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Decor Tellfresh

Latest review: Very strong and beautiful clear container. Easy to open and makes kitchen pantry look organised n beautiful. I bought this container from woolworth during sale. I love it n will be using

Pyrex Basic Glass Storage

Latest review: I often catch myself thinking about just how much I love my Pyrex Glass Storage. I know that sounds ridiculous and fluffed up, but I really do. When I moved out of my family home, I treated myself to

Oxo Good Grips Pop Containers

Latest review: My wife bought these because they were “cute”. They are terrible! Our food goes stale and I just grabbed my rolled oats from the cabinet and the lid came un-done as easy as a shoelace and spilled eve

Sistema Klip It

Latest review: What a joke. I have to use glad wrap to stop leaking and spoilage. Food will spoil much sooner that it should in a leak proof/airtight storage container. FALSE


Latest review: I recently received a replacement micro urban rice cooker as the older version I had cracked. The lid is impossible to get off and I broke the base of the rice cooker when i used pressure to get the

Lock & Lock 12 Piece Food Storage Set

Latest review: Air tight, leak proof, light weight, easy to wash, stackable. Various heights. Keep the food last longer. Easy to store, easy to use, easy to see what is inside it. No need to worry when you put in

Weck Jars

Latest review: I prefer using these as opposed to conventional food container tubs since for one, they are easier to clean and the smell of the food doesn't linger inside the jar. Also, the lids and the jar's

Decor Food Fresh Cereal Servers

Latest review: I have 14 of the 2 Litre Rice Measure Containers. I use them to hold everything from sultanas to rice. Great size for the pantry and cupboards. Not to heavy to lift when full. They fit in the

Ball Mason Wide Mouth Quart Jar

Latest review: For many years we have been using Fowlers Vacola Bottles for preserving our fruit from the orchard. After being hit in the eye for the 100th time with the stupid o'rings we decided to try out the

Decor Tellfresh Stack Store & Pour

Latest review: I love the streamline shape of Décor and the simple press down lid. Many similar products have bulky sealing rims. This particular shape and size is brilliant for storage in large cavernous pantry

Decor Pumped Duo Lunch Boxes

Latest review: Best lunchbox for kids. Really holds everything, sandwich, dring, fruit and snack. My children had one each 25 years ago and they just never died...they are still here just looking a bit old and

Casa Domani Rustica

Latest review: I just love casa domain rustica .I have quite a few pieces in my collection now.When I walked into the shop my eyes were just glued on rustica .I just had to have them.The only thing I was upset

Anchor Ceramic Canister Set

Latest review: We have had a red set for more than 5 years now and we have just ordered 3 more sets in red, white and black. They are not always easy to find but are worth looking for and are made in USA. We think

Alessi Gianni Glass Jar AMDR08 B

Latest review: I recently purchased a set of 4 (all different sizes) Alessi Gianni Jars from [url removed]. The jars have attracted a lot of attention amongst my friends with the very cute little hanging man in

Primex Glass Storage Bowl Set

Latest review: Recently purchased the Primex 5 Piece Blue Glass Storage Bowl Set with Microwave Safe Lids! I;m more than pleased with the purchase! I was initially concerned that I wouldn't be able to use the

Decor Microsafe Round with Steaming Rack

Latest review: I purchased this product recently as my large electric steamer had died. This product is available from the supermarket and inexpensive. I steamed vegetables and they were equally as good as the

Progressive Collapsible Cupcake & Cake Carrier

Latest review: The fact that I can carry two dozen cupcakes - securely in their little "holes" - or a three tier 10" cake with the same carrier, is just sensational. I live and work in two cities, and I love to

Ball Mason Regular Mouth Jars

Latest review: I have started to can meat at home after finding it can't be purchased in Australia. I ordered 12 pint regular mouth jars direct from the importer via the internet on a Sunday afternoon. The price

Glasslock Baby Meal Container 9pc Set

Latest review: What a great product and gave me some confidence to use these containers. Nice and compact to store. Lids are easy to get on and off especially with arthritis in the

Rubbermaid Premier Food Containers

Latest review: These rubbermaid containers are ideal to store dried spices. Also ideal for storing baby food in the fridge. It is easy to clean and take up minimum space. It can be used to store costume jewellery

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