're thrilled to hear you enjoyed the high level of service and quality workmanship. I'll be sure to pass your feedback on to the team. Thanks for choosing Summit Homes and enjoy your new home! All the best, Rikki (marketing)

Pushy and childish

We couldn't find a bad review on Summit when we did our research here as we embarked on the process of finding a builder, so I thought it important to provide our experience for others starting out.
We were impressed with a Summit floor plan we saw in the newspaper, and similarly impressed with the Display home. The consultant was busy with another couple when we first visited down in Baldivis, so we left without talking to anyone. I filled out a form on the website and was surprised no one contacted me for over a week until eventually after I had already called the consultant directly myself.
The consultant prepared a variation of the design for our slightly narrower block and subsequently visited our block mid-week a week or two after we made contact. We made comments to the design and he arranged pricing which I felt to be important to review early given the variability between the promotional price (~$240k) and the display price (~$340k).
We met with the consultant once again at some far away display home - this time in Bushmead - for what I thought was a session to review the pricing and go through everything for explanation before my partner and I were given sometime to review and decide on what needed to come out, etc to meet our budget. Apparently the consultant had other ideas and looked like I had personally slighted his family when I suggested we would not be signing the Preparation of Plans Agreement and providing a $2000 deposit there on the spot.
All of a sudden a solar package we had never been previously offered was on the table, and the consultant had approval from his boss to extend it to lucky us that day to close the deal. Reviewing it afterwards, it wasn't much of a special deal in any case, but it all seemed like steak knives on some home shopping purchase of a fit ball to me rather than a life purchase of the dream home.
I messaged the consultant the next day to thank him for his time and suggest we'd need to go away for a few weeks to soak everything up and just take a breath. Probably a message wasn't the best approach, but it was a Sunday evening and I had vowed to get back to him that following day.
The response:
"Very disappointing to get a text message like that from you. I deserve better than that.
If you really did appreciate my time in coming to see you, meeting with you, designing the home etc. then you wouldn't be saying that in a message you would be asking to meet me again and discuss options and alternate designs etc to meet your budget.
Considering I told you it would come out about the same price of the display home with all the finishing, sitecosts and things you wanted..... and then it came out less [not much by the way]..... why did you bother wasting my time?"
I've since had some fantastic dealings with a number of other builders who have all invested their time - much more than Summit - to try to win our business. They have actively sought our business from my initial enquiries on their websites, and they have sought a lot more than just the width of our block before proposing energy efficient tailored designs for us. They all seem to understand that we cannot afford to go into a pre-start meeting and be hit with thousands of dollars of additional expenses to meet the standard of home we desire, and they all show a very good appreciation that the purchase of a family home is the most significant expense we will ever make and one we want to get right, not get pushed into to meet a consultants sales target.

Construction End DateApr 2018
1 comment
Hi Annie, Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you had this experience and we take your feedback very seriously. Our management team is investigating as a matter of priority, as our customers are at the heart of everything we do here at Summit Homes. Are you able to please private message us a contract number or some further information? Thank you, Rikki (marketing)

