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Volkswagen Polo MK5.I 6R

Volkswagen Polo MK5.I 6R (2010-2014)

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VW Polo cosmetically great, mechanically poor.

Great fuel economy, good looks but that is where it ends.

Our VW Polo has been nothing but trouble. Me and my wife have lost count of the number of times we have had to take it back for warranty claims. The problems started with a leaking Sunroof. After that we have bought the car back to VW four times to try and get the A/C fixed and it only works for a short while before failing again and we are back to square one. Another thing to note is that the 7 speed DSG in this car is nothing short of rubbish. These transmission have a massive delay when taking off from a stand still and VW will tell you this is" normal" and due to the inherent poor design of the 7spd DSG transmission I believe it is. It has recently developed a shudder on the 1-2 shift which feels terrible and it also makes a grinding noise on the downshift. All of this has happened on a car that is only 4 years old and with 60k on the clock coupled with a perfect service history.

Another thing to note is the extremely poor way in which VW treats it's customers. This car is one of the models caught up in the diesel gate scandal. Vw's behavior towards us as the consumers is nothing short of utter contempt. As they refuse to give us due compensation in Australia for the lies they told all of us when they sold us the car. Couple that with poor customer service at every VW dealer we have been to and the inability to fix the problems with the car me and my wife will never again go anywhere near anything within the Audi/VW/Skoda name.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
TransmissionDual-Clutch (DCT)
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

Great car

Brilliant little go-cart.
Perfect for running around town but also super comfortable for long trips. Easiest thing to park. Great "go". Lots of fun. Responsive steering. Nothing went wrong mechanically in 6 years after which we updated to new model.
Loads of space. Huge boot - couldn't believe how much we could get in the boot. Deceptive in size. Lots of leg-room for a little car. Quality finish inside and out. I have no idea why people buy toyotas or mazdas at the same price when they now have such cheap finishes and are less practical.
Reliability +++++

Badge81TSI Comfortline
Date PurchasedDec 2012

Great fun but sensible car!

Highly recommend the Polo GTI with 1.4 turbocharged & supercharged engine! It’s an absolute hoot to drive when you’re in the mood & super sensible & comfortable when you’re not in the mood to play. Best fuel consumption I’ve had was 4.9L/100kms (long 60km/hr drive with little stopping) & worst was about 9L/100km with me driving like a lunatic! I normally average about 6.5-7L/100km, vs 8.5L/100 km I used to get in my Mini before.
The car handles brilliantly, great brakes, super comfy & supportive seats, still looks sharp & feels great on long trips. It’s the kind of car that makes you want to go for a drive just because & makes you look forward to the driving part of a weekend away.
Sure servicing is probably a tad more than a similarly sized Toyota or Mazda or whatever, but it’s so worth it for the amount of enjoyment you get in the day to day driving!

Engine Size1.4 Turbocharged & Supercharged
Date PurchasedAug 2018

Great little fast car

Great to drive and very low cost to run. This fantastic car is the best I’ve bought so far. The service VW offer is very good too. Although they are expensive you get warranty on al their work. I bought the car second hand but it’s in great condition and drives well

Engine Size1.4L Turbo Petrol
Date PurchasedNov 2017

little car that is a pleasure to drive

although it may look small on the outside, the inside is quite spacious for a person that is 6ft. it is really good on petrol, only 6L/100km which saves me alot of money in the long run. it handles really well in all conditions, even off road. the inside is very luxurious and feels alot more expensiv than it really is. the speaker system works better than most other cars i have been in.

Badge81TSI Comfortline
Engine Size1.4L Turbo Petrol
Date PurchasedMay 2010

2011 VW Polo 1.6tdi nightmare

I previously owned a 1.9tdi Jetta which had
200 000kms on the clock when I sold it. The Jetta was reliable, solid and a pleasure to drive and it never gave me any problems.

