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Will my apps still be accessible with the travelsim?
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Has anyone traveled to Scandinavia with this SIM card? What was the reception/connection like?
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Does the sim work in Fiji and Vanuatu traveling there has anyone use it before there?
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Hi, Does TravelSim have coverage in parts of Hawaii outside of major cities like Honolulu? I'm staying in Pupukea and Princeville as well as Waikiki though will be doing hikes into relatively rural areas and wanted to know how solid the coverage is. Thanks !!
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Hi Millard, our SIM accesses the AT&T and T Mobile networks in Hawaii, so if those networks have access in your rural areas then you will be fine. I have looked at coverage maps and due to the mountainous area coverage is quite sketchy.We used our sim in the UK & Europe not in the US but I’m sure they have TravelSims for all over the world!Sorry - only used TravelSim in Europe - cant comment on Hawaii

If I insert the Travel Sim do I still keep my previous emails on record and can I continue to use my original WhatsApp and Facebook. Do they eat into my data?
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Yes to all 4 questions.Thank you for your answer...Yes, you will keep all of you apps/ photos, contacts etc. that are saved to the phone. As for your apps using data, yes they will. Apps can run in the background of your phone even when you are not using it. We recommend to turn data roaming off when not using the internet to stop this from happening. Just turn data roaming on when you want to use it.

How long is my TravelSIM valid from date of purchase. I purchased my sims around April but did not activate as my trip was deferred to September. Are my sims still valid?
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The Travelsim credit is valid for 6 months from the date the credit is added. The sim itself will only expire if it goes a period of a year and no credit has been added to it. We will send you out email reminders when any credit is due to expire, and when the sim is due to expire, so you can extend it over and continue using. Please call us on 1300851676 to speak with a customer service representative to discuss your accounts in details. Thank you.think 6 months, try activating and they will tell youThank you. You answered my question fully.

I've loaded the app onto my mobile but when I try to run it I get a message 'unfortunately travelsim has stopped'. I've tried turning the phone off and back on, uninstalled the app and reloaded, and cleared the app data. Any ideas? It's a Samsung gt-s5310B
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Suggest you talk to travel sim they are very helpfilI agree, the help system is amazing.Hello. We would love to call and assist. Please Private Message us your Travelsim phone number and contact details so we can help you out otherwise feel free to call us anytime on 1300851676.

Does it cover China and Mongolia?
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Hi Kate, yes Travelsim does cover both China and Mongolia for you. Go https://www.travelsim.net.au/rates/ to check out our rates.

We are traveling through Germany,France and Barcelona from the end of September till the end of October. Can I buy a SIM card now or do I have to wait till nearer my trip ? I am just trying to be as organised as possible as this is my first overseas trip. Thanks for your help
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Hi Darren! You can by a Travelsim in advance and activate it. Travelsim credit is valid for 6 months from the day you activate the sim. Do not hesitate to call us on 1300851676 and we would be happy to assist further over the phone.

hi there I have a question - i need to port my number out of my current Australian provider (I'm closing package of accounts with them). I have got a TravelSIM. I noted a previous answer said its better to forward calls to TravelSim rather than port my existing number across to TravelSIM. Can I ask why this is?
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As this is a roaming solution and only used when travelling overseas, we do not recommend porting the number to the TravelSIM for the small period of time you are travelling and then porting it back to a local Australian provider when you return. The only time we will port a number to the TravelSIM is when customers are spending extended periods of time overseas (greater than 6 months) overseas.

Hi. My family and me will be travelling to China in a few days. Will travel sim work there and should we all get one so we can communicate when separated?
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Hi Will be travelling to Canada from Australia over 6 weeks - East Coast Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec & Montreal - West Coast Vancouver, Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff & 7 day inside passage cruise up west coast of Alaska stopping at Skagway, Juneau & Ketchikan. Has anybody been to these places & used Aussie Sim & if so any issues. Or any other suggestions gladly appreciated. Regards Chris
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Hi Chris, I have used TravelSIM in Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Qatar and Greece and had no problems (except when I forget to take my phone off aeroplane mode!). Cant comment on Canada though. PaulHi Chris, the TravelSIM is compatible in Canada and Alaska. It will also work on your cruise however we are not supported by the Royal Caribbean group. So if you're cruising on Princess, Holland America, Norwegian and many others, you will have access to the roaming network at sea.Do yourself a favor and buy a local sim when you arrive at the airport in Canada/USA. Long story short my travel party got that TravelSim which was a total waist of time and money (chewed thru all our credits setting it up with zero interest from their Customer support). Ended up buying a prepaid Sim for $30 that gave us unlimited data, text and calls.