It helps when you deal with the right people

I had been looking for a builder who understood what end result I wanted in my home. I had been in discussion with several builders over a period of weeks. During that time I met Michael Klaver from Summit at a display home south of the river. We had a brief conversation and I was upfront with telling him I was talking to other designers about my block and house design. At the time, I figured that a Summit Home would be well out of my price range. The other builders I spoke with all had different ideas, some of them had completely ignored my brief as to what I wanted included. One builder even told me they could work their way around the local council guidelines and build a house without the reverse aspect as was mandatory to build where I am. After some serious consideration and holding back from signing with a builder who, although offered me incentives and discounts to sign off on a design I wasn't completely happy with (saying we can go through the minor changes after, once I had signed) - My gut feeling took over and I thanked him for his time and effort, but explained I was still talking to other builders.. His demeanour changed almost instantly as he realised he was not going to get the deal done that night. I contacted Michael again and scheduled a time to meet him to get serious about the prospect of building with Summit. In our meeting, we talked about what I wanted, how Summit could help and the fact he had spent years building other peoples mistakes (obviously prior to him joining Summit Homes Group). He told me he had some great ideas to work with what I had requested. The next contact I had was a text message with a photograph that was taken by Michael, who at the time was standing on my recently acquired block of land. He explained that he now understood why I liked the block so much. He saw what I saw from a land owners perspective and his excitement level jumped, maybe even more than mine, as he told me he had the perfect design in mind to realise my home ownership dream. You won't find many sales consultants who would actually visit your block to try and get a feel for what their client is looking to achieve. So, just this week, my gut feeling and I signed to build what I know will be the best designed house for me and my lifestyle. It is still early stages, but I know I have made the right choice to build my home with Summit Homes Group. From out first initial contact up until Monday night, Michael has been keeping me updated with everything involving my block (organising an Engineers and a Surveyors report) as there was some conflict and confusion about the estimated cost of siteworks. And, he listened to me when I requested certain things and offered advice about why different ideas would and wouldn't work in the end design. He has a keen sense of being able to imagine himself walking through a house and visualising how the house design would flow. A couple of small design changes I suggested, he said were good in theory, but then explained why he had designed those areas of the house the way he did and it made complete sense.. I imagine the journey to receiving the keys to my new home will be seamless and believe that my decision to build with Summit was the right choice, thanks entirely to the understanding of one person.

Construction End DateFeb 2019
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Hi Darryl, Thank you so much for your kind words and wonderful feedback. We're thrilled that you've chosen to build with Summit Homes. As part of our ‘built around people’ philosophy, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We look forward to working with you throughout your building journey and we're always on hand to answer any questions that you have along the way. I'll be sure to pass on your 5 star review to Michael and the rest of the Summit Homes' team. All the best on your building journey with Summit Homes! Rikki (marketing)

Great service

Just wanting to say thank you to Summit and everyone involved with the build. People often say this is the most stressful time of your lives, but this whole process beginning to end has been such a breeze. All starting with Glenn in the display, (I can see glenn already has a lot of other great reviews below, and they don’t do him justice! Knows what he’s talking about, always gives you the time of day, can’t thank him enough!!) then Jacqui with all our selection and variation requests and needs, and finishing with Brendan with the construction. The quality of the build has been amazing, and the high standard and pride the trades take in their work is great to see and it shows with the finished product. Being able to see weekly updates on the portal has been really helpful and is such a great idea.
Can’t wait to live in our forever home and make new memories! We will highly recommend Summit to any and all of our friends and family looking to do any renovations or builds!

Construction End DateApr 2018
1 comment
Thank you for your wonderful feedback! As part of our ‘built around people’ philosophy, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do, so we're thrilled to hear how much you enjoyed the high level of service and quality you experienced building your dream home with us. I'll be sure to pass on your 5 star review to Glenn, Jacqui, Brendan and the Summit Homes team. We hope you love your home for years to come! All the best, Rikki (marketing)

Excellent builder

Building my 4th house, I knew exactly what to look for. I researched and compared several builders. I wasn't looking for the best drafter within the builders but for an excellent builder who knows how to build.This is the common mistake that people do when building (my mistake when I built my first house). Don't compare the design since one builder can have your dream house and make your dream house become a nightmare due to low workmanship. I met Todd who I highly recommend when comparing builders. He designed my dream house and did 10 -15 amendments till the plan was perfect. He also gave me a breakdown of the figures for me to know why the house was at the price. He was also honest with me from the start. He did not tell me: "that something you can look into at prestart", he actually told me: "Alexis that's 7k for just a small feature, having high ceiling throughout the house is a better value for money." You want your drafter to tell you that at the beginning so that you don't face a 25k prestart variation that you will not be able to afford. Summit wasn't the cheapest option but was by far the best choice. I'm getting my keys tomorrow and they definitely exceeded my expectations. If you are building, talk to Todd from Summit, he might not be the right one for you but at least he will provide you something to compare with.