Based on my previous experience with a VW tdi I didn't even hesitate to buy another one. Big mistake, the quality of the interior and exterior is such a disappointment. The car is sluggish and underpowered. There are signs of rust in both roof gutters, the car has always been garaged.
And to top it off a couple of weeks after VW performed the diesel emissions scandal software fix I've had to fork out $2000 to replace the egr valve/cooler @ 60 000kms. The car has a full service history with VW, I even make sure that I drive a constant speed on the highway for 30mins every 2 weeks to force the dpf to regenerate as a precaution. Won't ever buy a VW again.

Badge66TDI Comfortline
Engine Size1.6L Turbo-Diesel
Date PurchasedJan 2015

Love it!

Bought this second hand car a year ago and its still drives like a dream! It's a 2012 VW Polo TDI with the sports package and comfort package with panoramic sunroof. People mistake it as a Golf all the time... AND YES DIESEL! It has not failed me at all, even after the emission recall. Its zippy, practical and comfortable for city driving. Cannot fit five adults though - very crammed! Other than that, I am going to be keeping the car for a long while :)

Badge66TDI Comfortline
Engine Size1.6L Turbo-Diesel
Date PurchasedSep 2016

SAVE your Money Buy a Toyota or a Mazda

Transmission Overheating light came on as I was leaving dealership at Liverpool. Was assured that it would be fixed at First Service. Needless to say, IT WASN'T. The clowns at VW Australia said it's the Way You are Driving It" They are either PSYHIC or they have a hidden camera in the Polo, methinks. The WORST CAR in over 45 YEARS. Dozens of problems. Try 8 Air Conditioner Replacements, for one.
My previous car was a CL Valiant. It NEVER broke down however, it died from rust.
Save your money. Buy a Toyota or a Mazda instead. Currently, I have a late 2015 Toyota Yaris with 36,300 klms on the clock. Absolutely no problems, either The service with Full Synthetic Oil is only $178 or so, unlike the $600 +++ VW charges
I lost thousands by selling it for $2000. It least it has a good home, now. The clowns at VW "Couldn't Diagnose a DEAD CAT" methinks. Also, they REFUSE to COMPENSATE ME in any way, let alone apologise for their COLLECTIVE INCOMPETENCE!

Engine Size1.4L Petrol
Date PurchasedJun 2010

Not The Best

Had our 2012 Polo TSI for nearly 3 years and it's not been as trouble free as we would've liked. The car is well made and of solid construction, it's also zippy and fun to drive plus it has excellent fuel economy (requires premium though). It's just had issues that stop me from giving it a better review. Firstly, its infamous DSG system has caused us to return it to the dealership 3 times with problems before they finally acknowledged it was defective and replaced the clutch and other parts, on a car that had travelled less than 30,000k was not very encouraging. Other little issues like the fuel flap failing to open, the bluetooth was unreliable, failing to connect and sometimes dropping out midway through a call (same phone on my other cars bluetooth had no problems) also a audible knocking from the front drive when switching from reverse to drive and the rear leg room is only good for people under 5'6.
Servicing costs are also fairly high for this model compared to Ford, Toyota, Mazda, etc.

Engine Size1.2L Turbo Petrol
Badge77TSI Comfortline

Try not to speed.

Quick. Maybe a little too quick.
I've heard that it can have engine/gearbox problems but mine has done over 80,000kms and had no issues.
Back seats can be crammed for really tall people although my friends are around 180cm tall and it's not too bad. Managed to get from Perth to Dunsborough with no complaints.

There is very little boot space, but was enough to carry a compressor. I've solved that problem by getting roof racks and a luggage pod. Probably something to consider when purchasing the polo.

Really nice to drive around the city and parking is a breeze. The ride isn't as comfortable as other cards due to the hard suspension but that's something I got used to/didn't notice. My car enthusiast friends pointed it out to me.

The navigation system can be a bit laggy and connecting to bluetooth can be a pain, but once you've figured it out, it's smooth sailing.

The only thing with the stereo is that you can't use the touch screen to skip songs. You need to do it on your device. Slightly annoying/dangerous.

