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Blanco Silgranit

Latest review: After researching Blanco sink quality and design, we purchased a Silgrain double kitchen sink to be part of our kitchen renovation. Initially the sink was beautiful and seemed to be able to withstand

Belfast Sinks Butler

Latest review: Placed my order on 5/1/19 and now finally complete on 12/4/19, had multiple issues that include but not limited to, leaking taps, Poor quality finish, incorrect items and missing items from order. I

Abey Schock

Latest review: Sink is 10 months old and has been great re scratches ect... but cracked with hot water from straining veggies. Customer service has been fantastic however replacement sink was faulty and plumber

Oliveri Sinks

Latest review: Looks perfect when not in use, I emptied my hot pasta water into it and it cracked and started leaking water. Shame that a fairly new sink did this when its not a cheap sink! Should be built

Clark Pete Evans

Latest review: This sink does not drain properly so it’s constantly getting smelly and grubby. Cleaning it is torturous! It just doesn’t drain properly and the squared off shape makes it difficult to wipe dow

Blanco Andano 700-U

Latest review: I purchased the blanco andano 700 undermount sink for my new kitchen 3 months ago. Initially I was worried that having a single sink would be an issue, but after using it, im absolutely thrilled. It

Blanco Vision 210

Latest review: I now have my 3rd Blanco silgranite sink! I LOVE them, thus have bought one every time I moved. BUT, this time, I purchased the sink at Home Depot. About six weeks after it was installed by a

Blanco Precis

Latest review: We bought the metallic grey 1 & 3/4 sinks through Amazon many months before we started building our house as I was not able to find anything other than black or white here in Australia. Blanco has a

InSinkErator Evolution 200

Latest review: This is an awesome InsinkErator - it is so quiet that sometimes i do not notice it is turned on. The blade is so Sharp and it even crushes small bones. It is not only sharp but is also quick ~ the

Franke Pacific

Latest review: Installed this sink as part of a kitchen reno, cleaning is easy with just a wipe down necessary, plus it looks great. I had a question and the after sales service was helpful and answered my

Franke BFG 621

Latest review: I was doing a Kitchen update / reno that included replacing my sink. We had an enamel sink that would easily mark. After that experience, my wife insisted that we get a stainless steel sink that

Astivita Emma

Latest review: We bought a sink for our vanity and yes it is not the exact perfect shape but it looks great just the same. We are very fussy ,so if we recommend this product it must be great. The delivery was so

Franke Karst Stainless Steel KTX 620

Latest review: When purchasing the Karst I saw the display model and thought the surface was dull and put it down to being the display. My Frankie is exactly as the display model, dull and lifeless and so hard to

Abey Nu Queen Undermount

Latest review: Be careful. We installed an Abey sink into our new house only to later realise that they do not sell replacement rubber seals for their basket plugs. The rubbers lost their seal after a few months

Franke Aurora

Latest review: Updating my previous review. Franke also known as PRKS here in Western Australia have offered to remove the rusting sink at their cost but will not pay for the new sink, NOT a FRANKE sink, to be

Franke Steel Queen

Latest review: I’ve cleaned it with jif and bleach being the most used product in my kitchen it’s been hammering literally It was too good to swap and when the plug broke Franke were nice enough to send a new one

Franke Sirius SID 110-50

Latest review: On renovating my kitchen everything ended up white with hidden appliances, and white stove. Nothing was stainless steel, no handles, the only thing was the taps. I decided a white sink was more

Blanco Median

Latest review: This sink was installed in my kitchen three months ago and after the three months of normal use it has scratches after normal use and no abrasives used have been used on the sink. I am shocked as I

Aton ANX 211

Latest review: We chose this sink for the bowl size. We searched franke website and found it. Nowhere did it say it had a mechanical drain release. Not in any pics or in its specs. I believe it was a knob, which

Blanco DINAS8S

Latest review: I had a new kitchen installed late 2014...and I love just about everything about it...except the new sink. I purchased a Blanco sink with a drainer as I didn't want an under bench mount sink. I

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