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I’m tossing up between clinic or the wide plate, I have long thick hair. I normally use hair mask and do keratin treatment. Also can you use the wide plate to damp hair or does it have to be really blow dried?
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Hi there, I have thick, wavy, rather coarse hair just below my shoulders. I'm very keen for a slightly wider plate to cut down time, however I also like doing loose waves/curls. I'd LOVE to try the 313 to see if I can achieve both with the slightly wider plates. However, if I purchased the 313 and struggled to get waves working, is there any way I could do a swap for a 201? I've only ever had thin plates and am excited about the possibility of having something in the middle. :) Thanks!
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Hi Emily, You can exchange the iron for a different model within 7 days upon receipt and if it's scratch free and in original condition. Best to email the offices or call on 1300 652 797 if you have any other questions. Kindest Regards,

I have extremely thick course hair. I have been using a GHD however currently researching a new straightener to purchase. So far no device or product is able to keep my hair smooth and shiney. Do you have any feedback to prove yr straightener is suitable for my type of hair?
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Hi Ann, Depending on the length of your hair we would recommend a different size straightener. The best of the best is the GlamPalm Clinic™. It comes with nano-vibrating technology where the heat penetrates much deeper and faster through the hair thanks to the 8000 vibrations per minute. This is much healthier for the hair, shinier but mainly the style created, whether curl or straighten will last much longer! The GlamPalm Clinic™ is available in Black or White and compared to other models it has also slightly longer plates. All our tools are infused with the Healing Stone™ which will prevent hair from heat damage. You won't regret! Order today and receive it still in time for Christmas with our Free Express Shipping! Kindest regards,

If I purchase at one of the authorized sellers, how do I know it is one from the new batches you have pointed out in other reply's?
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Hi, Thank you for your question. To be sure to have the latest technology we recommend to purchase directly from our head office through www.glampalm.com.au. This will give you that extra peace of mind! Kindest Regards,Does RY online shop has the latest release of the glampalm clinic? I wanted to purchase from them among other things but am concerned of getting a dodgy batch.

Hi, I am trying to decide which straightener is best for me. Tossing up between the clinic or the GP313 - Mid. I am not interested in the clinics feature of applying hair product but am interested in finding out more about the nano vibration technology. I really just wanting a reliable straightener that I can use every day without damaging my hair too much. Any ideas?
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Hi Julz, Can you tell use what you would like to do with the iron? for example Curling or straightening or both. Also let us know how long your hair is and whether it is thick or thin hair so we can recommend the correct iron for you. The Nano-Vibrating Technology will prevent hair going frizz, make it shinier but foremost the style will last until the next wash!

While doing my hair my glampalm make a continuous beeping sound. What is the beeping sound?? What do i do??
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Hi Kaylin, Best to call GlamPalm Customer service on 1300 652 797 and they will help you further very efficiently. Kindest regards,Hi, I have the same issue..what did you find out about the beeping?

Hi My straighteners are a few years old, I had them shipped to me in the UK. They have suddenly developed a crackling electric sound and constant beeping. Please can you advise what could be the fault and how can I get them repaired ASAP? Many thanks Amanda Makin
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Hi Amanda, We are here to help. As pointed out in your review please contact us on 1300 652 797 or via email info@glampalm.com.au as we will need to know where the iron is to be able to help. We look forward hearing from you. Kindest regards,No idea sorry, I haven't had that issue with mine. Good luck.

Hi there, I'm in confusion to choose whether GP 501 or GP 313 suit for me. I have long length (very thick) hair with frizz. It's pretty much straight hair but fluffy if I'm not straighten it. So it makes me often goes to the hair salon very often just to straighten it but not making it damp. Kindly please need advice which one suit me the best. Thank you ...
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Hi Ling, I would suggest the 313 just because it is wide enough to tackle thick hair but also small enough to be able to do more like curl hair and get really close to the scalp. But I have never used the 501 before.Thank you so much for the answer, I think so too but apparently 313 not available on my region though ... Anyway once again thank you ! Appreciate it ...

Where can you buy this straightener from in Australia?
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I bought this from online, their website. www.glampalm.com.auYou can find stockists on their page - http://www.glampalm.com.au/store-finder/ I bought mine from a hairdresser on that list

I have long fine hair and looking at buying a glampalm, to straighten and curl. I've seen other questions which suggest 201 to be best for my hair type. Does anyone know much about glampalm clinic and whether it's better suited? Thanks
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Hi Liisha, we would recommend you the GP201 or GlamPalm Clinic. The Clinic will be released on June 7th. The differences between the two are: slightly longer plates, nano-vibrating technology and clinic mode and of course the white with black plates design.Just placed my order for the clinic can't wait

How long does it take to ship to New Zealand?
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Hi Jess, It would normally take between 2-5 business days. Kindest regards,

Hello, any big difference in the end result between original and mid. How do you know which one is best for your type of hair? I have got midlength frizzy hair.
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If you have fine hair and want to staighten and curl we would recommend the GP201. If you want curl and loose waves we would suggest the GP313. Kindest regards,My hair is quite thin & fine, that is why i purchased the original. I have read reviews that the mid is ideal for curly/frizzy hair....

