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My three-year old Hoover Action Pets broke at the level of the white plastic circle on top of the main unit, into which you fit the end of the hose. I see bits of white plastic and a loose screw. The white plastic circle is loose now. It looks like the plastic got brittle and snapped at the screw. After only 3 years, that's disappointing. Any idea if it's fixable?

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Godfrey G.Hoover

We would recommend to have the machine booked in through your nearest Godfreys store for further inspection just to make sure there are no faults with the machine.
Please feel free to contact us on 1300 360 845 to discuss further.
The Hoover Team



How do you remove the plastic mesh panel on top so that you can replace the black foam filter underneath (that sits above the exhaust filter)? Have been trying to prise it off with a screwdriver, but half of it won't budge.

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Looking for vacuum efficient picking up long hair on carpets. Tired of wasting money on vacuums that don't work

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Hi Rhonda, I would say this vacuum definitely works on human hair and let hair (I have a long hair cat with lots of fine hair) , the only thing is human hair will get caught around the brush motor head part, but most vacuum with a motorised brush will have this issue too



Anybody had problems with "maximum" light flashing red and the exhaust panel becoming very hot? Machine works well but when suction is changed to maximum, the sound changes like something is being sucked into the filter and the light starts flashing. The filter cover and that section of the cleaner becomes very hot.....Has worked perfectly until this morning....any suggestions? Purchased in August 2017

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I have had this happen also but only when there’s something obstructing the stem or hose. Check your stem and hose or power head aren’t blocked at all and if you have the bag saver attachment empty it and give it a clean. I take the hose out of the vacuum turn it around and put the wrong end of the hose in the vacuum and switch on. This often sucks whatever is blocking the vacuum hose back out again. Once the blockage is cleared everything goes back to normal again.


Thank you. Will try reversing the hose. Have washed filters but don't have bag saver attachment. If nothing else will take to Godfrey's tomorrow.



How do you turn up the suction power?

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Deb F
Deb F

Turn the dial clockwise and the lights light up as suction increases

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