Engine Size1.4L Turbo Petrol

2012 VW Polo 1.4 manual trendline 5dr

Is an ok car so far,but hey only 31000km as of 23/5/2015.First VW I have owned.Bought beacause wife liked and hey she gets as she is my wife.Goes well,if you grew up with mostly manual cars as I did(no getting a licence with an auto)and are experienced at driving a manual car properly then it is a fun little zippy car.I am 6'3 and can comfortably drive around town,but a long drive car prove a chore even though that little engine just purrs at 120km/hr.Gear selection in child's play.Handles great.The rear vision mirror is too low on the windscreen(for me)and I find myself hunching under to see oncoming traffic.That is the only issue so far,oh yeh and a gentle annoying buzzing from the drivers door pillar when the bass is too high on radio,and the stand alone Bluetooth unit attached to the dash can prove an annoying light on a night drive.Last night I had to cover up.No turbo,no thanks.Another costly/time consuming outlay if it packs it in.Why do it to yourself.You are in Western Australia.Traffic congestion,cameras and cops everywhere,woohoo you got to lights first,yawn.Servicing costs are horrendous from VW.No real need as long as qualified mechanics touch your car,and you get done what is required in service manual(yeh I know a brake fluid flush at 30000km)Supply all parts and fluids yourself and save a small fortune.I don't want plasmas,barista coffees and cake,just a reasonable cost of servicing.Still under new car warranty.Would I buy a NEW one,no.Car had 12000km and was 12000 drive away so was a good deal.6 months left of new car warranty then extended warranty after.Yeh i hear you say they are a waste of money but I am unsure of longevity and pricing of original parts for this little car so is for peace of mind and so I'm not so broke when things might go south.If this car can be as good as the Hyundai Tuscon (200,000km) that I own I won't have cause to complain.

Update 15th July 2016:
Hey i love this little car.Had 65000km on it now.No problems whatsoever.Sure it "may"have issues down the track,we will see.Just changed sparkplugs.. 20 min job..big difference in running of car..Putting i fresh synth gear oil tomorrow for 5spd manual,and new fuel filter going in also. As I said previously needs 6th gear. New Polo has though, but.i.can live with.Still Don't use the stand alone bluetooth. Paint and interior holding up well except for drivers door seal that i.keep.leaning against to get out but that is my problem not cars. Changed oil and filter without jacking up car or ramps. Still gotta give it some revs to get up and go as is 1.4 non turbo.Give me a manual box over a turbo any day. Still looks better to.me than new mini korean/jap cars.Rear drums can be noisy sometimes i cold or wet but quieten after bit of braking.No reverse camera but is ok is small car.Easy clean interior.I didn't chose this car was wife's but i.am happy with to use.My first car hotted up '67 mini.Use quality fuel and fluids,don't skimp.Cool gokart handling with electr assist steering.Heated mirrors.Is trendline basic bottom rung polo. GTI would be awesome but for same money can buy Sorocco.I can recommend. Can't recommend auto as haven't driven/owned. This will be daughters in 2 yrs if still. Ok by then, can't see why not if looked after/serviced.

Engine Size1.4L Petrol

Dissatisfied POLO

I feel I must express my utmost frustration with the ongoing dilemma. The 1 year old car repeatedly makes strange noises whilst other functions of the car such as the air con and charge socket simultaneously don't work. This problem has been occuring inconsistently. My mum has been in consultation with the VW team of mechanics on multiple occasions over the past month and still they have been unable to diagnose nor completely fix the car. The most frustrating part is that when I drove in it did not fault . They could not find any faults. And just do nothing or something not related to the problem . To my family and I, we are now concerned for our own safety driving the Polo. It is a hazard as we never know exactly when a part of the car might suddenly break down. We have even had an instance where I was driving the Polo on the highway and the brake stopped working. This was extremely traumatising for me but luckily I was not hurt as I pulled the hand-brake. Such instances should never happen to anyone- However, this is a highly concerning and frustrating problem which is to no fault of our own or yours but rather it is a manufacturing issue. Also, with the car constantly in the Workshop trying to be fixed, we are left without a car to drive which causes great inconvenience . Till present, the grinding gearbox problem and the loud noise has not been able to be solved We are extremely dissatisfied.

