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What is the point of these rerviews? Does the ANZ really read them? If so, do they care? Answer - No, obviously.
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No the bank does not read these reviews.the reviews are for the benefit of the public as this is a public review forum & has nothing to do with the ANZ bank.No they dont read them Why would they read reviews on a public review forum

1/ Just wondering why your staff are so rude incompetent and unprofessional? 2/ Why does your bank use an offshore centre ( India ) to process loan / credit applications? 3/ What type of customers are you wanting to attract if you shun small business loan applicants, pensioners, people wanting to open new accounts, customers wanting to extend mortgages and purchase investment properties? 4/ When are you going to close your branch in Noosa?, because this community doesnt like your attitude or want you there.
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ask the bank. how do you expect the public to know. this is a public review forum for the benefit of the public reviewing products & services its NOT the ANZ bankI dont why know you be asking that question here for have you thought about actually contacting the bankask the bank

What time does anz bank deposit the Centrelink payment into the recipient’s account?
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ask the bank

Why is it in noarlunga centre, seaford shopping centre or beach rd Christie beach in adelaide atm receipt dispenser always empty and when u do complain it takes weeks for them too be refilled
1 answer
Ask the bank

ANZ can you please go back to the old app the new one is ridiculous no pay to mobile hard to read different accounts I pay my contractors every Friday night by pay to Mobiile and it’s instant now they won’t get there money into there accounts until the Monday what a massive step backwards can someone please explain the benefits of the new app or change back I’m sure most people would be grateful...Ricky
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Anz .you've been sending letters for someone who doesn't live at my place - it's got a different surname. Don't you get the message when someone doesn't reply. Can you's stop sending the letters?
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They can't just change someone's address because some random person says so. How would you like it if someone pretended they had your mail and you stopped getting your letters. If everyone went by your logic anyone could contact the bank and change others addresses or stop other letters. Return it to the sender and the bank should be an undelivered mail alert on the account. And how the feek is it the banks fault someone forgot to change their address??? Is it not the person's responsibility to change the address, banks aren't telepaths and they have to follow privacy laws in Australia.Brian, it could be possible fraud , where some one has opened an account and randomly given the bank ur address

3 months ago my problem started with ANZ. My business account is all over the place. Takes days to update it's self, balances on receipt from the ATM never match up with internet banking. I never no what the right balance is. I have made that many phone calls to ANZ, been in the branch more times then l would like, time of work, l run my own hairdressing salon, no one can help you. Nothing adds up, they had a system upgrade 3 months ago and that is when my problem started. It's a joke, ANZ is a joke. Has anyone else had a similar situation to this?
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Sad thing is that they didn't even do a system upgrade- they just changed the layout on a few screens- which are of such poor quality. The new layout shows the processed date, and not the date you made the transaction. And the transactions seem to move around on the screens until its been processed..Gucking aholesYeah - I've been getting letters for someone who doesn't even reside at my place for the last few months .I think anz has turned into a big joke - except it's not funny

I have been an ANZ customer for 15 years. For the first few years I was reasonably happy with them. Now I am disgusted with their poor customer service and high fees. Obviously I'm not alone and I'd like to ditch them. But after reading reviews of other banks they don't sound worth bothering with. Has anyone found a better alternative?
3 answers
CombankHume Bank. Based in Albury NSW. MUCH better than all the big 4, in every way.You could also try a local credit union

Has anyone had any luck getting a call back from their mortgage department? I have tried everything but staying on hold for 50 minutes any week day before 5pm seems like the only way. Unfortunately I work and just can't do that!
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No thay dont ring u back that would cost them a phone call worst bank ever

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