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Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder

Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder Questions & Answers

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Why can’t I buy the 6 in 1 pressed powder kit in the tin anymore?
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Dear Melissa, I have not had to buy another one for a while but as far as I know you can purchase it on line from Thin Lizzy or the last I saw it was available from Big W. I do not understand why Thin Lizzy could not answer this question for you but I do hope this has helped you in some way as I will soon have to purchase it again myselfYes, it’s available everywhere but not as the set, they seem to have taken the original set off the market and now just have it all available single for a higher costIf anyone knows where the set is still available I would love to know where

Hi are they discontinuing this product? I hope not just got it and it’s amazing
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Can I still get the buy one and get one free?
2 answers
No, they are now charging $30 FOR ONE COMPACT when you used to get 2 compacts, brushes, eye liners, lip glosses for $49.00.I used to buy thin lizzy at the old price but stoped when the price changed Kindest regards Jan

Is the $1 promotion still available?
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Its not $1 as you end up getting a bill for over $200 bam not happy for that. The original natural glow was the best product and application rhey had simple.At the moment brand developers have a tv ad Phone 1800885885 $1 trial for 30 days for 29 products after the 30 days you pay $99 plus $29.99 p/h

How much to pay after $1 30day trial?
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2x $50 direct debit payments

does anyone know the phone number for the new $1 thin lizzy promo going at the mo, i thought it was 1800191919 but im in WA and its not working. Anyone know the phone number please?
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I use mac nc25 what is the equivalent in thin lizzy?
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Hi I'm not sure what the equivalent is, but I find for every day you get a natural look using Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 powder. You can use a little of the concealer for any imperfections under your 6 in 1 powder. For special occasions I find the 3 steps which is concealer , 6 in 1 powder and Air Brush is wonderful for a flawless look. lorraine

How long does it last on your skin?
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I wouldn't say it lasted all day because it was blotchy. I found it hard to put on, it didn't glide on like the ads on TV even after l cleansed, toned and moisturised. I only wore it one day, when l caught my reflection in a mirror at a department store it was shiny and blotchy. I have tried two more times trying different moisturiser. Do not like it.

Does it cover under eye drank spot?
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I have literally no idea what that is sorry. As I mostly use this product along side others from Thin Lizzy's range, I don't find coverage an issue.

Does anyone know if the Thin Lizzy $1 trial offer includes all full sized products or small sample sized products?
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How can l have a trial option before purchasing, your products?

28.1.216 Advertising on GEM, Thin Lizzy for $1.00, I do use this product 6 in 1 Light, I am nearly out and thought I would try the other products at this price however the phone no. 1800 155 155 was not connecting, I was not using a mobile as it suggested, scam. I feel disappointed, has anyone answer? Thank you, browneyes.
3 answers
I think the number changes, depending on what channel you see it on but I thought it was 1800 522 522. Be careful because they will want to deduct money each month from your account for the items, So if you opt for 'trying' the items for $1.00 there would be a strict time limit before you need to send back the items / or opt to keep and pay for them in full.. I think the small print said you must pay $29.95 in postage too.What is the catch and hidden cost and why don't they tell you a price we need to know not just get ripped off. How many people fall for this trail and then wham a heap of money gets taken out of your account. Also are the full size not trail size?I've just called 1800220220 hoping it helps anyone needing it now for the $1 offer

After the trial for $1 what is the total cost?
2 answers
I was a consumer using this product, not a distributor. Sorry cannot help with your query.$130 includes the 30 products and postage in Australia. Not too sure if they are full size or sample sized products.. if full size its cheap.

How long do your tv offers last for? I saw on channel 10 (I think) morning show on the 11th dec 2015 a $1 trial for 29 thin Lizzy products, would that still be avaliable if I call the number they provided and mention the deal I saw? Really wish I was able to order it then!
2 answers
I'm not a distributor, I was a customer. Sorry unable to help with your query.They told me that their promotions can begin and finish anytime, and that if offered on TV today, it may not be available tomorrow. I called 1800 222 225 today to enquire about the offer.

How do I stop tv shop taking money out of my credit card monthly as I bought it on the idea that it was a sample for me to try but see they are going to debit my card monthly and that's not on? Regards jillian
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Hi, have you got in contact with your financial institution. They should be able to put able to place a block on the transaction.

Dear Thin Lizzy, From what I am reading, from the comments, it seems that unless you want bronzed/dark skin you need to use the mineral foundation and ONLY use the 6 in 1 for eyes, lips cheek contours etc. Is that right ? I have fair skin and I do not like " the tanned look" but want a quick cover up and freshen of the face that is easily done, without full make up effort. Thanks Sian
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Hi Yes go for the Mineral Foundation, its quick and very easy to apply and touch up. it only take a minuet or two to buff on the foundation. Cheers Bex

Cover for spider veins I have spider veins on top part of both my legs' so uncomfortable wearing a dress.What product do i need to achieve this and would it help?????
3 answers
Hi I would recommend using the concealer creme and then either 6 in 1/ Mineral foundation or other powder to help blend and fully seal the concealer. Cheers RebekahOn the thin lizzy website or at big w where I purchased mine.I stand strong on my theory of using Bio Oil as your base before putting anything on your skin. Try a little dab of Bio Oil (sold at most chemists and Big W) and put about a 20c coin sized blob on your hands and then massage it through your skin. It's supper absorbent so keep messaging until it's absorbed in to your skin. This will help with you foundation later. Tip: Tap some concealer on your problem areas- don't smear it! Less is more and by applying a little at a time mixed in with some Bio Oil you can see how much you will need. Then apply some Thin Lizzy mineral foundation with your brush and blend it in gently for about 3-4 minutes.

my skin coloring is light olive color, which color do you recommend i order, the light or the dark?
3 answers
There are about six different shades. I would go for #R3 Dorothy, and use sparingly. Your best bet is to try a tester somewhere like BigW or Priceline. Hope this was helpful.Hi Tina I would recommend the light colour of our Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder, this suits most skintones. We have 11 shades of our Mineral Foundation available - the full range can be see on our website www.thinlizzy.com.au Kind Regards ~ RebekahHi Tina I would go the darker shade but in the pink compact thinlizzy that's the one I use cheers cazza

do you call 0800 209 009 to try it $1
2 answers
No idea - I bought mine from a shop.Hi, yes this is the right number for our TV only offer. Regards, Katie from TV Shop

How much does the concealer retail for at big w?
1 answer
$29.00 Australian Dollars

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