Construction End DateNov 2017
1 comment
Hi Alexis, Thank you for your wonderful feedback. As part of our ‘built around people’ philosophy, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do, so we're happy to hear how much you enjoyed the high level of service and transparency you experienced building your dream home with us. I'll be sure to pass on your 5 star review to Todd and the rest of the Summit Homes team. We hope you love your home for years to come! Best wishes, Jay (Marketing)

Exceeded my expectations!

The whole process with Summit has been brilliant! I found that Glenn was the only person out in the Calleya display village who really took the time to find out what it was that mattered to me in a new home - he then helped me find the block - which was slightly complex - and the house was designed perfectly for the spot! Amy at pre-start gave me so much advice, I really went in there not having much of an idea, and she was honest and transparent and gave me great feedback on my ideas whether they were good or bad! Jamie my Site Supervisor's service was terrific - He was so patient with me, and always got back to me straight away if I had any questions no matter how silly they were! His patience carried over into the PCI and Handover and I couldn't thank him enough! The whole team at Summit made my first building experience so exciting, enjoyable and easy! It's almost a shame that it's over but I can't wait to move in to my beautiful new home!

Construction End DateOct 2017
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Hi Sam, Thank you for your kind words! We pride ourselves on excellent service as part of our ‘Built Around People’ philosophy, and it’s great to hear Glenn, Amy and Jamie were able to help you out every step of the way in building your new home. We'll be sure to share your experience with our whole team, and wish you many happy years in your new Summit Home. Best Regards, Nat (Marketing)

Summit is Quality

Terrific building process. Glenn the sales rep at the Calleya display started it all off on the right foot and the rest of the team which included Prestart, Le Vie, the quality trades and the supervisor building the home and finalising key handover brought it home without putting a foot wrong. Always their to answer your questions and give helpful advice. Couldn't fault The Summit Homes group and would recommend them to anyone.
Thanks for everything guys! Can't wait to move in to our awesome home.

Construction End DateOct 2017
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Hi Tony, Thank you for your wonderful review! We pride ourselves on excellent service as part of our ‘Built Around People’ philosophy, always striving to give you the very best care and attention. We’re pleased to hear this has been delivered by our team and you’ve enjoyed your building journey. We wish you many happy years in your Summit home. Best Regards, Jay (Marketing)

Exceeding customer expectations

I am writing this review as an appreciation for the exceptional customer service provided by our consultants, Glenn Williams and our site supervisor, Jamie McDonald.

We had many ideas on our home plan but limited time to select the plan. Glenn was capable to put all our thoughts together and efficiently present them to us. He provided us useful suggestions about construction & interior designs as well as what to prepare for pre-start, so that we could smoothly go on next stage.

We always received Jamie’s helpful prompt replies and he was able to follow up and tackle the problems timely throughout the construction period. The in-depth construction designs that we did not understand were clearly explained and patiently responded. We would like to sincerely thank you for their helps and professional manners. Their efforts are appreciated and we are happy with the final result.

Construction End DateOct 2017
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Hi Brian and Elaine, Thank you for your wonderful 5-star review! As part of our company ethos, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do, so we're happy to hear how much you enjoyed the high level of customer service you experienced building your new home with us from start to finish. I'll be sure to pass on your lovely feedback to Glenn, Jamie and the rest of the Summit Homes team. We hope you both love your home for years to come! Best wishes, Sasha (Marketing)

Great Experience

We are very happy with our recently completed house, aswell as the overall build process with Summit Homes. We found their communication to honest and transparent, which was an important factor when choosing a builder. Our sales rep (Michael Klaver) helped tailor the Alkira display design for us to give us everything we needed, but at the same time gave us plenty of options of things that we could add or subtract to suit our budget. We are very happy with the final design and finishes. The meeting with La Vie interiors was also very helpful to bring our ideas and colour choices together, which made pre-start less daunting. We also found Amy to have a lot of experience and knowledge with some little ideas that the average person doesn't think of. Our site supervisor (Victor) was a pleasure to deal with, and always got back to us when we had any queries. He kept us informed about any tiny changes that had to be made and didn't mind meeting us at the house every now for a progress update. A lot of our family and friends have been impressed with the quality of our build.
Our experience was overall very positive, and based on our build, we would definitely recommend Summit Homes to anyone that is looking to build.

