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What price is a outside fold up table on Windsor caravan? Need to replace our
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Does anybody know the weight, the tare weight, and the tow ball weight, of a 1988 Windsor/Windcheater caravan?
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Hi, Could you tell me what type of suspension (brand) does a rapid Windsor 2013 549 have?
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HI KELLY I cant help you with brand name. All I can say is they are as good as all the others & are probable imported???? Mine is 7 leaf springs { no shocks} I took them off my self & took them to a spring works in BRISBANE were they reset them & add 2 extra full length leaves. This raised them by around 50 mm. I haven't used it much since but it tows very well. I would have no issues taking it off road in medium conditions. The main thing in off road towing is who's doing the driving. Hope this helps you. BILLHi Kelly I’ve got no idea but if you put your question to the Windsor Rapid and Coromal caravan enthusiasts FB GROUP I and sure they would know.

Where do I mount the bed flies for our 16' 2007 Windsor Rapid?
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Hi JENNY Mine is a full caravan type & I have glued & screwed a length of sail track across the top & had a sail track rope put in the middle of a grey tarp & slide it on. I got the tarp long enough to hang down the side & long enough to come out the front about 500 over the door . I hold it up & away from the door with 2 poles & ropes. just been to INSKIP POINT in some rain & heat & it works great. PS I used double sided sail track for better contact area & seal. BILL

Has any owner done the Gibb River in their rapid with the out back pack RTV option? Neville
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cant help you hear but would be interested in the answers.We just completed it with a rapid 494S off road pack (2012) without major issue. Let the tyres down to 26psi when cold and drove to conditions. This was anywhere between 20-80km/hr but most was about 50-60km/hr. If you are on the radio there is great communication between drivers for overtaking. We also tried to box everything up to stop as much sliding but the they still move and wear the cupboards superficially only. I think my battery died from age (5 years) and not the vibration but wI’ll never know. It is hard to seal the dust out but many people tape the vents but just remember to open it up to use the gas etc. Have fun if you go.Bill, thank you for your advise, since the posting we purchased a used Kimberley karavan to do our off road treks. However I am glad to put yourr experience into our dairy..Nev

I have 2005 windor rapid the water pump has stop working a fuse has blond I can not find them can any body tell me were to look? regards peter
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Sorry , no idea. JayneIn our 2009 model they sit in the front right hand side boot with the battery charger. Its a covered box with star head screws.in the front right hand side door there should be a black box. the fuses are in there

What are the batteries for in the toilet cassette please help?
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Hi Liz, I'm not sure as I don't have this.When the toilet cassete is full a little red light shows next to the hand pump on top of the toilet. Only had it happen once or twice. Keep an eye on the battery holder and change batteries before they leak and destroy the battery holder.

Can someone tell me if there is a weight restriction on the bed ends, for a larger male? 130 kg
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I mounted an aluminium tool box on the front with a piece of pine in top for the bed to rest on. Serves 2 purposes, storage & support. BILL

Love our 2005 Rapid , but has anyone had a problem with leaks along the bed top where it joins the main frame? If so how was it repaired?
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do you mean where the metal roof section joins the van or is it the metal cover that forms the front or rear section when the bed is folded up if it's the metal cover the hods the bad in when you travel it could be around the seams of that roof section you will have to remove the silicon fron the joins and reseal it with silicon and wipe it with metho and retest for water leaks

We have purchased a 2008 Windsor Rapid and would like to remove the table base from the floor. Can anyone tell how this is removed?
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I would like to know that as well, wanting to do the same thing?????1,remove the table from the base. 2,unscrew the steel pin in the centre of the base witch holds it down. 3,Remove base there will probably be a ring mark on the floor but will fade

We are considering buying a new Windsor Rapid RA501 2016 (demo) semi off road (ie raised suspension). Faults, problems, delights? Please elaborate. David.
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Hi Dave I dont know much about the new models unfortunately. SorryPlease read my updated review... I would not touch a Windsor or Coramel van. The manufacturer does not care at all and once the pathetic 12 month warrantee expires they will treat you like crap and you are on your own.. Please read the warning at the bottom of my review. Cheersthe new model are all made in WA I don't know as to whether they have changed the way that the beds were made if they have not changed the base it might still be made with a wooden frame that has finger joints that let go the older ones tend to bow in the middle. I hope that this is of help

