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Unimom Forte Hospital Grade Double Electric

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My unimom shield is hot when pumping. Is that normal cause the medela shield wasn’t?
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Hi Julie, The breast shield is made of plastic and should not be hot when pumping. Please feel free to contact us if you require any assistance. Kind regards, Eileen Ong Director uberebaby.com

Is the motor suppose to move? I also hear something sliding around in the motor part when I pick it up to move it
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Hi Ang, Sounds like something might have come loose in your breast pump. Please contact us through our website or on (08) 9468 0000 so that we can promptly assist. Thank you. Kind regards, Eileen Director Ubere (Corporate Partner of the Australian Breastfeeding Association) uberebaby.com

I have the large breast shields (27mm) but they’re still too small for me. I think I need a 30mm one. Do you have one in this size? If not what other brands are compatible?
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Hi Violet, Please contact Milkbar Breastpumps on 1300 781 275 for different size breast shields. They would be able to assist you. Kind regards, Eileen Director Ubere (Corporate Partner of the Australian Breastfeeding Association) uberebaby.com

I have the unimom breast bump but the std breast shield is too large. Where can I find a smaller one or are there other brands compatible with my pump?
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Hi Kristyn, Do you use yours with the Silicone Massager? Using it reduces the Standard 24mm flange to 22mm. If you need something smaller, Ameda breast shield kits are also closed system and work well with the Unimom Forte. Milkbar Breastpumps would be able to assist. https://www.milkbarbreastpumps.com.au/ Kind regards, Eileen

Hi my pump gets so hot you can not touch it and then it loses suction. Is this normal or safe?
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Hi Tyne, This sounds unusual. So as to allow us to find out more and assist you, please contact us on (08) 9468 0000. Kind regards, Eileen

Helow, just want to ask f is it chargeable? How many times/day can i use the pump?
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It's plugged into power for each use so as long as you have access to a power point, you can use it anytime.Yep, powered by electricity. The seller recommended using it for approx 30 minutes each session. And for best results to use the double pump rather than just pumping on a single breast.

Hi, just want to confirm that this is a dual voltage breast pump. We're going to be splitting our time between Australia and the US and need to make sure we can buy one that can be used in both places. Thanks!
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Hi Kim, Thank you for your interest in the Unimom Forte#. Unfortunately, the Unimom Forte# is suited only for the Australian voltage of 240v and would not work in the USA without a step down voltage converter. The Unimom Allegro# would be well suited for your needs. It is very light, portable, and supports both 110v and 240v. Kind regards, Eileen Director Ubere uberebaby.com

What is the expected life span on the Unimom Forte? My sister gave me her's to use (she pumped for about 6mths) about 4mths ago, and I'm looking at continuing pumping for at least another 7-8mths. Just wondering if it's worth me getting a new one or if the pump should last through (I don't want to give it back to my sister buggered!). Thanks!
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Hi, I'm not sure, all I can say is that I borrowed one from a friend who had used it for a couple of years for her child, and I used it for another couple of months until my baby weaned and it was still working beautifully. I didn't notice any difference. Try asking the Ubere Facebook page - Eileen is very knowledgeable and happy to answer questions.Hi sprat_catcher, The Unimom Forte# has an extra long life motor and is a high quality closed system hospital grade breast pump. However, like any other breast pumps, how long it would last depends on the frequency of use, how it has been cared for, etc. That said, there are always issues to consider when buying second hand or borrowing a breast pump. This article by La Leche League International might come in useful: http://www.llli.org/llleaderweb/lv/lvjunjul04p54.html We hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries or require assistance. Kind regards, Eileen Director Ubere uberebaby.com

I bought your pump for my daughter 3 years ago. The pump pressure control is now pumping too high even though it's set on low. Where can I find someone to look/ service it? I live in Sydney
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Dear Betty, Please contact us through our website and we will be able to assist. http://www.uberebaby.com/contact-us/ Kind regards, Eileen