Construction End DateJul 2017
1 comment
Hi Niknich, Thank you for sharing your experience with this independent review. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service every step of the way, along with our ability to tailor the building journey to suit your individual needs. I'm pleased to hear this has been delivered throughout. I’ll be sure to share your review with the entire Summit team and we wish you many happy years in your custom Alkira. Best Regards, Jay (Marketing)

Very Happy

I first met Michael McDonald in October 2016 at the Orchard display home. I loved the house as displayed but needed something a bit bigger and wheelchair accessible for my husband. Michael was fantastic and adapted the plan to better suit our needs and we signed contracts mid November. Pre start was a bit stressful and took longer than we expected due to special needs specifications but once we got to site early April things moved along very quickly. Our construction manager was Victor Sciullo. He was amazing, nothing was too much trouble. I was a regular visitor to the house during the build and if I queried anything he was on to it immediately. The tradies he had working for him were all very professional - Nick and Dimitri (Painters), Keith (Fixer), Sam (Tiler), Aaron (the Plumber) all take pride in their work and are very friendly. Victor kept in regular contact and always kept me updated on progress and what was going to happen next. The Customer Portal you get access to when you sign up is fantastic and a great resource that enables you to know what to expect at each stage of the build. Victor regularly updated with photos as well. We moved in last week and are very happy with the end result.

Construction End DateSep 2017
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Hi Rae, Thank you for your 5 star review! At Summit Homes we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor the building journey to suit your individual needs and our friendly, experienced team delivering exceptional customer service, and a quality build on time. We’re pleased you enjoyed 24/7 access to our @home customer portal, and the updates allowed you to follow your build throughout the journey We’re proud to be chosen as your building partner, and wish you many happy years in your new Summit Home. Best Regards, Jay (Marketing)

Wonderful experience with Summit

We really enjoyed our experience with Summit. We have never built before but found the whole team at Summit extremely helpful and supportive. The team designed us a home to specifically suit our block and the end result has been better than we anticipated. We had David as our sales rep and he was wonderful. Nothing was too much trouble and he wasn't pushy at all. Our supervisor, Colin, had attention to detail and was beyond helpful as we live away and he always informed us of the build process. The build happened so quickly and we have been very happy with our end result.

Construction End DateJun 2017
1 comment
Hi Jem, Thank you for sharing your experience! We pride ourselves on excelling in customer service and the manner in which our team has delivered a smooth new home building journey is part of our 'built around people' philosophy. We genuinely enjoy building for WA families and this is evident in the individual care and attention given throughout the entire process. We wish you many happy years ahead in your Summit Home. Best Regards, Jay (Marketing)

Excellent experience and outcome

Very organised builder from the initial design stage through to final completion and maintenance. Well managed build with an excellent supervisor and tradespeople. Customer support was without fault with reasonable prices quoted for the build and all variations. Worked to a project timeframe that was provided to us very early in the building process. Could not be happier or more satisfied with the final result.

Construction End DateApr 2016
1 comment
Hi Dan, Thank you very much your wonderful feedback. We are so pleased that you enjoyed your building journey with Summit Homes. Customer service is at the very heart of Summit Homes as part of our “Built Around People” philosophy. That means we always work towards your new home dream, striving to give you the best care and attention as well as a quality build on time. We'll be sure to share your experience with our team. We wish you all the very best in your new home! Best Regards, Jay from Marketing

Excellent first time building experience

We really enjoyed our first new build with Summit and this was due to the whole team who helped us through the process.
The communication from all of the different departments was really good throughout and when there were issues they were resolved really quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Maintenance support post completion has been excellent, we've had minor issues but Summit have been quick to engage their contractors and get them out to take care of them.
I’d certainly recommend Summit to family and friends if they decided to build.