Warning!! Please do not buy this car!!!

Bought my polo TSI comfort line/ comfort pack in May 2014, since then can hear a weird noise from the dash that the dealership insists does not exist, my BLUETOOTH has been nonexistent since I purchased it, to which the dealership manager has advised there is no solution for!! I'm am so angry, disappointed and upset with them that I literally cried from frustration after my last conversation with them! The dealership are useless and rude (Essendon VW) I have had new cars my whole life and my husband drives an Audi (which is amazing along with amazing service) Strange! Considering they are sister companies! Never have I experienced such bad service and quality. No one is whiling to help me! $22k down the drain! This is absolutely unjust and unacceptable! If anyone has had any resolution please let me know so I can at least gain some guidance. I don't know what to do anymore! NEVER AGAIN A VW!!!

Badge77TSI Comfortline
Engine Size1.2L Turbo Petrol

Love my little red polo

My car is the 12.5 model and I've never had any of the issues people are talking about. Done 80000 kms. I think vw must have fixed the DSG problems in the older models because my car has never skipped a beat and I've done a lot of kms. only thing I can say is I guess all cars have the odd lemon, mine is great! Very happy! There will always be negative reviews online, time to even up the odds.


Great quality economical run about.

2012 polo, 2013 model year. Great quality car, runs on barely any petrol, am constantly amazed at the economy.
Only issues to date have been the bluetooth adaptor ( just fiddle to use- but get used to it) I hear the newer models got rid of it. Best car I've owned to date (esp. Build quality and economy) and I get a lot of new cars.
The exterior is so much more stylish than any other small car on the market, it's very solid and the interior quality gives it a luxury car feel with the sporty fabric and metal finishes.
I have done a lot of kms in my car and never had any issues, it's incredibly powerful. Not for the faint hearted because the turbo is there if you want it. You'd think- "but it's only 1.2 litre". Numbers can be deceiving, this car is the zippiest small car on the market and I love it!

Badge77TSI Comfortline
Engine Size1.2L Turbo Petrol

Best car to date

Have had my VW POLO 1.2 tsi comfortline for 20 months and 31,000 km and the car has not a single problem to date - even after a minor collision - resulting in a small dent in the bonnet - there are no rattles or squeaks. The car does not use any extra oil - other than the regular oil changes. There are enough VW dealers not to worry about servicing. I feel sorry about the relatively few people who have had bad experiences but looking at the number of VW cars on Sydney roads there are many many happy VW owners.
Seats comfort styling economy power engine sound handing

Engine Size1.2L Turbo Petrol
Badge77TSI Comfortline

Volkswagen 77 Tsi with a lemon #2

This a long term review based on my first review in Oct, 2012.

Since then the polo had done:-

3 clutches (dSg) gearbox replacement
2 cv joint replaced due to cracking
Ignition coil replaced due to misfire
Brake disc replace at 30,000 km
Power window casing, driver side replaced twice
Suspension on front left wheel replaced with a new padding as it makes squeak noise.
Driver seat keep squeaking

Problems that hasn't been fix:-
Driver seat still squeak. It squeaks over a bump, turning left and right.
The gearbox grinds again from first to second going up hill or under a load. This is a dSg gearbox. This has been replaced in January 2014!!!!!
Back seat, bottom cushion lining has come loose. Rarely anyone sits at the back.

The car has done 53,000 km since 2010.

