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what setting do you use to reheat food
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I find it so hard to clean my grill because the gaps are very close together when I use seasoning on my steak or chicken it’s so tough to get off has anyone else had this problem?
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I want to cook frozen finger pizza but the bake tray accessory is far to expensive to warrant buying one. Can I substitute a shallow baking tray in place of the bottom plate.
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Fairly new Plus Xl Optigrill. When cooking chicken breast or Gammon steak pre heat works fine> put food on> machine bleeps and turns Green> food carries on cooking ,but light stays on green. Very dried out Gammon !! Any help?
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I have never had that problem. Mine works fine so far, fingers crossed.Just sent mine in for repair or they are going to test it they said, mine has done this with sausages 4 times now with the same error as yours but mine stays on green and doesn't cook. But it doesn't happen all the time sometimes its ok roughly about 20 mins to cook the sausages.

Is there recalibration method of GC722 (not GC702)? Mine is Optigrill + XL (Optigrill plus xl, the bigger one) In the Youtube, the recalibration method is only work for GC702 or not just GC722. Please help Me. It only work with manual mode. I can't select the any meal mode.
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Sorry, can't help. I would get in touch with the store where you bought it.did you manage to fix it? i have the same problemI also have this problem. In the midst of cooking the lights all go red. Did you find out how to recalibrate the xl? I looked on YouTube and the videos are for the smaller grill.

Hi, I’ve had my optigrill for a while now and it worked perfectly. However now when I turn it on and try to click the different food settings it doesn’t work? Any help?
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Sorry, can't help. I only had the grill for a few weeks, and its worked fine. Maybe take it back to the store.

When using the Optigrill I start with the preheating option. Choose burger/chicken r whatever and OK button,. hen it is ready for cooking, when I open the lid it starts beeping and all light flash. Is this just a calibration issue or have I a faulty unit and should I replace it?
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Mine has never done this. It sounds like a fault to me. I would ask for a replacement under warranty.

Hi I have no idea how to calibrate this it keeps going to manual help please?
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There's an excellent video that worked for me:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiBQ1GVe0Dg&t=4sUsed the youtube link from SchragMus mines now working a treat

Chose automatic correctly (not on manual) and the purple flashing light correctly shows the warm up. After 5 minutes the purple turns to red, the manual thermometer comes on and there was no audible beeping. Help will be gratefully accepted. Chris H
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Hi, Chris, that sounds abnormal for sure. I guess you kept it closed, for preheat. SEB should see your plight, and if still under warranty, will replace same, I'm sure.

The steel plates used to cook are they harmful? I know some steel grill plates can be
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The plates are cast aluminium, coated with non stick material. I'm not a chemist, so cannot say. If you contact SEB or Google non stick coatings for clues. Also Wikipedia is a good source on this subject.Not sure what you mean by 'harmful'. Perhaps a non-reputable company might put any old thing in their device, but I can't imagine in this day and age a reputable company like Tefal putting something harmful in their device. I know that this is not a definitive answer, just speculation, but I'm no expert in this field, just a happy user of the product.

When i Turn on the grill the whit light and steak ligbt flashes and makes beeping noises and when i do a resest it still does the same thing. What do i do?
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I have never experienced the phenomenon that you described. It sounds like a fault. I would take it back to the retailer and ask for a replacement or a refund.I presume the grill is closed, before turning on. If not this will confuse the programming. If under 12 months old and you have receipt, SEB will see this to help, if faulty, to replace.So Am i suppose tmto turn it on when its open?

Hi there, can you please advise the best type of beef to produce perfect medium rare steak? Tried scotch steak and Rump steak from Coles and didn't like the result.
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i use hanger steak and bavette the only thing is the lack of crust but the steak is cooked well

I don't have a bacon button like on the you tube video. I have a panini button in areas why? How do I cook bacon?
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Other people have reported that some models have a sandwich (or panini) button, and others have in the same position a bacon button. So one could assume that those were interchangeable. So I would try it with that setting.That's right, no bacon button. For BACON, select the SAUSAGE button, as in the manual. Cook to MED/WELL-DONE.

Hi I was using my optigrill for probably the 3rd time so it's pretty much brand new. After pre heating I had it open while I was getting my stake ready. It automatically turned off and now it won't switch back on. I've let it cool down and I retried. Still nothing! Any help?
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Sounds like it's broken. Return it to your retailer for a replacement or a refund.

when i switch on my grill the M thermometer and ok light up the manual selections wont light and therefore only the 4 temp settings are available How can i rectify this?
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Make sure the grill is closed when power at the wall is turned on. Select power button, then it will scan, or just select, item. Again, make sure grill is closed first.If the grill is closed when you first turn on power and the problem persists, then I am assuming it is a fault and if the grill is still under warranty, it should be returned to the retailer from whom you bought it for repair or replacement.

Hi, my optigrill went into manual only. I recalibrate it. Looked like working, but went to manual mode when I put my steak and close the lid. Wha How can be solved this problem?
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Its broke. Return it for a refund or replacement. I had this issue also afte ronly using it a few times. Its a hugely common issue.If it was in the correct mode when you were preheating, but it changed mode when you opened the grill and placed your steak on it, then it sounds like a fault. Return it to the store you purchased it from to have it repaired or replaced under warranty.I presume you do have the GC712, and not the GC702, old version. When you say it went to MANUAL mode. Was that the letter M or the 4 temp. settings? This would indicate which model you have. Turn off, and at wall, to cool down, then start again. If this doesn't help, your unit is faulty. You didn't say how old it is, to do with warranty, if within 1 year.

My optigrill doesn't have a sandwich button. Instead is has one for bacon. What should I use for doing sandwiches?
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Very strange, in the group, it is THIRD from left. 2 half cut sandwiches. Bacon, I haven't tried, maybe SAUSAGE button. CHECK YOU MANUAL.It might be just the UK version that has bacon instead of sandwiches. I have since seen another site that says the bacon button is the same as sandwiches.I've never seen the model code GC712 on my Optigrill or documentation. Mine just says Tefal Optigrill+ The buttons on my Optigrill+ are, in order, Power, Frozen Food, then the automatic program buttons: Burger patties, poultry, sandwiches, Pork/Sausages/Lamb, steak/red meat, fish, and then the manual temperature control, and lastly the OK button. If your Optigrill+ is different to that, then your guess is as good as mine.

Hi. While pre heating do we closed it ? Or leave it open?
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Keep it closed.It should be in the closed position for preheating and cooking. It should be opened only for placing and removal of food, and later for removal of the heating plates for washing.

Whenever i place steak, i would choose that steak option but soon after pressing ok, it turns to manual.how come?
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I have not experienced this problem. Sounds like a fault.Are you putting steak in grill first? DO NOT do this, as it must preheat, STEAK selection, then press OK. It seams going to MANUAL has confused it, but allows you to control the cooking. Go through instructions again, carefully.I don't have that problem. Your unit might be faulty.

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