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Hi, after watching A Current affair this week on the indifferent treatment of some of your customers I have questioned whether I should stay with NRMA or switch to another insurer. I must say after reading this review site it does not give me much confidence. Can you give me any reason why I should stay
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Hi Andy, in relation to the customers in the program you’ve mentioned, we have apologised for the delays they experienced while we reviewed their claims and have now resolved the issues for both customers. When a customer suffers damage to their home we may need to use a variety of experts such as builders, roofers and engineers to assess some of our claims and to ensure the repairs meet building standards and regulations. One of the customers' home had damage that had occurred over an extended period and was due to leaf debris blocking rainwater from flowing off the roof, made worse by previous poor repairs by her builder. This was highlighted by a previous claim they made a few years earlier. Where the repairs were also undertaken by the customer's own builders. We have now settled the claim for the internal damage and spoken with the customer about the repairs required to her roof to help protect her home from further water damage in the future. The second customer featured on the program had pre-existing termite damage. The repairs done to this home was not to standard. This resulted in the roof lifting and further damage to his property. Our experts are currently reviewing the extent of damage caused by the termites. This will allow us to determine the next steps required before the repairs can begin. Whilst any delays with home insurance claims are disappointing, if you are looking for a reason to stay with NRMA Insurance these are examples where we have chosen to extend our cover to situations normally excluded by home insurance policies. ~ Jono

When i phoned customer service for my solar system damage by a storm was advised to get a report from a level 2 electrition on damage then 2-3 replacement quotes for my claim. Only to be told when I rang back to lodge my claim nrma would be arranging a builder to asses the damage/replacement of my solar sytem then why did i get a report costing me $199? When nrma has to aprove the damage with there own builder?
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Hi Lozza, thank you for bringing this to our attention. I can appreciate how frustrating this is to be told two conflicting things and have this additional charge. I would like to have this looked into and rectified for you. Can you please use this link to our Facebook page to reach out via messenger: https://www.facebook.com/nrmainsurance/. Just let us know you're from Product Review, include your original message and your claim number, DOB, address and contact details so we can contact the correct person in claims to escalate this for you. ~ JonoThankyou for your reply, i will contact FB NRMA and hopefully i will have a better outcome. Lozza

We have had our storm damage assessed recently. Can I obtain a copy of the assessment report including individual cost for each of the claims that have been assessed?
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Hi Mario, you would need to discuss this with your claims consultant, please give them a call. ~Kaz

NRMA contents insurance. Recent hail storm two beds got wet. I got full price quotes from David Jones. NRMA called MYER and want to pay me the sale price. (The beds are on sale). Would like to know where I stand? Thank you.
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Hello, please call our claims team on 131 123 and speak to the home claims team and they can let you know how the incident happened and if this is covered under your policy. Thanks. -Kaz

Why does NRMA appoint seperate restorers for building and contracts when the same incident affected both?! This policy has lead to extra damage to my home that NRMA now wants to pretend doesn’t exist.
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The Claims Team have different contractors to perform different tasks relating to Building and Contents claims. Availability often will play a part in who is assigned or despatched. In areas where claims are high volume, after storm events or crisis situations we do the best we can to assign restorers at very short notice, sometimes this may mean some are for one sole purpose and others may be able to multiple damaged items.

I want to add my granny flat to my policy, is it possible and how?
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Hi Dr Fayez, thanks for reaching out about your granny flat. There are a few ways we can cover the granny flat depending on how it is being used, if you have a current policy with us we can include the new structure in your current building insurance and increase the total sum insured to reflect the costs of both buildings alternately you can take out a separate policy for this should you be renting it out or you would like to have a separate policy with shared ownership rather than including it in your current policy for example. If you give us a call on 132 132 we would be able to go through all your options to help you decide what would be the best for your situation. Hope that helps and do not hesitate to let us know if we can provide any more information for you. ~Lochy

We were hit by lightning last night and lost a few appliances. Do I need to get an electrician to confirm the damage before I lodge the claim? Thanks
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Hi Thaimum, thanks for your question. Sorry to hear about the lightening strike. We would recommend you call claims on 131 123, they are available 24/7 for claims lodgements. They can let you know what you need to do. Hope this helps. ~Kaz

Does NRMA contents insurance cover damage to contents if a tall tree falls on the house under the following circumstances: (a) the tree or a limb falls during a storm and the tree is in the yard of the property being insured; (b) the tree or a limb falls during a storm and the tree is in the yard of the the neighbour's property; (c) the tree just drops a big limb (which is what big Australian trees often do) without there being a storm and the tree is in the property owner's yard; (d) the tree just drops a big limb (which is what big Australian trees often do) without there being a storm and the tree is in the neighbour's yard. My uncle lives in a bushy suburb full of tall gum trees. He is worried that if one of the tall gum trees in his yard, or in the yard of a neighbour, crashes onto his property then he will not be insured.
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No idea. Ask the Insurance companyHi Andrew, I am not sure....I recommend contacting NRMA and asking themWhatever they tell you verbally,get it in writing.Conversations over the phone arent worth spit.

I Have lost a diamond ring in my house. Pulled the house to bits, and can,t find it. Am I covered by my house and contents insurance for it. What is the procedure?
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Generally speaking, the answer would be "no". For the Home and Contents policy to kick in, the loss of the item would generally have to be due to one of the EXTERNAL 'events or conditions' referred to in the Policy....things like fire, flood, storm, theft/burglary etc. Please accept that I am not being disrespectful here but this loss sounds like it would be looked upon as an INTERNAL issue and, as such, it would probably not be a policy coverage condition. Mention of jewellery reminds me to suggest you ask yourself some questions about at what VALUE should be it insured ?".... ....the price paid for it ?, ....the value of it in the condition it was at the time ?, ....the price of replacing it (new) at today's prices ?, ....the 'sentimental' value ? ....should I be photographing/documenting the condition of all my jewellery in case I do have a fire etc. ?. And remember, if a fire occurs the fire usually destroys the items and the documentation.....so suggest you store them separately. All the best.I'm not sure about loss inside the home, however if you have personal effects insurance for the ring (i.e. it's covered when you take it outside of your home - a common optional addition to contents insurance for certain items you nominate) then if you were to (for example) drop it in a river or the ocean, then it would be covered.

I have read many bad reviews and warnings of NRMA not paying out in claims. Would the same be the case for Green Slip claims? I have taken my Green Slip cover from them because they advertise that they also offer "at fault" warranty which other companies apparently don't. Has anybody on this forum perhaps had experience with a Green Slip claim from NRMA? All the negative posts have me a bit worried now and I am wondering whether it will be possible to cancel my green slip cover and transfer it elsewhere.
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Even if you could guarantee cover with these crooks, I would bet you could get the same cover at half the cost from any other insurer. NRMA are not whom people think they are.My advice...if you want an answer to your question, take a couple of minutes and check out the circumstances behind the "Justice for Layton" case on Facebook. NRMA has a very bad reputation, justifiably so in the opinion of a scarred ex-employee of NRMA M&S, so 'at fault' is something that is sold but frankly not really a solid product.... and if the driver that hits you is 'at fault' in your opinion....well just read the Layton case and make your own mind up. Me...?. not a chance i would have anything with No Real Management Available.

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