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Hi There. I need a replacement inner pot for my minute cook. Where can I find one, please?
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My Minut’ Cook has always worked perfectly until recently. For the second time now that I have used it recently, the cooker builds up pressure but then after about a minute or so beeps three or four times and then goes to keep warm. After the last time it did this I took it all apart and checked that everything was fitting correctly, including the seals and was hoping it might be a different story this time but sadly the same thing has happened.
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Mine is now doing the same thing, after a few uses. I’ve given up and gone back to my old stovetop pressure cooker. Nothing I’ve done to try to fix the problem has helped - pull apart and clean, add more water - nothing. I’m just going to ask for a refund. It does not look like it’s an isolated problem.

Hi Can you double the recipe of recipes from the regal cook book? Thanks Grace
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I've just purchased the pressure cooker (new one,by the sound of it,comes with basket). Absolutely love it! Used twice, works wonders,meats fall of the bone in 25 min!!!!! Evrika! My only concern is its country of origin -china (bosco for example,in Korea,but out of stock). The seal in the lid (as well as the basket) is made out some silicon/plastic, I am thinking that under such pressure it could be well and truly emitting some toxins... We live in the era of the highest level of cancer ever, we are probably paying a price of living a very convenient life (microwaves, mobile phones,etc)... Just a thought.... Any other concerned parties on the subject?? Thanks!
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What setting do I slow cook a curry on?
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What is the best thing to use as a trivet in my Tefal Minut Cook? The recipe calls for one but no mention what is suitable with the non stick coating. Sue
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Hi Sue I actually took my minut cooker back & exchange it for the Philips as it got a fault, but all that aside I brought a Teflon steamer from the net from China about 5 dollars but you could use any flat Teflon or china the Philips come with a flat Teflon steamer tray with little legs but was no good for putting extra vegies as it had no sides hence the Teflon steamer which is great as it folds up for storage but it took a while to come.All you need is some thing flat with legs not always easy to find try Ebay.Hope that helps Margie. Perth

Can this minute cook be used as a slow cooker. Ie: cooking meat for 6-8 hours. Timer only goes to 99mins. Sorry new user.
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No, it is not a Slow Cooker. It's benefit is it cooks things quickly and still makes them very tender by pressure cooking. Enjoy the benefits of quick cooking!I thought it could but I never use it like that.I ended up taking mine back as it wouldn't go to low pressure .I ended up paying extra & buying a Philips that does do slow cooking but I haven't use it like that. Philips is more user friendly.Tefal has a help line which I found good it is 1300 307 824. Hope that helps I would ring them.No issues in returning the cooker. Margie

I bought mine last week. The timer does not appear to be working correctly. It either cuts off too early (on a longer cook) or doesn't cut off at all. I have to manually stop it. Do I need to take it back for a replacement unit??
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I recall that I did have an occasional time when I first got mine when the timer went off early. It seemed to be when there was not enough moisture in cooking a casserole-type dish. Perhaps if you persevere with it for a while to see if it improves. Just make sure you have sufficient liquid to create the steam for it to work. I use it most for cooking soups, for which it is fantastic. But also cook some casserole-type dishes. I usually don't brown the meat in the cooker as that seems to cause it to stick to the bottom and cause problems. I usually just put everything in and set it going. Sometimes I brown things in a frying pan on the stove top if necessary. Stick with it, once you get used to it you will find it excellent and so time-saving. Good luck. Ask again if you want any more information.I took mine back, as the final straw was I wasn't able to change it from high pressure to low.I ended up paying a bit more & buying a Philip 4 in 1 cooker ,which has been no problem although their recipe book time seem a little off for cakes the minut cook book is better.Sorry I can't help with your problem.I only paid an extra 39 dollar which I feel was well worth it.I feel the Philips is more user friendly. Margie.

I love my minut'cook. But I'm wondering why my dew collector has not collected anything. Does it only collect during steaming? (I haven't steamed anything yet)
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Hey I think a lot has to do with climate because mine doesnt collect dew either only had a slight water mark evaporated on the top from use not enough to get to the collector

The first thing I cooked was beef stew and the juice was released with the steam creating a lot of mess why? And how do I stop it from happening again?
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Hi Ronnie I cook stews all the time when you put stock in or water you have just enough to cover the meat not not fill right up as the steam creates lots water filling your pot also pls check of your inner lid is put in properly. Hope this helps sometimes the lid is put in wronglyThank you so much mumma glad I will let you know how I go .Hi I was wondering if It is safe use a traditional steam pudding bowl and how to go about it in my cook4me and if any recipe is suitable

I have just bought the Tefal minut cook already made pumpkin soup beautiful,now I want to slow cook lamb necks,is it also a slow cooker do you just put it on simmer to flow cook? thanks
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Hi Maureen, I have only use the unit to pressure cook. I would use the low pressure cooking for beef and lamb. The manual suggest to use simmer with lid open so I assume you can't use that for slow cook.