Construction End DateMar 2017
1 comment
Hi Mark, Thank you for your wonderful review! Customer service is at the very heart of Summit Homes, our philosophy is to build homes around people and we're happy to hear that communication and support throughout your building journey have been excellent. I'll be sure to share this feedback with the team. We hope you enjoy making happy memories in your new home! Best Regards, Jay (Marketing)

Great value, great supervisor.

Apart from some initial problems with a retaining wall, which the Summit team was very good about following up and rectifying, we have been extremely happy with how the build has unfolded. Our Supervisor kept us in the loop with regular contact when required, and was quick to respond to any questions from us along the way. We found him very easy-going, helpful and flexible when we needed to deal with issues on our side. Overall, the quality of the house has easily met our expectations, and in fact, the independent site inspector we engaged to do a completion report commented to us that this (and most Summit Homes he has done) was of a standard generally better than many of the other builders that he inspects. Indeed he only had a few minor issues to report on, which our Supervisor had fixed without any dispute. An overall positive experience.

Construction End DateMar 2017
1 comment
Hi Mike, Thank you for your wonderful review. Our ethos to build homes around people, so our team is always working towards your new home, striving to give you the best care and attention. And we’re pleased that your feedback reflects this and that you’ve been delivered a quality home. We appreciate you taking the time to review and wish you many happy years in your Summit home. Best Regards, Jay (Marketing)

Worth for money, no delay, excellent customer and maintenance services

Building with Summit Homes was our happy journey and worth for money.

From the sales Glenn Williams (He is a very kind person to talk and we appreciate his passion and efforts on designing the house for us), the site supervisor Jamie McDonald (He is a quick response, responsible, patient & knowledgeable person we have ever met and took care the build very well), to the Maintenance team (They did excellence jobs at high standard).

We had been experiencing the reliable, efficient and prompt response services and quality that we had been looking for.

When you compare with other budget builders and you would find out that's pretty much the same cost if you looking for same quality range product among them, but Summit Homes gives you a no delay, no disputes and good quality finish and efficient work. In conclusion, We are a happy customer with Summit Homes. If you asked, we will definitely go with Summit Home again if built another one.

Construction End DateNov 2016
1 comment
Hi Man, Thank you for your wonderful review! At Summit Homes we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor the building journey to suit your individual needs and our friendly, experienced team delivering exceptional customer service, and a quality build on time. I’ll be sure to share you kind words with Glen, Jamie, Maintenance and our entire team. And we wish you many happy memories in your Summit home. Best Regards, Jay (Marketing)

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Questions & Answers

has anyone built with Sovereign Building Company?
No answers

Has anyone had issues with their "superwall" after living in the house a few months/years later? Had another builder describe it as a very poor product.
2 answers
Hi Paul, I built with Summit and have now been living in my home for almost 10 months. I chose to build with superwall for two reasons, the first being the faster install and the second being the smoother finish (which it really is). I've had absolutely no issues with the product (no cracking, no chipping, no dents or lifting ect) and would definitely choose this option if I were to build again. Hope this helps!Structurally I've heard verticore is much better and has greater weight bearing capacity. This makes sense due to the location of the holes. The only advantage of horizontal hole bricks / fastwall (superwall) is build times during heavy rains, but structurally vertical core bricks win and in every other situation as well.

Anyone has built with summit in Busselton. Please share your opinion please?
2 answers
We built but in Middle Swan. For the most part excellent tradesmen, very polite and happy to listen to us as owners - we had our own design and where they picked up flaws in our design once it got to the practical build, any minor issue was very quickly attended to.Thanks Di and Jeff. Really appreciate your advice


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