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Can you sign up and do just 1 30 min PT session a week, I can’t afford the $261 a fortnight for 2 a week?
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Certainly can. That also gives you access to the gym during opening hours and all group training sessions which are really good.

To anyone who has cancelled before their time is up eg:3 months into 6 months. How successful were you with the 50% back?
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Hi everyone. I just started training at Vision, and a had 3 sessions with a personal trainer. First one, I did weights, second cardio (for less than 30 minutes) and third (they booked at 5.30 AM) it was only to discuss about my food plan. Is it how they work? I'm shocked. Paying more than $200 a week for it?
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Hi yes this is the first time from here you will have a mother nutrition class and then you training starts but how many sessions do you do a week and which one

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