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Jason H

Jason Hasked

Does it seem like complete rubbish, or even hatchet jobs that all but one review from every review with 1 - 3 stars are not verified purchases? Also, the one review that is a verified purchase explains that his purchase was a gift?
I know, right??
Next, a lot of there faults people are finding in these are that they're falling off the heads of owners while they're working out, when in fact they're simply not the sharpest tools in the shed in the first place by not buying the much more activity styled earbud type??

I'm thinking of purchasing a set, and I can't help but wonder why all of the lower scores recorded seem especially nonsensical and by non-verified purchases

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Ok, Jason. I’m the verified buyer. Purchased 2 sets, the Black/Red & the Limited edition Mickey 90th. I too read the reviews and wonder when one is purchasing an item they need to look at all aspects. Whether it’s Beats or any other brand, headphones have their own purpose. The whole overview of this item is it’s use. The clarity is great, it’s wireless and at this stage tested to up to 3 metres, they are comfortable around the ears and head, stylish. As per previous notes, personally designed for walking, light jogging ie. everyday use. Personally, as first time a Beats users, am very happy.
Hope this has aided your question.

Jason H
Jason H

Thank you for the reply but no, Mortishia, no you're not. I asked about the people who rated these in their reviews of this product with 1 - 3 stars. with only one of them listed as a verified purchase, but who actually received these as a gift.

Most others who rated them higher were verified, and it's only the lower ratings that aren't verified and, as such, I was wondering if they were possibly running with agendas who're just out to slag the competition...

It just seems a little odd ;-)

Charmaine Coogan

Charmaine Cooganasked

I have the beats set and the right hand side has some sort of a wire problem. It cuts in and out like the wire isn't connected correctly.

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Nathan V.
Nathan V.

Hi Charmaine,

I too have the same issue but it may just be wear/tear depending on how long you have them.

If the beats are fairly new you should be able to go back to the manufacture and get a replacement wire should it still be under warranty.



Is it worth buying and how long do they headphones last before breaking?

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It’s worth it, haven’t broken them and I’ve trained in them for a while



Can you use these with a TV and can others still hear the TV without headphones if you are using the headphones?

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Mummy Lisa
Mummy Lisa

Hi i can definitely use these with my TV but i am unsure about the sound still coming out of the TV whilst you are using them while i have mine on the sound only comes through my headphones great when the kiddies are sleeping.


These are a Bluetooth headphone with the following:
Connections and Expansion:
•Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Other Features:
• Bluetooth®
• On-Board Call and Music Controls
• On-Board Volume Control
• Beam-Forming Mic for Optimal Call Clarity
• Noise Isolation
• Stereo Bluetooth®
• Passive Playback via RemoteTalk cable
• RemoteTalk Cable with inline Controls
• LED Fuel Gauge
• Charge via Micro-USB cable

Once you pair these to your smart-TV (if it has Bluetooth?) then the sound comes out of your TV also. If you don't want the TV sound then just turn the TV volume down.

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