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Maxxis Premitra HP5
Latest review: I asked for a quote from local dealer here at Paget Discount Tyres & Batteries (Mackay, QLD) and Tim Heel, the Store Manager matched a quote I had from another major chain, and since I've been to

Maxxis MAP3
Latest review: When my daughter's 2014 Suzuki Swift was ready to replace the original Yokohamas at 50,000 kms I sat down and did a fair bit of research on what would be a good value, good performing tyre. I've

Maxxis M8060 Trepador
Latest review: Fitted to 09 hilux. These have done 55k kms, almost shot now and expect another 5k out of them. Rotated every 10k, probably best to do every 5. Less noise than every other Mud Tyre and they have been

Maxxis MT-753 Bravo
Latest review: These are the best all round tyres I've had. Im on my third about to get #4 set I have had them on 80 series landcruiser My14 triton and 04Kia k2700. excellent road holding on and off the road I have

Maxxis HT-750 / 760 Bravo
Latest review: Living in a rural area I travel a lot kilometres every day. I travel 3 hours each way to Melbourne once a month, work is 80 kms one way & even going to the supermarket is over 20 each way, so it’s n

Maxxis AT-771 Bravo
Latest review: Got about 15,000ks out of Maxxis 980s. (they did wear evenly), So changed to the 771s. Got about 7,000ks so far and they're just about shot. I may make 15,000ks. Sure, rough dirt roads but not

Maxxis MA-751 Bravo
Latest review: Have had a set of 751s fitted to our family Mitsubishi Challenger for just over 100.000 kms and found them to handle well in all conditions . We use them off road for firewood collection and often

Maxxis MA-P1
Latest review: Bought a set of Maxxis from Stillwell Hyundai on my last service. I cannot recall the tyre type, this is was these ones. In general i've had the same brand on the past on other cars and they are

Maxxis MT-762 Bighorn
Latest review: Had these tyres on my first np300 and they are a great tyre . On road they were a little bit noisy but not to bad for a MT. On road these tyres have been the best in mud that i have ever used . No

Maxxis MT772 RAZR
Latest review: Had the MT-772 Razr for a while now and the on-road noise is very low in comparison to my other offroad tires. There is no tire drift on cornering and are really stable on the highway at high speed.

Maxxis HT770
Latest review: Replaced my old and worn Bridgestone Duellers with Maxxis. After a long research I chose Maxxis based on good online reviews and reasonable price. Decided to replace all four tyres although I only

Maxxis AT-980 Bravo
Latest review: I’ve had these on for about 2 years and maybe 20-25k km. Road noise is as to be expected. Where these tyres have really failed is when I went to the high country in Victoria 4x4ing on steep rocky

Maxxis MT-764 Bighorn
Latest review: i bought the car with 50% tread. the tyres did alright aired down for 4x4 tracks but yesterday i aired down to 15psi for soft sand and an hour later two of them had holes the size of your fist in the

Maxxis MA656
Latest review: For starters they're cheaper then alot out there they still make my off sized fronts & backs, and the out lasted alot b4 them. I've stuck with this brand since I first got them a few years back.

Maxxis AT700 Bravo
Latest review: This is the second lot of Maxxis A/T 700 Bravo that I have fitted toy Triton. I have been impressed by how well these tyres have performed both on road and off road. The first lot of Maxxis AT 700

Maxxis MA-S1 Marauder
Latest review: They are one of the worst handling and noisiest tyres I have come across. I do a lot of off road driving and they just don't cut it. I replaced these when I couldn't bear the noise and bad handling

Maxxis MA-510