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ALDI Pressure Washer

Petrol Pressure Washers, Battery Pressure Washers and Electric Pressure WashersALDI Pressure Washer · includes 11 listings

2.8 from 47 reviews

Latest review: ALDI Workzone 1,523psi Pressure Washer. This has turned out to be some of the best money I have ever spent. Usually sells for $49.99 but I was lucky to pick mine up as a markdown for only $25. I

ALDI Gardenline Petrol Blower

Petrol Blower VacuumsALDI Gardenline Petrol Blower · includes 5 listings

2.8 from 45 reviews

Latest review: The battery of your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner uses a Lithium–ion construction and some care is needed to maintain the battery’s peak performance and provide a longer service life. Today AussieBatt vacuum

ALDI Petrol Chainsaw

Petrol ChainsawsALDI Petrol Chainsaw · includes 11 listings

2.6 from 61 reviews

Latest review: Chord broke on the first pull. I wasted time fixing it, re-read the instructions twice but I could not get it to work at all. Tried time and again to contact Aldi and got nowhere. What a waste of

ALDI Petrol Line Trimmer / Brush Cutter

Petrol Whipper SnippersALDI Petrol Line Trimmer / Brush Cutter · includes 4 listings

2.4 from 66 reviews

Latest review: First I was thrilled to have it. Started crapping out after first few use. After keeping it running for 10 minutes, got the engine warmed up and all, it will hardly run for 10-15 seconds. Followed

ALDI Inverter Generator

GeneratorsALDI Inverter Generator · includes 6 listings

2.5 from 39 reviews

Latest review: Seeals are shoty, oil greats into air filter badly, its a wonder it could still suck air in, and it only good point, is it starts easy and doesnt cut out with jug like the gentrax

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Nathan S.
Nathan S.2 July 2020
ALDI Battery / Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Cordless Hedge TrimmersALDI Battery / Cordless Hedge Trimmer · includes 3 listings

2.6 from 31 reviews

Latest review: I bought this and now I can't use it. Why sell tools without a battery or charger. When will you sell the batteries and chargers for them again. Not

ALDI Lawn Edger

Petrol Whipper SnippersALDI Lawn Edger · includes 2 listings

2.4 from 20 reviews

Latest review: My ALDI Ferrex 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Edger. I hate cord whipper snappers so I bought the Ferrex. Starting cold: switch on, press fuel bubble primer till hard, 3-4 pulls with choke on. Usually it

ALDI Air Nail Guns

Nail / Staple GunsALDI Air Nail Guns · includes 2 listings

2.8 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Brought this when in WA visiting family in 2019 but just got a need to use it. It fell apart internally after only about 100 nails. Took it apart and found that the steel nail driver had stripped

ALDI Gardenline Cordless Grass and Hedge Shears

Cordless Hedge TrimmersALDI Gardenline Cordless Grass and Hedge Shears · includes 2 listings

4.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Features: Chinese-made telescoping handle is flimsy but has a clever motor holder rather than a plastic port poor quality control -- on my unit the three LEDs that indicate charge level are not

ALDI Gardenline 20V Cordless Line Trimmer

Battery Whipper SnippersALDI Gardenline 20V Cordless Line Trimmer · includes 4 listings

3.5 from 6 reviews

Latest review: Absolutely love it, so easy to use no petrol, noise or cord. Battery lasts it takes me 45 min. and it is still going. Have not had to rewind he spool yet but I am hopeful that it will be easy, we

ALDI Air Compressors

Air CompressorsALDI Air Compressors · includes 2 listings

3.0 from 1 review

Latest review: A compact air compressor. It is tightly packed when first purchased, but getting the air hose and power cord back into place is a bit troublesome. Instructions are OK but a bit hard to follow in some

ALDI Multi Garden Tool

Petrol Chainsaws, Petrol Blower Vacuums, Battery Whipper Snippers and Battery ChainsawsALDI Multi Garden Tool · includes 4 listings

2.8 from 19 reviews

Latest review: Bought it for the pole saw, cut 5 x 3meter high trees. Peach (7inch trunk) , Nectarine, bay leaf... Then cut them into 1.2 meter lengths for council pick-up..... Paid for itself already and I haven't

ALDI Drills

DrillsALDI Drills · includes 3 listings

2.0 from 7 reviews

Latest review: Good weight distribution. Comes with charger and two batteries. Good instruction book. Comes supplied with a few attachments which are of dubious quality. It has a good range of torque settings, two

ALDI Paint Sprayers

Power ToolsALDI Paint Sprayers · includes 3 listings

1.8 from 8 reviews

Latest review: After trying to get this item to work, I called the warranty line a few times....never even a call back or any help. a company is a good as it’s customer service and there was none. Ended up getting a

ALDI Electric Blowers

Electric Blower VacuumsALDI Electric Blowers · includes 2 listings

1.0 from 1 review

Latest review: the whole thing isnt too weighty to manage for a woman.. would be darn nice if the thing actually worked. plugged it in to use it today to tidy up around the house and it wont even turn on very poor

ALDI Plasma Cutter

Power ToolsALDI Plasma Cutter

No reviews yet
ALDI Ferrex 1/2" Air Impact Wrench

Impact DriversALDI Ferrex 1/2" Air Impact Wrench

No reviews yet
ALDI Ferrex Air Nibbler

Power ToolsALDI Ferrex Air Nibbler

No reviews yet
ALDI Ferrex Air Sand Blaster Gun

Power ToolsALDI Ferrex Air Sand Blaster Gun

No reviews yet
ALDI Ferrex 3/8" Air Ratchet Wrench

Power ToolsALDI Ferrex 3/8" Air Ratchet Wrench

No reviews yet