We are thinking of buying a single end Rapid 430 about 10 years old. Is there anything we should look for; rust, leaks etc. Also can anyone comment on the efficiency and noise of the air conditioning unit? Any other advice would be appreciated. Cheers. Chris
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Check the air con by turning it on if you don't heare any noises also check the lights if it is a ducted unit the lights will be in the head peace on the wardrobe if they flash from one to the other there is a problem also check the fridge vent (out side) and see if there has been any water damage from the fridge also in the cupboards. lookfor water stains under the floor external. If the bed is bowed when it is opened up there is a problem with the frame this can be fixed if you are a handy manOh. Thanks Daryl. We'll keep those in mind. Cheers Chris

Hi All, I have a Windsor Rapid 14ft on road model and would like to know how it performs on dirt roads over long distances. Does anyone have any experience or advice please?
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I would be reluctant to travel on any dirt road for a long distance as the van was not made for that and you could void your insurance and the dust that gets inside is hard to removeThanks Daryl for the feedback :)

How do you remove the microwave from Windsor Rapid Expanda 521? Thanks. Having trouble finding screws as the microwave blew up.
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The screws on my van are under the microwave It depends on the size of your fridge and the ease of access as to how you can remove ityou have to look under the supporting shelf there should be 2 round hex head type nuts that retain the microwave I hope this is helpfulHi Rachael We are also trying to remove the microwave as it has failed. The screws appear to be under the shelf (no gap) that is connect to the fridge cabinet. I think we must have to go through the fridge vent on the outside to gain access to these bolts. Did you have any success with removing yours?

We have an off road Windsor Rapid2010.When it rains Our bed fly wets the bed linen all around .The plastic strip that runs around the base of the bed fly is the main culprit .what can we do to rectify this problem other than pegging plastic rubbish bags around the bed I wet weather. Not a good recommendation for WindsorRapid.
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Hi This is the first time I have ever heard of this as the Windsor is meant to be the best at keepin the rain out. I have just installed a Kakadu bed end that helps with the rain but more importantly the direct sun. These are the best at keeping water off and will make the bed ends as dark as a cave and cool in summerwhen you make the bed make sure that the plastic is standing up between the fly and the mattress it'si a matter of trial and errorGet some sail track and some plastic clears custom made to cover the bed end to ensure no canvas gets wet at all. The side plastic clears clip on with press studs the front clear can stay on sail track rolled up stowed when you fold the bed end away . You can still watch the rain outside in bed.

I have a windsor windcheater 1988 with independent suspension . What is the load rating of the suspension?
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sorry my entice has leaf springs have a look in your storage boot there should be specs in there or google Windsor web site if no luck see a dealer they may have some idear

I am considering buying one of these for the purpose of transporting my quad bike on weekends away. I want to use the rear bed opening as an entry point (using ramps). My question is, does the canvas pop out section Zip out completely so I can use it when I don't have the atv on board ? I don't really want to butcher the van too much so as not to destroy it's resale value. Naturally I would need to modify the contents up to 1800mm inside the rear hatch to make room for my precious cargo. Any other thoughts, suggestions welcome.
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It doesn't zip out. My van is single ended I am not sure what the rear opening in the double ended one is like. But the opening is not at floor level. I don't think it will be suitable. Jayco make a purpose built toy hauler. Steve.. On the bed ends the canvas is attached to the roof so cannot be removed.the fly screen parts are velcroed on and can be detached. Hope this helps. Thanks for your responses. I did consider the Jayco haulers, but a bit overkill for just me & my bike(atv). Guess I will have to get a real up close look, would be a shame to cut up the canvas, but if necessary I will. Already have ramps that hook over the top of 8" high trailer sides so that side of things is sorted already. Thanks for your input all.

Can anyone explain to me how the L shaped dinette converts to a bed, what items are needed, 472 s model. 2011 model?
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you need what is called a tick infill, a corner support leg, and an additional table leg(a shorter one approx 6 inches), also if seating furniture does not have it you will need supports for the table to sit into

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