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When will the Kyneton branch reopen? It’s been closed since 25 February and there’s been no update to the information stuck on the inside of the door since the initial closure.
1 answer
Hi Tim, thanks for your question. The Kyneton branch has been closed while we’ve been assessing a mould issue with the building. This was necessary to ensure that the health and safety of our employees and customers was protected. We've sought advice from specialist remediation contractors and we are currently assessing the options available to rectify the damage. We expect to be able provide our customers with a further update in the coming weeks. While the Kyneton branch is closed for repairs, you can contact us on 132 888 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 9am-2pm on Saturdays AEST or visit one of our nearby branches in Castlemaine, Bendigo or Watergardens. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by the extended closure of the Kyneton branch and appreciate your patience. Thanks, Bank Australia

What is your interest rate payable on $450.000 australian dollars over a six month or twelve month period ?
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Hi Alan B, please give us a call on 132 888 to chat through our rates :)

is it a good bank for itnernational students?
1 answer
Hi Marina, customers bank fee free under 25. You'll have access to internet banking, the app, Apple + Google Pay as well as Osko's instant payments. Here's more details: https://bankaust.com.au/personal/manage/transaction-accounts/everyday-access/

Can someone please tell me about their ATM fees? As far as it seems, only RediATMs are fee free? I can't find their fees for the other more common ATMs anywhere. Also, what happens if I don't have $5 in my account to pay the monthly cost. As I live overseas, I don't always have a reason to use my Aussie bank. Will they just close my account outright if there's nothing in it? How's the experience for overseas residents? I'm really interested in being a member because of their ethical background, but I'm not sold on the idea as a person living primarily overseas.
1 answer
Hi Danpas, all rediATMs are currently fee free for Bank Australia customers and will remain so until 31 December 2018. From the new year, fee free withdrawals will apply to Bank Australia branded ATMs and all of the major banks’ ATMs. The $5 fee is waived if you deposit $2000 or more into your Everyday access account each month, however given you live overseas we would suggest that you consider a non-transactional account such as our Bonus Saver or Online Saver. These types of accounts don't attract a fee. For more information visit https://bankaust.com.au/personal/save/savings-accounts/.

I am looking at changing banks - where is my closest Bank Australia Branch. I am located in Coogee Western Australia
2 answers
My contact was only for a small home loan with BA, which was by phone and Internet to Morwell Victoria, so I didn’t use a branch and can’t answer your question. We use Bank First which has a great savings account service and you access Commonwealth Bank branches and facilities and I haven’t paid fees for years.Hi Me6, thanks for your question. We don't currently have any branches located in Western Australia, however we have several customers who live there and bank with us using our phone and internet banking services. Thanks, Bank Australia

How many customers have larger amounts in term deposits than the government guarantee?
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Hi, thanks for your question. We’re not able to publish details of customer term deposit balances. For information on how the government guarantee applies to our customer deposits see https://bankaust.com.au/about-us/customer-centre/financial-claims-scheme/.

Interest rates?
2 answers
Upon my wifes renewal we were offered 2.8 percent for 12 months ,so I opened another account very happy with the bank australia so far.Hi Don, you can view our interest rates for savings and term deposit products here:https://bankaust.com.au/personal/save/. If you're looking for interest rates for our loan products, you'll find these here: https://bankaust.com.au/personal/borrow/. Thanks, Bank Australia

I would like o know if you deal in Reverse Mortgage?
1 answer
Hi, We don't have Reverse Mortgages as such but you can give us a call on 132 888 to speak to a lending consultant to explore other options. Thanks, Bank Australia

Any recent dealings with BankMecu? They have a low home loan interest rate going at the moment. I'm keen to know if their customer service has improved.
8 answers
Hi Kellie This was my one and only time that I deal with them and I would not do it again personally. I was also attracted to the low interest rates but they were incompetent at best. They may have improved but I could not tell you that for sure. ? Mine was for a personal loan which I gave up after six weeks only to have mine approved with RACV within 24 hours GOOD LUCKWhen someone tells you "no" you're never likely to race back. I've stayed with ING who don't have the same community focus as bankmecu, but are competitive on price and do make it simple for me to deal with them. I actually wanted to switch to bankmecu because of their community focus, but given the run-around and then told I need a $150k+/yr income on a $300k mortgage, just because I currently live overseas, was a farce.I am really disappointed to hear that it was such a bad ordeal for the two of you. I am really impressed by their stated values and the low rate, but I'm not willing to get bum-steered by a financial institution.

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