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nespresso Lattissima Pro: Quantity of shot is right on and I get the appropriate amount of water in the drip tray, but I also get water going under the drip tray, and it somehow misses the tray and ends up in a pool underneath it. Please advise?
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Did you think to ask Delonghi?Thanks Andy, DeLonghi referred me to Nespresso help since I purchased from them. The coffee specialist had me check for calcium flakes but there were none since I really do regular maintenance and, use filtered water. She had me run multiple Lungo shots and no flakes. She had me take apart the milk frothier head and soak all the parts for an hour in warm soapy water, which I'm doing now. I will post if this makes a difference. Thanks.This seemed to work, I was surprised.

How do I clean the Coffee Spout of the Latisima pro. Is there a way to remove it and wash it like the Milk Frother?
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If you just run a long black with no pod in it then that gives it a good rinse with just hot water after using it. Then you do a descaling once in a while. I've never tried to remove the spout.Thank you. We run a short before every time we switch off the machine. We also do the descaling. We wanted to do the same as with the milk frother and give it a through clean every six months or so. But thank you for taking the time to suggest this.

I have a lattissima EN750 touch and despite disassembling the entire milk jug head piece and ensuring every orifice is clean, It seems the pressure is not allowing the milk to push up the tube out the spout. steaming and cleaning works well. is it the machine itself? Alex
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I have the pro so not sure if the same will apply to you. On my machine, the tube has two little holes that are inserted into the top part where you control froth and cleaning. One of the holes in the tube has to align with a dot in the centre of the top part i.e the hole in the tube has to align with the spout where the milk comes out. This resolved the issue for me. Hoping it’s as simple a fix for you.

I want to transport the machine in an airplane. How can i emplty the water tank
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Take it off the back and tip it upside down over the sink. Also make sure you empty the spent/waste coffee pods tray and the dip tray of water.There is an empty water system option in settings.

Have you guys gotten your Milk Frothing issues resolved? I'm looking go upgrade my machine to give to son-in-law , I've never bother most of the time with steaming 'cause to the milk hassle. Also cleaning up each time. Thought this unit would be easier if you didn't have to do it "each" time. Once a week would be fine. IF that theory really works.
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Hi Rudy, I haven't had any milk frothing issues with this machine. It works like a true champ everyday. The Milk cleaning is as easy as turning the milk adjustment dial to clean and back. That is it! Nothing else. Then just put the milk jug back in the fridge for the next use. Every two days they recommend soaking the milk jug & parts in hot water for 30 minutes which is super easy. I'm sure you could leave it a bit longer but I dont want to risk and great working system. I hope this helps you to have confidence in this unit. After all, this Pro unit is the one they use in the Nespresso shop themselves when they are making people sample coffees (not the Touch or the Plus).I know what you mean about the "cleaning every time" but I think they're right in this instance. Milk, as you know, deteriorates quite quickly and the milk lines should be cleaned as soon as the operation is completed otherwise blockages which may be difficult to clear will form. There is the health aspect to consider as well. All commercial coffee machines in cafes and the like are flushed out with hot steam ( and chemicals ) at the end of the day to remove milk residue. There is no real need to clean the milk lines as long as the machine is operating and the lines are flowing.

Any idea about an error message from the machine? system empty - repeat delivery I got this message when trying to operate my new nespresso machine on cleaning it as per catalogue for new machines
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Hi Maro, I haven't had any issues with our new machine. It works flawlessly everyday. If it is saying System Empty could it be something to do with the magnetic float in the water tank? Maybe the float has become stuck. Only a guess. That being said I'm pretty sure the message says Water Tank Empty & not System Empty. Sorry your having problems & I couldn't help more.When I first purchased my machine, I also received this message. The user guide tells you to press the Lungo & Hot water button 3 times. In my experience, it took more then 3 tries to get the "water flow" going, from memory it took 6 tries for water to come out. The first time I pressed it, nothing came out. After that I have had no issues and everything seems to be working fine. On a separate note, I have read on other review sites that some owners have experienced issues with the Rapid Cappuccino system, or otherwise known is the milk dispenser. It is important to note that after each milk based preparation, the system needs to be cleaned. On the Latissima Pro, it is fully automatic. If this is not done, you will most likely have blockages in your milk spout. I did the same thing on my previous machine (Lattisma Plus) and had not issues with the Rapid Cappuccino System. Lastly, after coffee extraction, it is important to let clean water flow through the coffee outlet. After I have ejected the capsule from the extraction system, I close the lid and press the lungo button so water can flow through and get rid of any coffee fragments left behind. It sounds like a lot to do after preparing a cup of coffee (not forgetting to also empty the capsule container and drip tray!) but these little things will prolong the life of your machine. Oh and don't forget to descale!

How many coffees do you think you've made with this machine? We got to 300 ( in 2 weeks) and the problem occurred. No froth, tiny bit of milk and water and lots of steam. John
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Probably made about 400 cappuccinos and machine hasn't skipped a beat. I do keep it maintained after each use (rinse milk jug immediately and put straight into frige..empty water tray..run thou an espresso serve of water. I'm sure Nespresso could help with this problem. Good luck.I would have made 100 cups maximum before it stopped working. It started to spit out water and a little steam for a while before stopping to heat the milk at all.Since new I have pushed approx 500 caps through no issues so far

Is this machine fully sealed? I had a problem with cockroaches getting into my Nespresso U. Yuk
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Not sure what you mean by fully sealed? But there are not any holes for cockies to get into the insidesCockroaches...not sure if they can access the smallest holes like spiders etc! Would suggest you ask a salesperson or nespresso itself.Wow, I've had Nespresso makes since 1995 in Calif, Nevada, Colorado, Oahu and now Georgia...Never have I had roaches in any of my machines. My folks live in Amsterdam and were transferred for 5 years to Phoenix and never had roaches in their machines. Did you leave the water lid up?

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