When making a call does it awhile to start ringing?
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Yes Gaza, it can take longer to connect a call from overseas but I'm talking about 10-20 seconds. Something to do with the routing of the call and I also found it varied depending on country. I've never had a call fail to connect though so it is reliable. If it's got network coverage it works.Yes Gaza it takes a few seconds to connect but it is well worth the waitHi Gaza, it can take a few seconds, sometimes as long as 10-15 seconds to connect. When using a roaming SIM, the call can be routed through 10 or more networks to reach the destination.

Me and my partner will be travelling to Europe at the end of May for several months, I've read some reviews of people having issues to connect in Europe apparently linked to numbers needing to be entered manually on European networks. It was mentioned that the issue will be solved in July 2018, could you please give me an update about this? Should I be buying TravelSIM at all?
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Though i had not been to Europe in the recent months i had traveled UK and USA in the last one year. The phone connects to the local service provider automatically and there was no need to connect manually. I would expect this is the case in Europe as well.Hi Natalia, as mentioned by Raja, the TravelSIM automatically connects to networks while travelling. Once you arrive in a country, the SIM roams and connects to the closest available network. There is no need for numbers to be entered manually by the user. You may have read a review that mentioned numbers needing to be manually entered by the network providers. I can assure you that this has been completed for the full number ranges that are allocated to TravelSIMs.This is not something I have encountered so I'm afraid I can't comment. Based my experience in Europe (last year and last month), each time I have switched on my phone after getting off the plane I've received a text from Travelsim telling me what the rates are in that country which automatically sets up a connection. This is for phone calls. Data however is another matter. That can be a problem depending on the phone you use - from what I understand it is phone based, my Samsung 6 is a case in point. I expect their support could tell you more.

Hi. Will travel sim data allow me to use WhatsApp on my phone?
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Sorry I'm not sure as I don't use whatsapp.Hi Paul, Yes, you can use data from your TravelSIM to access WhatsApp.

Hi we are considering getting the travelsim for our 2 phones. One is a smart phone the other a no-smart phone! How do we stop the sim card from using data on the apps we have on the smart phone? Also can we use in Russia and Mongolia? When we get home and start using our regular sim and network will our travelsim expire? We do travel a bit overseas. Also when i hotels overseas and we use their wifi does that use up data on the sim. Sorry about all the questions but we have never used one before!
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Hi there, I’m not an expert at this especially since you have a non- phone as well, so it might be best to ask TravelSim directly. They are very good and helpful at answering all your questions.I can vouch for that. Contact them. I've just got off web chat with them (Tracey C.) and everything went really well. We've used Travel SIM cards since 2013 for treks in Spain, France and the UK. Always worked well. However I had the old card/telephone number. When we went to NZ in 2016 it failed. And I failed to follow up at the time! But now we are off into rural areas of France/Spain again and I can't afford failures. Their response on webchat was to upgrade my existing Sim for free and to do me a deal on a second one for my wife. We don't use data packs so I can't help you with that. We rely on free WiFi in cafes etc. Usually works ok for us. We just use the Sim to call ahead for accomodation.Hi, to avoid data charges on your smart phone, simply leave data roaming switched off in your handset. The TravelSIM can be used in both Mongolia and Russia and when you get home, you just need to pop your local sim back into the phone. The TravelSIM does not expire for 6 months and we give you an option to keep in active for a small recharge of $5 every six months. Wifi in hotels does not use data from the SIM, keep the data roaming switched off and just connect to the hotels wifi serivce. You can call us on 1300 851 676 24/7 and we'd love to talk you thorough everything or jump onto our website and chat with us.

Can TravelSIM be used as an everyday sim?
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HI RitaB, This SIM can be used as an everyday SIM but remember that it is a roaming SIM which means it connects to multiple networks, in Australia you will connect with all three, Telstra, Vodafone and Optus. This therefore means that the costs can be higher than everyday SIMS. Check out the rates at www.travelsim.net.au/rates

Cruising the Pacific and Fiji shortly and want to know if we can get a travel data sim for wifi as the cruise line charges are extortionate!
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This is the link to their page that show their rates and cruise lines. https://www.travelsim.net.au/Rates/ I would suggest contacting TravelSIM direct as they are very helpful.Thanks, did contact them and they are even dearer than the cruise ship for using wifi so I will just check things at home when onland.

Where do you buy a travel sim from? Is it only over the internet and what is the length of delivery time?
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We bought the two sim package so that we could text each other overseas. Read about it online and ended up ringing and spoke with a consultant. Delivery was only a few days. You must have an unlocked phone though. Very happy as we were away for 3 months. Only used it as a phone. Accessed internet via hotel Wifi.You can buy online or at Australia Post. Online delivery is only a couple of days. I use for phone calls and text. Use wifi in hotels etc.many thanks Jeff and Richard. Good to have your feedback..they seem to have the best reviews

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