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Ozito Silent Shredder 2400W

Latest review: As other reviewers have found, this machine is very good for dry sticks and clippings. It produces chips about 1" long suitable for coarse mulch. If you want fine mulch you will be disappointed.

Ryobi Silent Shredder RSH2445T

Latest review: I have previously owned a decent petrol powered chipper/shredder that I put a lots of stuff through but decided this time I wanted something quieter and simpler. The Ryobi does a great job, as other

Hansa C7

Latest review: Have given up on this machine bought new. So frustrating to have to stop it constantly due to clogging. Won’t take anything slightly moist. So temperamental I’ve gone back to burning. Easy to start. P

Greenfield Piecemaker

Latest review: Bought my Mulcher second hand off ebay and have been happy about my purchase ever since. Tough and robust I have fed in branches way too big with 3 people feeding them in for 2 days continuously.

Talon 3HP Electric

Latest review: A must for all who prune trees around yard. Saves trips to the dump. I love the machine, the only thing it does not do green grass. It jams the machine. Blade on machine is excellent . Easy to

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200

Latest review: I have been using my Bosch ATX Rapid 2200 for around 5 years. I bought it from Bunnings and it was expensive at the time compared to similar machines but I had the money and I wanted quality. Part of

Ryobi RSH2445B

Latest review: Just does the job but you must wear very good earmuffs and have very understanding neighbours. It is only 12 months old but have put in mothballs and had my old ozito fixed. I note that ryobi also

Bigger Boyz Toyz 6.5HP B&S Mulcher

Latest review: For those who complain about getting the paddles out, just use some butter, margarine or oil, This will enable you to release the paddles from the bread. Try using instructions! The result is always

Greatbull GBK65H

Latest review: Exactly what I was looking for. Have had it for more than a year. Easy to start with the Honda engine. Does the job perfectly. And also very affordable. Highly

Hansa C16

Latest review: I recently purchased the Hansa C16 for my 5 acre property and it's one of the best tools I have ever bought. This little beast does what it was designed for with ease, what took me 2 hour's plus to

Hansa C13

Latest review: Bought chipper to clean up some overgrown bushland and maintain it. Very happy with the build quality, ease of use and performance of the Hansa C13. We have removed more than 30 weed trees

Hansa C4

Latest review: Spent alot of time looking deciding which wood chipper to buy, live on 1 acre and always have green waste Has honda motor so you know will start easy and be reliable and doesnt disappoint. Mulched

RedGum GX200

Latest review: Good machine when used in accordance with manufacturers recommended sized branches. The Redgum GX200 chipper’s mulcher chute definitely suits up to 10mm branches and the small tube for bigger b

SupaSwift CC3300

Latest review: Had one of these for about 5 years, probably put about 3 tonnes through it. The size of the chopped material can varies and it certainly has a sweet spot when loaded to do the best job. It will block

Bosch AXT 23 TC

Latest review: Just bought it yesterday and found it good on drier woody branches but not on greenery as it is described and twigs, not cutting it to small pieces as expected. If you are using it mostly for

Michigan Raptor 900

Latest review: I bought this from online store, MyDeal, for $469 plus $96 delivery which took two weeks (Sydney to Melbourne). It's not hard to see why this machine only gets positive reviews on the vendor sites.

Worx WG401E Zip

Latest review: clogs up endlessly with anything that is not a thin dry stick. A lot of money for a piece of junk. Not fit for purpose. Good on clean sticks. clogs up endlessly with anything that is not dry. A lot

Bigger Boyz Toyz 15HP Electric Start Mulcher Chipper

Latest review: The BBT 15HP Electric Start Mulcher Chipper caught fire in the first hour of use!!! Luckily I have a fire extingisher in the truck or it could have destroyed my whole area (I am near the recent