when the release valve is closed, is there suppose to be steam escaping? My mother has a different brand and it doesn't do it, it is as if the valve isn't shut properly, looking at reviews on here it looks like I am not the only one having problems with this product
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Yes there is some steam being released before it fully pressurised, or in some instances just go to keep warmHi dj_sulll, Yes there will be some steam escaping during the cooking process whilst using the Tefal CY4000 this is perfectly normal.The amount of steam escaping should be minimal and the reason this happens is to ensure the pressure inside the pot is correct. We hope this helps Thank You - Tefal Australia

Hi the little black pressure knob that sits on top of the lid came undone in the wash, I have put it together but it does not feel tight anymore is it safe to use
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Hi Joy, Thank you for your question on the Tefal Minut Cook. Can we please confirm are you talking about the Safety Valve on the lid (The part where you release the steam from) ?

Hi, I'm trying to cook the 'chocolate nut cake' p121 of minut' cook recipe book. Got so far as closing the lid & starting to cook on the simmer setting but the cooking stopped after about 8mins & the display went blank. i tried to reset the the simmer setting but now the machine seems to be dead. No response whatsoever. Could you please advise what the issue is? In the meantime, looks like I'll need to use the oven! :(
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Hey there, im sorry to be the bearer of bad news but sounds like your Minut Cook machine has passed on...ive had the same issue and it will not turn on again...Repairs are more than what the machine is worth...Sorry but your going to have to buy a new machine either same or a different model...take careHello. Thank you for your comment. Is the machine going blank or is it switching to 'keep warm'? Please forward on your contact details and a copy of your receipt to productreview@groupeseb.com One of our customer service team members will be in contact regarding a solution. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.Hi, it's going blank. I sent my contact details to the email address you provided. I'll wait to receive a call. Thank you.

Why is my pressure cooker not closing the lid anymore? It's just a week old.
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Hello. Thank you for your comment. Are all the components of the lid connected properly? If not, this can stop the lid from closing. Is the seal in place? Please contact our customer care team on 1300 307 824 if you'd like to discuss the issue further. Thank you - Tefal Australia.

Hello. I just purchased the tefal minut and was wondering how on it will stay on simmer for. I am making soup stock so there is alot of liquid. I was expecting it to stay on simmer until I turned it off but does not seem to be the case. Thanks for your time.
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Hi Nenaanne.Hi Nenaanne. I can't answer that with any experience, I think the manual suggest up to 12 hours which should be settable.I too dont have first hand experience of using the simmer in this way. However I would have thought it would be a continuous cook on the simmer setting and wouldn't time out.

I love my Minut Cook but as I've never used a pressure cooker before, I'm wondering if its 'normal' for it to take about 10 minutes to build up pressure when I've set it to 'High Pressure' setting? It seems to emit a lot of steam while its building pressure so I'm not sure if my valve is working properly? Any ideas?
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Hi Tubbie. The unit shouldn't emit any steam...the only time the steam is released is at the end of the cooking cycle and you will hear it through the valve. No steam should come from anywhere around the lid.Any idea why my valve is so loose etc? Cant figure it out really.It's not working because it's rubbish. I have used mine twice with success, and each subsequent use has had it hissing and steaming away with no pressure build-up at all. I'm so angry about it. Wish I had read the reviews on this site before I purchased.

I've just purchased one today and first tried a yellow curry that I normally cook in my slow cooker, after a minute it switched to 'keep warm'. I added more liquid and it went to keep warm again, more liquid and again 'keep warm'. I then tried the risotto from the recipe book and it switched to keep warm after a minute too. Is this faulty? I bought this to save find but I've spent more time standing there adding liquid. You should be able to place ingredients in, set timer and come back! Is it faulty?
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You do require a minimum amount of liquid to build up pressure in your cooker. If you have used one of the tefal book recipes and it still did this it seems like there is an issue and it might be worth contacting the manufacturer directly. I can highly recommend the lamb shank recipe in the book...it's awesome. .Hello. Thank you for your question. 99% of the time, the Minut Cook will switch to 'Keep Warm' if there isn't enough liquid to build pressure. However, if you are continually adding liquid and not getting any results it may be an issue with the machine. Please contact our customer service team on 1300 307 824 if you would like to discuss this issue further. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.

Got the minut cook from my sister, used it for the first time and it would appear that the timer does not count down so had to set the timer on the microwave. Are we doing something wrong or has the timer malfunctioned? Cooked a lovely curry dish al the same! Alan
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Yes you set the time and hit start and it should first build up pressure and then the timer works backwards until it reaches zero..then it should be in warm mode. You may need to contact the manufacturer to discuss.Hello. Thank you for your question. The above customer is right. If your machine didn't count down what was showing on the screen? Please contact our customer care team at productreview@groupeseb.com so we can discuss the matter further. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.Thanks for your replies, however I found out what I was doing wrong. I wasn't locking the lid around far enough for the lock to engage and so it wouldn't get the pressure up to start the counting down. To bad my sister never gave me the manual, would not of had this problem in the first place. Thank goodness for the online manual. Cheers, Alan

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