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Brigitte W

Brigitte Wasked

I am wondering what time of the day is best to take the tablets, at the moment I take 2 in the morning.
would it be better in the afternoon for better sleep.

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Elaine S.
Elaine S.

Hi there Brigitte. I take 1 in the morning and 1 at night. If I forget to take the night time one I often find I get up and take it as I cant sleep.

Brigitte W
Brigitte W

Thanks Elaine, sounds like a good option.



Hi i am taking pristiq 100 mg once a day is it ok to take fusion stress and anxiety at the same time.?

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It is this medicine safe for brestfeeding mums??

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can i take these with lexapro

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i have placed a order for these fusion tablets i’ve had a horrible year done lots of testing everything has come back fine thankgod only for the dr and specialist to say it could be from stress and anxiety!!i have had this symptom now for 10 months hasn’t gone away i feel like i can’t take a deep breath in and feel like i have to yawn to release the air i feel blocked when i take that breath in i know shortness of breath and chest tightness is a anxiety symptom but mine is all day everyday and just won’t leave not going back on anti depressants as it never helped with this problem i heard really good things about this tablet and helping many ppl but not sure if will help ease this problem?

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When is the best time to take them

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from what i read one in the morning and one at night that’s what health food store told me to

Tom W.

Tom W.asked

An i take these tablets whilst on high blood pressure meds

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have you spoken to your dr? or asked the health food store they should know



Does the Fusion Health Stress and Anxiety work in place of Valium? I really want to get off Valium and have heard this is great as a Zoloft replacement. Any feedback much appreciated. David.

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Sofia S.

Sofia S.asked

Will fusion and stress treat dizziness. I am having dizziness and imbalance.

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Elaine S.

Elaine S.asked

Hi there. I am sensitive to anti depressants so decided to try Fusion stress and Anxiety but took one before lunch and now I’m feeling really irritable. Coincidence or could it be the tablets?

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Eleni M.

Eleni M.asked

Do these really work guys my doctor told me that they don't

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Matilda B.
Matilda B.

I would like to know this answer as well



Hi. I wish to know 2 things-
1. Are fusion health- stress and anxiety tablets addictive/ habit forming?
2. Are they mild on stomach/ can they be taken if one is having stomach issues?

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Chris Y

Chris Yasked

Hi, what happens if i take these everyday for year. Will there be some sort of withdrawal?

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John Robertson

John Robertsonasked

Hi Fusion Health, Is it ok to use F H stress and anxiety in conjunction with Kinson and Mertazapine or in place of Mertazapine for a Parkinson's Disease sufferer ? Suffers anxiety and panic attacks daily .

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Hi I am diabetic can I take this tables, because don't said nothing about if contain sugar, can some one help?

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I am taking citalapram and tegratol on a long term basis, how could I switch from these meds to fusion stress and anxiety? S g

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Mick D

Mick Dasked

Hi My Husband is really in a deep depression and feeling pretty low about himself,and his self worth .He has had therapy from a counselling which has helped in the past .He recently lost his job and all the emotions of the past has surfaced up he is down and feels worthless would this help him?

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ChelleandChris S

ChelleandChris Sasked

Is there a time frame for taking these supplements? I have been using them for over a year now with great results but wondering if I should periodically break from them. I am taking 1 twice a day and once a day when I’m on holidays.

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For me, I have seen or heard of not contraindications regarding their use over an extended period of time. After all, if you are under stress then surely this adaptogenic herb will be beneficial? You could always consult with a kinesiologist if in doubt to ascertain whether your body still requires and can assimilate it.



Can mild vertigo be experienced with them? I started 24 hours ago and feel better already except for. Mild dizziness

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I have been taking these Fusion Stress and anxiety tablets but keep feeling very nauseous. Im thinking that it is the tablets. Could there be something in them that could be causing this nasty nausea?

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