So would I buy another vw. NOPE!!!
dealer covers the repair except brake discs when it Is still under warranty.
wear and tear too quick, every year new problems or recurring problems arise

Engine Size1.2L Turbo Petrol
Badge77TSI Comfortline

Worst car I've owned

Had this car for a year and a half.. After getting the 30k service all my problems began, car would jerk, engine lost power while travelling on the highway, airbag light would come on.
Had a module replaced for the airbag problem, a week after it was replaced the airbag light came back on. Then had the recall for the DSG.. Everything was fine for about 2 months, then the airbag light was back again. Then after the 45k service keys lost memory and was not able to start my car. Had to have it towed to VW to get keys reprogrammed.
Service was horrible, every time I wold take it in they could not find any faults, at one stage they even had my car for 11 days and drove it around but still couldn't fault it.I did not feel safe driving this car at all! So glad to have got rid of it! Will never buy a VW again!
I also can't believe this car got car of the year.. It should be stripped of that title
I also forgot to mention that I had to visit my local VW dealer 9 times all up! Actually 10 including the last problem with the key
Fuel consumption
Electrical faults, airbag light staying on, keys losing memory, engine losing power on highway

Badge66TDI Comfortline
Engine Size1.6L Turbo-Diesel
Hello, which model of car is this one?it was the 2010 tdi model

Polo 77TSI

I bought it brand new back in 2010. Was really excited to get it and when I finally picked it up, it was perfect...for a month!
At first the key started getting stuck in the key barrel many times and upon inspection, VW said the key barrel was faulty so I had to wait 3 weeks for a new one to arrive.
One of my wipers weren't wiping smoothly and kept scratching as i used it. Told VW and they said that wipers aren't included in the warranty so they couldn't do anything for me...even though my car was only 1 month old. My dad spoke to the manager as he was annoyed and they reluctantly fixed it for me...but the problem is still ongoing.
Another time my car engine just shut down while driving on the highway and that found to be a fault in the electronics in the engine.
2 months after that my car was recalled to fix the electronics in the DSG again.
After fixing that they found a problem with my clutch kit and it needed to be replaced so I had to book my car in again for that issue.

The problems and issues have been never ending and I can't wait to sell it off. It's gotten to the point where I feel unsafe driving this car and it makes me think how VW can have such a reputation with their engineering and the amount of lemons they've produced. On top tf that their staff at the service centers are rude and ignorant and have no customer service skills at all.

If you are thinking of buying a polo or any VW car I recommend you to think twice. This has mDe me think twice about their cars and never again will I ever buy any Volkswagen car again.
Good looking car
Bad engineering, faulty engines and rude ignorant staff.

Engine Size1.2L Turbo Petrol
Badge77TSI Comfortline

Quick and zippy, but at what cost?

We wanted a brand new little performance hatch so decided on the gti polo, what a little weapon, but a few months in, oil consumption was terrible, it goes back to the dealer roughly once every two months. now the air-con stooped working, cruise control plays up, and indicators are playing up as well.
Can't afford to sell as it is under finance but if things keep going wrong maybe we will have to.
Thinking about the pulsar SSS on 0.9% to cover some costs.
Quick, good looks
Oil consumption, constantly having minor irritating problems,

Engine Size1.4L Turbo Petrol

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2010 polo Had problems with dash cluster not working and wouldn’t start , Checked the fuses and started working again, Now clock and fuel gauge not updating. What could be the issue?
No answers

Hi, I'm looking at a 2013 polo gti It has 143,000 on the clock should that matter? services are all up to date With history
4 answers
The best thing to do is to take it into a workshop for a pre-purchase inspection; most mechanics or workshops can do these. They will be able to get a good idea on the engine's health and the overall car. It has saved me from buying the wrong car a few times (Even cars I thought were perfect). Kms are a good gauge on the health of the car, but if it's been modified or driven very hard it can wear an engine out a lot quicker, especially with turbo charged cars. Hope that helps :)Thanks for your reply! how do I go about asking the selling about getting one of these done before buying it?No problem! The easiest way is to get in contact with a mechanic in your area that does pre-purchase inspections and check availability. Then ask if the seller would be able to drop the car in for a pre-purchase inspection at a time that suits them. Then you can pay the workshop direct. I've even had sellers let me take it down to a workshop myself when they didn't have time. I did leave them with a deposit and my details though. If the seller is confident in their car, they shouldn't have any issue with you wanting to get it checked out :)


Volkswagen Polo MK5.I 6R (2010-2014)
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