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Bosch PVS875FB1E

Latest review: My 1st induction cooktop. It takes a week to get used to it, not instant like Gas. Love the fact that pots & pans & actual stove always looks perfect. Bought expensive Baccarat pots/pans & they clean

Bosch PVS675FB1E

Latest review: First time using induction. It’s a pleasure to use. Heating is faster than conventional electric, almost as good as gas. Easy to keep clean. Spillage dripping or splash during cooking onto the g

Bosch PIJ611BB1E

Latest review: This is an induction cooker which only operates with induction friendly pots and pans etc. The range of heat settings is more than adequate to cook a wide variety of foods. Two or more large pans

Bosch 90 cm Induction Cooktop

Latest review: I’ve had this cooktop for a month and love it. I switched from gas and did lots of homework on the size and brand of cooktop. The Pros: I went with this one because of the flexzones and the metal s

Bosch PXX675DC1E

Latest review: We upgraded from our old electric cooktop to an induction cooktop. I love the how it is so easy to keep clean. It heats up fast and the controls respond quickly. I already had some induction cookware

Bosch PIV995DC1E

Latest review: I've been using my cooktop for almost a year and I love it. Beautiful sleek design, scratch resistant and very powerful. However I can't get over the fact that there's only one "power selection" for

Bosch PIE645F17E

Latest review: Firstly we had to buy induction pots and fry pans and has been working great. Once you get familiar with the touch controls it is easy to operate. We have the Bosch oven and a Bosch ClassiXX

Bosch PXE875DC1E/01

Latest review: Like so many others, became increasingly difficult to turn on, until it gave up completely. Lodged a fault with Bosch, citing email as preferred contact, so they ring me and leave a message asking if

Bosch PKN675DB1A

Latest review: Bought the Bosch Series 8 cooker top. Installed in December 2017. Died in June 2018. Same problem as another customer. The on/off switch sensor started to fail over two weeks, then just died

Bosch PKG775DB1A

Latest review: Unfortunately this stove top didn’t match its price tag. After about 6 months the buttons became harder to get to work, then by 9 months it stopped working completely and had to have parts brought in

Bosch PIV975DC1E

Bosch PKE611CA1A

Bosch PIE631FB1E

Bosch PKM875DP1A

Bosch PIT851F17E

Bosch PIM851F17E