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Hi there, In June 2016, I purchased two DR650GW-2CH for my wife and myself. Now I'm having issues with them. About a week ago, mine stopped working, only the blue GPS light is on and it doesn't record anymore. My wife's one when I remove the power it switches off without shutting down. Could you please help? Thanks!
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Hi ShagShag, Thanks for your question and sorry to hear that your camera is having these issues. Can I suggest trying to format your microSD card in a PC and double check that all the file shave been deleted. Furthermore, feel free to call our support team on 08 6267 5167 and they should be bale to offer some more extensive troubleshooting. Thank you, BlackVue Australia.

Are Blackvue going to address (with a firmware update) the totally oversensitive "Motion Detection" as used for the PARKING MODE on the DR650GW -2CH units. I believe they have the same issue with nearly all of the models including the latest range. Even when set to the very least sensitive setting the camera still records almost full time to the SD Card- which is pretty useless when in Parking mode. It will pick up a blade of grass moving at 100Metres!!! and record it!!! why can't this be addressed?
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Hi Raybin, Unfortunately the manufacturer has advised us, the Australian Distributor, that they will not be releasing firmware updates for the DR650GW and DR650S range any more. We are equally frustrated at this decision, but it is out of our control. It may be worth emailing them and giving your feedback directly, they may take it on board and reconsider the decision to not release further updates. Some customers have had positive results by turning motion detection OFF, but increased the G sensor sensitivity. Thank you, BlackVue Australia.Hi Raybin, I think BlackVue Australia has answered your question. I am not a rep, agent etc. for BlackVue. I just happened to have bought 2 Dash Cams for our cars a couple of months ago and left a feedback for them. Now I keep getting questions of all sorts about problems and stuff that I know nothing about, but just give contact details of BlackVue Australia. Sorry I cannot help. :( Regards Tassie Devil.Blackvue, Well, i guess that says it all. I can waste my time banging my head against an unmovable brick wall or i can continue to write honest reviews on every available consumer website and social media page that i can regarding the total unsuitability for purpose that their product exhibits. The 3 major functions that would be required of parking mode: ( in my opinion) 1) Record to SD card activity near your car- for the purpose of recording possible malicious scratch events- NOT GOING TO BE POSSIBLE IF YOU TURN MOTION DETECTION OFF! 2) Minimise the possibility of "REAL EVENT" Overwrite on the SD Card- NOT POSSIBLE AS THE UNIT RECORDS PRACTICALLY 100% OF THE TIME 3) Record events such as collision damage- YES IT CAN DO THIS BUT MAY WELL BE OVERWRITTEN DUE TO THE OVER-SENSITIVITY OF THE MOTION DETECTION FIRMWARE. I am just one of many whom are complaining about this- it is time for everyone to write as many reviews in as many places as possible- i for one would not ever consider buying or recommending one of the BLACKVUE systems and have currently persuaded many to avoid buying one of this brand.

I recently bought the DR650GW-2CH with the magic box. Everything was working great after installation. I had access to my iPhone app and was able to set everything up. Now there’s no voice prompt, I can’t access my phone app due to no connection, the red recording light doesn’t come on unless I disconnect the cord to the camera and plug it back in. After starting the car, I always heard the camera say something, now it’s nothing. I tried holding down the button on the side to reset it but nothing. I tried downloading the newest firmware too. Can you please help me?
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Hi Sharon, Thanks for your question, there sounds like there are a couple of things in play here. 1. No lights on the camera would indicate there is no power getting to the camera unit, this can be for a number of reasons; e.g. low battery voltage, poor cable connection, Power Magic Pro boot switch is in the off position. Obviously if there is no power to the unit you will not be able to connect to the camera with your smart phone. 2. No voice announcements can be due to them being switched off in the settings, it is possible the camera speaker my not be working correctly. For the best support please contact the BlackVue Australia support team on the details below so we can get you back on the road ASAP. Best Regards, BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167Hi, 1. Actually the lights are on, but sometimes just the blue light only. When that happens, I pull the plug out and insert it back in. That is when I have both red and blue lights on. There is power to the unit, it’s just not working properly at the moment. 2. The voice command was on all this time and suddenly it stopped. I didn’t change the setting. Now I’m not able to go to settings using the BlackVue app. On my phone WiFi, I usually see the camera choice for WiFi but now it’s not there so I can’t connect to it. I’ve had this camera for 8 months. -Sharon

Hi, I have had my Blackvue DR650GW-2CH for sometime now and have only recently started to have a problem with the front camera ( getting a rainbow effect) on the recording, only with the front camera,,,PLS Help.. ..
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Hi Landscape1uk, Generally this is due to the camera sensor failing. However you may be able to resurrect it with a firmware update. If that doesn't work our support team will be able to facilitate in getting the camera repaired. Office hours 9-5 Mon-Fri WAST Best Regards, BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167