I have fine hair that's naturally curly and a lot of it. In its natural state it's crazy frizzy. Can you please tell me if the 313 or 201 is best for my hair type. I like to occasionally curl.
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Hey :) I suggest you get GP501 for your hair since you have really curly and frizzy hair, you can also get nice big curls from that straightener as well. I have almost all the straighteners and Iv finally figured out which ones go for which type of hair. You could call up GlamPalm for their help as well, the number is on their website :)Thank you so much, Fazleen. That's immensely helpful

Hi, I have shoulder length hair (but looking to grow it), medium thickness. Which model would you recommend?
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Hi there, I think GP201 will be perfect for your hair. I have a GP201 and I got mine since when I had a long bob hair and now I have a mid back length hair.. I use it for straightening and curling but I think if you would like to only straighten your hair the GP313 will be perfect! hope it helps!:)Thanks Lisa. I might get the GP313 as I can't get the hang of doing curls with a straightener

Hi There, Can you tell me the difference between the simpletouch and the orignal. I have mid length, thin hair and was wondering which would be the best option? Thanks
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Hey :) I'm really not too sure to be honest because I only have the wide and original Straightener. I would just go with the original one for your hair because it's going to give you amazing results and I can guarantee you that :) If you wanna know more about the simple touch and types of straighteners like the differences then GlamPalm has their official website with their contact phone number. I normally use to just call them up and ask them everything. They're such good help :)The simple touch is a new line of motion detection so instead of turning your iron on and selecting your settings there are preset setting that are available by touching the plates together. While this is a revolutionary design if you have a specific hair type that requires a certain temperature and styling I would chose the original which still has the same expert quality plates as the new design as your hair is mid-length sweetie and have a thin hair the original straightener would be perfect for you. Hope this helpsThe Classic Series come with 11 heat settings, a heat proof clutch bag , dual voltage and a 3d-swivel pivot cord 30 min. auto shut-off.. The SimpleTouch has the same size as a standard iron (24mm) and can be considered as the light version of the GP201. It has 2 heat settings, a carry bag, a swivel cord but also our exclusive Sense Technology. The SimpleTouch will turn on as soon as you click the plates together and you don't have to wait to heat up. Also if the iron senses no motion it will turn itself off after 35 seconds.

My GHD has broken and am now considering buying a glam palm. I see there are different models. Which is the best value for money? I have very thick frizzy hair. Thank You
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It depends on two things are you wanting to curl your hair also with the straightener or just straighten? If you want best value for money you can not go wrong with the GP501- I have long Asian hair but has a kink wave in it - I use the Gp501 and couldn't ask for anything better will never use another product best thing about glam palm no heat protector needed but I do use Moroccan oil once hair is cool hope this helps and merry Christmas

Hi have very long very straight hair that would not hold a curl. Which model would you recommend? Steff
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The GP201 will do the trick!Hey Steff I would agree with the recommendation of the GP201 for me personally with hip length thick stubborn Asian hair with a slight kink wave is freshly washed towel and air dry hair ( blow out causes flyways and static to my hair) I then either use soft rollers to bed or if I have some kind of event I light blast my hair then when dry heat rollers - Then my secret weapon is the GP201 to enhance and define curls. Finding the right products is key and once you have them it's easy but with glam palm heat is your friend you don't even need heat protection it's amazing :) Not endorsed or paid by glam palm just an extremely satisfied customer but will take anything if they offer

I really wish to buy the glam palm however I'm not feeling comfortable paying this company in Korea which might be fake. Can anyone advice me please ?
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Go to GlamPalm.com.au and buy it from there. That's where I bought it and had no problem at all.Thanks for your quick and helpful reply. Do you know if they ship to Dubai please ? Tried calling them but no answer, maybe they're closed.

I want to straighten and curl long fine hair. Is the 201 the best option? Would like to work faster if the bigger plates would curl fine hair that will hold. Also is there a product you would recommend to hold curls for all day dance performances?
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If you have long fine hair the 313, or the simple touch would ideal. The 501 is fantastic but it is more designed for long thick hair. I'm sure the 501 would work equally as good in your hair, but as the plates are that bit wider, the curls would possibly be wider. As for holding curls, Moroccan Curl control mousse or Moroccan curl defining creamy (they have a heat protector in them) once you've curled wait for it to cool and give a short spray of hairspray. Just remember though putting a hair straightener on hair that has hairspray on it, is not a good thing.I am a hairdresser and i would recommend GP 201 or simpletouch as your hair is fine.The curls will last longer when you curl with one of those straighteners.:) For the hair spray i agree with Sunlily's answer.

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