I started to use unimom forte hoping to have greater amount o breastmilk. when i started using it, i only got 2 oz each bottle after 15 minutes after that no more,. i tried again after 2 hours then im only getting 1 oz each bottle. is there a defect on my unimom?
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Hi Yoj, The amount you are able to pump depends on a number of factors, for example, how long you have been breastfeeding, how frequently you express, how you had previously responded to breast pumps, whether the shield kit has been set up properly, etc. Also, suction can be affected if the silicone massager is not inserted properly, or if there are any holes or even micro tears on the large membranes and white valves. The silicone massager is optional and can reduce suction. Some mothers use it all the time and some others, like myself, do not use it. I noticed that you are from Philippines. If you think you might have a faulty breast pump, you can contact your local distributor for assistance. Hope that helps and all the best in your breastfeeding journey. Kind regards, Eileen Director Ubere uberebaby.com

How do i know if im buying genuine and where is it made in? When i unbox will there be some parts already assembled for example the top cover n bottom cover tge large membrane or will every part need assembling? Where is this made and what is in the box, what comes assembled and what does not? Plz answer all my questions
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Hi, I don't remember exactly how it was packed but if u have a look at this photo I found online the parts are in bags and yes you would have to assemble the top part of the pump. http://m.kaskus.co.id/thread/520904904f6ea17e7c00000b/jual-breastpump-unimom-forte-2nd-garansi-panjang-sampai-mei-2014 The product is made in Korea. It should be genuine as I bought it from a trustworthy person who supplies it. Hope that helps. :) good luck with your decisionDear Zee, Thank you for your interest in the Unimom Forte#. WES Global trading as Ubere is the authorised Australian distributor. Unimom breast pumps are made in South Korea. You can purchase genuine Unimom products from our website (http://uberebaby.com) or through one of our authorised agents (http://www.uberebaby.com/retailers). The shield kit comes pre-assembled except for the milk bottle. The instruction manual (http://unimom.com/en/b_uni.pdf) also clearly shows how to assemble the parts. Each box comes complete with the pump and all the parts required for single or double pumping, and feeding. See the Unimom Forte# product page on our website for more details. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries or if we can be of any assistance. Kind regards, Eileen Director Ubere uberebaby.com

I just bought this breastpump (unimom forte) yesterday, used once and was extremely happy with the result of the pumping but when i used them again this morning, the suction strength was not as good as last night. I dont know what happened to my unimom forte, please let me know how to fix this because i really like this breast pump?
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I'm really sorry but I don't know as that never happened to me. Have you tried emailing or calling Unimom directly? They should hopefully be able to help or maybe it is a manufacturing fault?i have had this happen if milk gets in between the massage pad and plastic cup bit or if milk gets onto your skin so always stop and dry everything well then the suction picked up again. sometimes if i'm cold or my nipple has changed shape, i notice it feels different pressure wise aswell.Yes, I think your skin may be wet or a little more oily in the morning, so always stop and dry everything.

Could you please advise my order status? Inv no 2416. I left a message n emailed you but no response so far. Reuben
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We've also been trying to get in touch with someone from Unimom since placing our order on 18 Aug 2013. We received an order update to say it would arrive last week but we're still waiting and still no response from Unimom.Our order number is 2553.Try posting your query on Unimom's Facebook page. Sadly, after emailing, calling and submitting enquiry forms on their website with no response, we finally posted on their FB page and got a response.

What size are the breast shields that come standard with the forte?
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Hi Nichola, Our standard breast shield sizes that come with all our breast shields are 24mm. We also have an extra large available for additional purchase which is 28mm. If I can help with anything else, please just let me know. Regards Karisha

Hi there just wondering what attachments you have used as I am having the same issue with this breast pump
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Hi not sure what issue you mean? I didnt have any issues with the attachments. I use the medela symphony attachments. Cheers

I'm living in malaysia..may i now how much it worth each including shipping cost?
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You should go to Unimom Australia Baybee Blue Mountains contact page. They'll have a phone number and email address there for you to ask. (both are the same retailer)

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