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Bosch Serie 6 HBA13B
Latest review: This was the only oven I could find that would fit flush in the space available in my kitchen. That alone is worth 5 stars! Nice modern look and it cooks quickly and evenly. Great value for money but

Bosch Serie 8 HBG672BS1A
Latest review: Worst Oven Ive ever had the misfortune to own. Pro- - Oven Heats decently when it decides it wants to operate. Cons- - Open Oven at any decent temp and Steam will scald you so stand back. -

Bosch Serie 8 HBG633BS1A / HBG6767S1A
Latest review: This oven sounds great on paper but has really annoying little features that make me wish we looked elsewhere. You have to shut the door when grilling, making melting cheese on an omelet for example

Bosch Serie 6 HBA63B
Latest review: We had this oven in a previous house and decided to install the same one when we recently renovated our kitchen. It looks great, is easy to use and easy to clean thanks to the pyrolytic function.

Bosch Serie 6 HRG6767
Latest review: This oven is brilliant! The cooking options are endless and there are so many programmed settings cooking literally anything is so simple. Find something to cook and there will be a setting there

Bosch Serie 8 HBG655H
Latest review: Excellent build quality and features I bought this oven and it is one of the best Ive ever had. The features are amazing plus it is great value for money. Loved the service from appliance online

Bosch Serie 6 HBM43S550A
Latest review: Love the 3D hot air mode, I bake a lot and I love how evenly the bread, loaves, cakes turn out - no more manually rotating trays of food! We love having the smaller oven to make open grills, without

Bosch HBA534ES0A
Latest review: This oven is by far the best I've ever owned. It gets to the desired temperature very quickly and cooks things evenly. Looks very stylish and so far seems built to last which is what I have come to

Bosch HBA534BS0A
Latest review: My old Westinghouse upright oven finally ceased to function and I now have a built in oven with 3D hot air and numerous baking options. It looks wonderful, makes my kitchen look bigger as it sits

Bosch HBM43B250A
Latest review: This oven looks great in the kitchen and we one member of the family is a celiac. So the top oven in totally free gluten free and the bottom oven is for wheat products. This works well when we have

Bosch Serie 8 CMG656RS1A
Latest review: I bought this oven in April 2017 and have only used it minimally over that time to supplement our other Bosch oven. The microwave feature is great and as it's dual use it is is extremely

Bosch Serie 6 HBG6753S1A
Latest review: The oven we have is the HBG6753S1A Series 8 made in Germany oven. (No idea why the review header has the same model number as a Series 6 oven) We have previously had a top of the range AEG

Bosch HBG675BS1B
Latest review: Renovated my whole kitchen and purchased everything for Bosch. Our oven sat in the Garage for 3 months while I Kitchen was completed. Once it was installed I use the pre set settings. The fan doesn’t

Bosch CMG633BS1B
Latest review: My oven turns out as new every time I clean it. Preparation time before using the function is minimal ( you just need to remove all internal racks) and the results are outstanding. I'm so glad I

Bosch Serie 6 HVA541NS0
Latest review: We purchased this oven for our new home wanting a larger oven with Bosch quality. On using this oven for the past six months we have found the thermostat to be somewhat inaccurate with the oven

Bosch Double Oven HBLP651LUC
Latest review: Last night, after following the Care Manual instructions for an oven self-cleaning, my mother opened the top oven and found the inner safety door completely shattered. She had already finished the

Bosch CSG656RS1A

Bosch HBA73R350B