I've bought a car with a DR650GW-2CH camera and can't access camera because the password 'blackvue' doesn't work. How can I reset the password?
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https://helpcenter.blackvue.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/210792287/wifi_psd_reset1.PNGHi Pedro, Thanks for your question. The best way to reset the password is via the BlackVue PC Player. Simply insert the SD card in to the PC > Open the PC Player > Settings > WiFi > Password Reset Please find a link to the help center below with step by step instructions. https://helpcenter.blackvue.com/hc/en-us/articles/222403147-How-to-change-reset-the-dashcam-s-Wi-Fi-SSID-password- Best Regards, BlackVue AustraliaPerfect, it worked! Thanks

I have a VW 2016 amarok. I left the lights on, the cars’ battery Went dead flat. Charged battery but BlackVue no longer turns on with ignition. How do I fix it? Car battery has full charge.
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Sorry Nate I have no idea. If you email blackvue Australia they will provide the answer. CheersHi Nate, are you using the Power Magic Pro? or just powering the camera via the 12v outlet in your vehicle? While the engine is running, check the PMP (if fitted) to see if the Green LED is illuminated, also try removing the power cord from the camera for 1 minute, then plugging it back in. Thanks, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

My blackvue keeps on asking to check my SD card why?
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Hi Cleggy, This notification means that there is an issue with the SD card. Generally the SD card will need to be formatted to resolve the issue, BlackVue recommend to do this ever couple of weeks or so for best performance. If the SD card is more than 12 months old, it may have reached the end of its serviceable life and need to be replaced. As with all SD cards they have a finite number of write cycles, BlackVue dash cams run through these quite quickly compared with other technology due to running times and high quality video recordings so it is important to use the correct type of card in your camera. If you continue to hear the "check SD card" message after formatting the SD card, the card may need to be replaced. All BlackVue retailers can facilitate in supplying the correct type of SD card. Please find the instructions on how to format the SD card below: https://helpcenter.blackvue.com/hc/en-us/articles/222463028-How-to-format-the-micro-SD-card- Feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions. Best Regards, James Auto BlackBox 08 6267 5167

We have a DR650GW-2ch with a Magic pro (set to infinity and 12 volts) Is the front white/blue light (seen from outside) meant to keep flashing or after a while is it supposed to stop? Also when we park in our garage at night - parking recording files stop after a few hours - until we 'start the car' Also the dashcam will say 'powering down' whenever a door/hatch is opened (say you put something in it then return to the shops and come back later on) it will not have recorded anything until the car is actually started up again? Any help would be appreciated Sally
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The blue led light can be turned on or off in the firmware settings if you don't want it flashing a security light. You may need to check your voltage at the fuse where the power wire is linked. If you say your files are stopping after a few hours this could mean voltage is dropping below the 12 volts set or wires could be around the wrong way if not recording in park mode. If the unit says powering down it is turning off. Check your wiring connections are correct. Ps if you want your card to last longer disconnect power wire from the camera at night. The only problem is the date settings will change if being shown (firmware selection)Thank you for your comments - however: We don't wish to turn the light off (it is a good way to know if the unit is working or not !!!) The cars battery voltage has been checked as is exactly as it should be Why would the voltage drop (switching off the unit) is it not designed for use in a car ????? The auto electrical company has re-checked all the wiring and is as they have done on many other vehicles I don't want to disconnect anything - I just want it to workI would have said your car is not charging the battery fully, but you have had a sparky look at it already, perhaps the power supply is coming from somewhere with volt drop. Your camera is saying all the right things, and its because the power is (or it thinks it is) getting below 12V at the supply to the magic pro, that it is shutting down. I set my magic pro to 12V because my Ranger has "smart charge" and doesn't always top up the battery to it maximum. But it lasts all night and well into the morning most days. Perhaps the Magic pro is faulty. You would need to put a multimeter on the supply wire once it has shut off. If it is over 12V, ask Blackbox for a new Magic pro.

I am having the same issue of connecting to cloud and I am following all the right steps but the live view icon is not turning blue,any suggestions?
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How long after formatting the SD Card does it take to initialize? My dash cam Dr-650-2channel keeps saying “ please do not turn off the power- initializing the SD Card “ for over 20 minutes
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I am having the same problem. How long did yours take to initialize?

I connect to the BlackVue app vía WiFi but when I try to load recordings I get the message that WiFi signal is too weak. Updated Firmware and disconnected auto join (as per blog recommendations) Reformatted sd card. Any thoughts?
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Hi Ana, Weak WiFi can be caused by a few different factors, some of the more common ones are: 1. Low power, if the voltage is getting towards the lower end required, this can cause a weak connection, make sure the car engine is running before downloading any files. 2. WiFi interference can cause a poor connection. If there are many WiFi networks in the area it may be an option to drive around the corner to reduce the number of interfering networks. 3. Distance from the camera unit. The mobile device should really be within 3 meters of the camera for a good connection. If you are still experiencing problems after exhausting the above fixes, feel free to get in touch with our tech support team. Best Regards, James BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167

