Baby Jogger

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Baby Jogger City Tour
Latest review: Bought this stroller for our smaller second car. It's been really handy for shopping trips and weekends away. Folding it up is a bit fiddly and sometimes the red button doesn't release fully, but

Baby Jogger City Premier
Latest review: I got this pram last year on sale. Been a great pram apart from a few issues with the frame. Contacted the company for warranty fix. Went back 3 times and the last time they had to cut off a part and

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double
Latest review: I have had my double gt for three years now. It still looks brand new, despite using it 3-5 times a week. My 5yo still fits in it! I can't say enough about the easy fold up, how simple it is to get

Baby Jogger City Mini GT
Latest review: Overall I think the pram is a great buy, and very good value for money. It is easy to manoeuvre and performs well on all surfaces and terrains. The suspension is very good I think. The two best

Baby Jogger City Mini
Latest review: I have tried quite a few different prams/strollers, I have 3 boys and at one time i even needed a double. Out of all prams and strollers i’ve tried baby jogger city mini is my fave! This is m

Baby Jogger Summit XC / X3
Latest review: I really enjoy using it. Really easy to manoeuvre. Easy to fold and unfold. It can hold all of my kids at once. One is sitting on lap of the other one and the 3d on a board behind the pram! The only

Baby Jogger City Mini Zip
Latest review: The fold takes a bit to get used to but once you master that you have what I believe to be one of the best prams on the market. I used a Maxi Cosi Mico AP Capsule with my Baby Jogger Zip using

Baby Jogger City Mini Double
Latest review: I absolutely love this pram but I have a disabled four year old who still needs the pusher and a newborn so when my 4 year old is at kinder (which is the time I usually save to do things out and

Baby Jogger City Select
Latest review: I absolutely love this pram . It's so handy has the option for a second seat so can use it as a double pram. We bought just before our second child was born and had the bassinet as well as the normal

Baby Jogger City Elite
Latest review: This pram has had SO MUCH use with my two boys. This is money well spent, I haven't ever regretted my decision to buy it. The only improvement I could suggest is if the wheels could also be folded

Baby Jogger City Mini 4 Wheel
Latest review: This pram is absolutely fantastic, its lightweight, onehanded fold, easy to manouvre and very stable with 4 wheels. Used it for years and easy clean too. Great quality. We tried a big bulky pram

Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet
Latest review: An easy to attach bassinet that seemed comfortable for my daughter to sleep in. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as they use it for such a short time. A better option might be a all in one type of

Baby Jogger Glider Board
Latest review: We bought this for our 2.5 year old when our daughter was born. It did the job and he thought it was fun to ride on but you couldn't walk in a proper stride when using it and I ended up having to

Baby Jogger Compact
Latest review: I loved being able to have my little ones lying flat comfortably while we were out and about. I found the size more than enough to use till my girls were 6 months (admittedly, they were petite: 6.2kg