Vtech Baby: Home Safety

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Vtech BM3000 / BM3100

Latest review: I am not happy with the monitors video screen. It has completely stopped working and still I have no conclusion to the whatever the matter is. Everything else works fine other the screen which is

Vtech BM3500

Latest review: We were given this monitor as a gift. The battery on this monitor is terrible. Even though the unit is fully charged and on power, it starts beeping and turns off during the night. Very unreliable.

VTech BM2500

Latest review: The parent unit has been faulty from day 1 not picking up crying until baby is screaming so I hear him before the monitor most times also battery lasted maybe 20ish minutes so bought a replacement

Vtech BM1000

Latest review: Audio quality horrible. Don't waste your time. Doesn't do what it's supposed to do, baby's cries were not picked up on monitor. It would never "wake up" out of it's programmed sleep mode if baby

Vtech BM4500

Latest review: This is a good monitor for range , but it keeps playing music randomly especially when my baby is asleep and wakes her up and I can't get her back to sleep, there is a switch to turn it off when

Vtech BM2700

Latest review: Purchased Vtech baby monitor BM2700 in August 2018 from Target. Has been using it for 4 months and love it! It is easy to use, has coloured hi-resolution LCD screen, that also works very well in the

Vtech BM3300

Latest review: This was a such a simple install...you can wall mount it to look down at your baby or put in on the dresser. It has a great range (15+ Plus), the screen can be turned off, it can play music or you

Vtech VM9900

Latest review: A very impressive monitor. The display is an android os. The night vision is amazing even when pitch black. Connection was so simple. The quality of the product is outstanding as well as the