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Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set
4.5 from 123 reviews

Latest review: This knife is so awesome I really like it It’s sharp stylish N easy to use recommend people to use it n feel it it’s really great and awesome to use it

Mundial Bonza 9pc Block Set
4.2 from 43 reviews

Latest review: One of these knives snapped at the first rivet point and flung up and nearly took our 19 year old daughter’s eye out. I emailed company and heard nothing back. Ditched the whole set as not worth t

The Trusted Butcher Chef Knife

Latest review: So far so good, & bought a second one for a good & long term neighbor (20+years), who tells me they're very happy with theirs also.... a pity from the reviews that some others haven't apparently

Wusthof Classic 10pc Knife Block Set

Latest review: I rang Wusthof customer service requesting a local repair agent as the rivets in the handles of my knives had failed. They said simply return them via reply paid mail so they could asses the knives

Global Knives Ikasu Knife Block Set

Latest review: Love this set of knives, and the difference good knives make! The design is pleasing, both the block and the knife set itself. A pleasure to use, good weight, well balanced that feels great to use

Global Chef's Knife
4.0 from 24 reviews

Latest review: I was lucky enough to receive a New Global Millennium 7 piece block as a gift some years back. So far I've had 2 knives break where the blade meets the handle, and a 3rd is corroding and rusting in

Global Synergy 7pc Knife Block Set

Latest review: OMG these knives are soooo sharp, it's the first time I have ever been scared of knives! You could seriously take off the end of your finger with them so be careful. Having cautioned you, I will now

Kleva Cut Master Series
3.7 from 23 reviews

Latest review: I am pretty happy with the product. The knives are really sharp, the handles are very comfortable to hold and I love the magnetic chopping board it is so practical to store the knives.

Anolon Knives Set
4.5 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Had a set for 7 yrs now and absolutely happy with them. Trick is never put in dishwasher, wash by hand, always store in block and sharpen before too

Shun Classic Series
3.6 from 14 reviews

Latest review: I had my 6 piece set now for six months. The smallest knife get the most use, multiple times a day and I’m now thinking of getting it sharpened. They are just such a joy to cook w

Scanpan Classic
2.7 from 43 reviews

Latest review: These knives are badly constructed. Steel is typical mid range kitchen knife steel can chip easily. The problem is the tang and handle connection. The photo shows the handle pins are fake and serve

Scanpan Spectrum
2.8 from 27 reviews

Latest review: My wife bought 2 dozen Scanpan Spectrum steak knives only about 5 months ago. According to their instructions we have been washing these manually instead of the dishwasher. Some have rust areas along

Bismarck Classic 9pc Knife Block Set

Latest review: I absolutely love my knifes and yes I got them from king of knifes closing down sale. Now for a novice I can understand the comments here. They are a knife that is really hard steel thus making them

Wiltshire Staysharp
2.7 from 27 reviews

Latest review: This review is in relation to a small Wiltshire kitchen knife - this seems to be the closest option. I’m pretty careful with knives (an ex-chef, much to the amusement of my friends after this i

Baccarat Sabre Knife Block
2.3 from 49 reviews

Latest review: my husband purchased this set for me after i had been eyeing it for 12months, can not fault this knife set! fantastic as an everyday kitchen knife set for all meats / chopping requirements and looks

Breville Ezy Carve Electric BEK5

Latest review: I bought this knife to use on roast meats. Rather than making a clean cut, it tears the meat as you struggle to cut through it. It is almost as if the blades were blunt. My old Sunbeam Carveasy knife

Kenwood Multi Purpose Rechargeable KN500

Latest review: Same as everyone else here. Battery doesn't hold charge, switches are intermittent, then it dies completely. Kenwood should have died out like their car stereos. Product not fit for purpose at all.

Sunbeam Carveasy Twinblade EK6000

Latest review: I have had my Carveasy for one day. I have an older one more than 10 years old which works perfectly. This new one is nowhere near as sharp, and it's a worry that the handle gets very hot and I can

Sunbeam Carveasy Classic EK4000

Latest review: We bought the knife to carve roast meat but it barely cut at all and engine quickly over heated. Will be returning it. Why does Sunbeam sell products that don't

Sydney Wide Instant Sharpening Service

Latest review: Stuart is friendly, affordable and most importantly provides a great service. I just had 9 knives sharpened with edges that will slices tomatoes from their own weight.Very happy and will

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