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Mundial Bonza 9pc Block Set

Latest review: I've had these knives for over 7 years and they're still in excellent condition. Had them professionally sharpened recently (they're used daily!) and they're like brand new. One was lost in a house

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set

Latest review: I recommend them for any home chef! I also have the 13 inch which is great for skinning large fish filets and carving large cuts of meat! Highest quality I've ever

Global Chef's Knife

Latest review: This knife is OK for the average cook, who, let's be honest, doesn't get around to doing large batches of food in order to freeze some. But as soon as I started doing that, the knife started to rub

Global Knives Ikasu Knife Block Set

Latest review: Global, the brand loved by everyone. They stay sharper for longer, easily cared for with Global sharpeners. Stylish & convenient storage. Cooking can be more CREATIVE and less of a CHORE. Handle

Wusthof Classic 10pc Knife Block Set

Latest review: I rang Wusthof customer service requesting a local repair agent as the rivets in the handles of my knives had failed. They said simply return them via reply paid mail so they could asses the knives

Global Synergy 7pc Knife Block Set

Latest review: Just about 20 years old and I still love them, I use them daily they are still sharp but not as sharp as when I purchased them. A few years ago when wanting to get them professionally sharpened , I

Anolon Knives Set

Latest review: Had a set for 7 yrs now and absolutely happy with them. Trick is never put in dishwasher, wash by hand, always store in block and sharpen before too

Scanpan Classic

Latest review: Firstly, I'd like to say my whole kitchen is Scanpan as this is a great product and I've had them for about six years now with only one issue ever. However, I'd like to address some of the negative

Scanpan Spectrum

Latest review: The paint on the blades is not a good standard as has flaked and the plastic coating on the handles cracking and disintegrating. This should not happen with kitchen knives which are used to prepared

Shun Classic Series

Latest review: I went on the hunt to replace a set of Globals, and ended up with two Shuns in the replacement set. I really like them - wicked sharp, well balanced, great looks. With that said, I think with any

Wiltshire Staysharp

Latest review: I purchased the Wiltshire Staysharp knife block from Harris Scarfe about 3 months ago. These knifes actually stay sharp with the easy to use sharpener that is built into the unit. My knives are

Bismarck Classic 9pc Knife Block Set

Latest review: I have owned this set of knives now for just on 10 years. Only the paring knife is showing a little wear. Very sharp out of the box. Do not expect any knife to not require sharpening for weeks or

Baccarat Sabre Knife Block

Latest review: After a couple of uses rust marks appear I have looked after them how do I remove the rust they were a retirement gift from my co workers would love to remove

Breville Ezy Carve Electric BEK5

Latest review: This has been a great carving knife, I have had this knife for a couple of years, maybe longer and have barely used it, pulled it our yesterday(still in its original box) to use and noticed the top

Sunbeam Carveasy Classic EK4000

Latest review: We purchased this a few weeks before Christmas and found that it would not cut roast pork or bread. Having had a Sunbeam knife for decades, and very happy with it, we decided to buy another as a

Sunbeam Carveasy Twinblade EK6000

Latest review: I bought this knife to slice the bread from my bread maker. I took it back the next day. No straight slices. Button difficult to hold in. No safety lock. Confusing descriptions of why there are two

Baccarat Cuisine Pro

Latest review: There are 8 knives in the set plus a steel and the block itself. The full retail price of $399 or thereabouts was probably a bit hopeful and they were routinely available for $140 or so. At that

Shun Premier

Latest review: I have been cooking in my kitchen for 30 years and if there is only one piece of advice I was allowed to give it would be this: right from the start, save up and buy a Shun cooks knife. Why, because

Victorinox 9pc Knife Block Set

Latest review: This review refers to the 'regular' Victorinox kitchen knives. (Serrated edge, black plastic moulded handle.) These are very sharp and very practical. They have become the 'go to' knife in the

Furi Pro Acacia Japanese Stainless Steel Knife

Latest review: This knife set is very good for daily kitchen use, can be used as chef knife. Very sharp, easy grip. Each knife provided in the box has its own important

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