The camera will start recording and say "Blackview for your..." and things will be okay but then just a mile or so down the road it will say "Restarting". There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why or when it will restart. At times it will do this 6-10 times with a minute apart. What is going on?
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Hi Michelle, Sorry to hear you having issues with your camera. This scenario normally means the SD card has run through is servicable life and can no longer write information to the card quickly enough, causing the camera to restart. The best thing to do is replace the SD card by either purchase or warranty replacement if less than 12 months old. All BlackVue SD cards have a 12 month warranty and are available from our authorised dealers. https://www.blackvue.com.au/dealer-locator/ Please only use compatible SD cards that are "MLC Class 10 Endurance". BlackVue only recommends genuine or Auto BlackBox SD cards. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Best Regards James BlackVue Australia

I was using the camera to reformat my sd card. After that it went into configuration and keep prompt me that there is in valid system configuration. Pls kindly advise?
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Hi Toko, Best thing to do is, format the SD card in your PC and apply the latest firmware to the card. Then place it back into your camera to perform the upgrade. Let us know how you go. Thanks, Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

I have connect my phone to the camera’s wifi but when I enter the app and try to download a file, it takes a long time buffering then saying unable to display the map because your smartphone isn’t connected to the internet. Really hope u guys can help me out here
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Hi NGZ, I have seen this before with Android phones, can you confirm what type of phone you are using? Perhaps try doing a firmware upgrade and trying again, even try another phone. Let us know how yo go. Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Hi there, I have the Blackvue camera DR 650GW-2CH . I had it for few months but now it saying out of the speaker " initialisation of SD card , Do not turn off Power". I have magic pro to and installed by a professional. could you please let me know what could be the problem ? Regards, Patrick.
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Hi Patrickkazzi, Is the camera just repairing this over and over? If so, it is likely that the microSD Card is faulty and will need to be exchanged for a new one. Let me know how you go. Thanks, Tom. Auto Blackbox Pty Ltd.Thank you Tom, i appreciate that. Regards Patrick

So I currently have a Blackvue 650 dual camera setup with it hooked up to a power magic pro! Currently I have the Blackvue on parking mode for g-sensor only, I want to have it to pick up motion at close range after my car being keyed twice in 3 months by 2 lowlifes who are related to each other! However when I try to change the settings in the app and slide it the motion parking sensitivity off of 0 to say 10 or anything else it never saves! I hit save and exit from my smartphone using the latest version of the app, the camera resets and the Blackvue reverts back to only G sensor only! I have contacted Blackvue Aus and still have no luck or idea why this isn't saving, I need it to record on motion ASAP before more damage is done costing me hundreds of dollars! I've tried 2 different smart phones and yet it does the same thing, however it works fine with the 1 channel unit in a friends car, any help ASAP would be nice to get these 2 prosecuted and pay for damages
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Hi Andrew, Based on what you have said, it seems to me that the SD Card is faulty - it is not allowing any changes to be made to te settings. Are you able to format the SD Card? If not, this is a good indication that the SD Card is faulty and will need replacing. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Do it in a PC and you probably wont have any problems Have seen more problems than enough from people trying to do this sort of thing Otherewise try a different card as said above

Hi, I have a blackvue camera for my car too. When I removed the sd card and tried to view it in my computer. The Record folder could not be accessed. Keeps prompting it to be corrupt or unreadable. I've tried reformatting to no avail. When I tried to 'chkdsk' the folder through command prompt it shows the Record folder to contain a nonvalid link. I can't seem to access my videos. Chekd the file size and it was at 0 Bytes too. Makes me think that it never recorded any videos from the beginning. Do advice. Cheers!
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Hi Vik, Thanks for your question. This does suggest the SD card is corrupt and will no longer work. This can happen due to poor power supply or excessive high temperatures as well as general use over time. All BlackVue SD cards come with a 12 month warranty. If your SD card is less than 12 months old we can replace it for you with your proof of purchase. Alternatively these are available from our authorised dealers around Australia. (Only BlackVue SD cards are recommended for BlackVue Cameras) Please get in touch if any questions. Best Regards, James Auto BlackBox

Hi there, I have my 650-2ch for three years on three different vehicles. It worked perfectly on my Jeep SRT and Porsche Cayenne but not on my 2018 ford raptor. The problem is I have the power magic pro on, the camera is off right after the engine is off. I tried on and 6 hrs to infinity, none works. My aim is to let the parking mode on, and have this magic pro in case I’m leaving more than a week and I could switch to only record for 72 hrs. Now I removed the magic pro and keep the cam on 24/7. I dunno if you have any solutions based on my need?
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Hi Ken, It sounds to me that the wiring is not correct - make sure the RED wire is to IGNITION and the YELLOW wire it to CONSTANT. If they are wired back to front, then you will receive the error that you are currently having. Double check and let us know. Thanks, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Hi! Where can i get the latest version here in Canberra, which is the DR650S-2CH?
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Hi Dan, thanks for your question. You can use our dealer locator to find a local authorised BlackVue stockist in your area: https://www.blackvue.com.au/dealer-locator/ Also, the DR750S-2CH is now the latest BlackVue model with Full HD 1080P front & rear. Thanks again!

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