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Is there a 'soaking' option anywhere?
1 answer
No option to soak on this model

How to open the filter cover? I tried like 5 minutes. Just can't open it.
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Is there a cycle on this machine that has a quite spin we brought it on the weekend & it sounds like a jet plane landing in my laundry??
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Yes. I use Spin/Drain. My washing machine is the quietest machine that I have ever owned. I bought my machine from The Good Guys who delivered, installed and tested it.It is important to have removed the transportation bolts before use,

My machine was installed today, balanced etc. I then washed a load on cotton cycle and it makes a horrendous noise when in the spin mode, like metal scraping on metal. I have video taped it, but the sound isn't very load so it is hard to tell. What should I do?
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Hi I would test the load for your machine's weight make sure all clothes have even distribution other than that try hand wash cycle and delicate just to see how it goes. If all failes and it continues ring HELP LINE Cheers FayeIwould contact the retailer who sold the machine to you. I would also ask the installing retailer whether the transportation bolts were removed. I have read that if not removed you can have problems. Grahamhi mate I have the same problem. did u found any solution. I cannot use in this way as it a shaking with noise. floor is leveled no issue with that. let me know if you found any solution

How good is the express 15 option? Would it clean clothes - shirts, socks, shorts, etc... effectively?
1 answer
This option is most useful when washing light clothes such as gym clothes,business shirts,underwear or a few pair of socks/shorts(separate washes).I wouldn't recommend anything heavy like jeans, blankets, jumpers or work clothes which require more work to get them clean. For these type of clothes I would be using a more deep cleaning option and I also wouldn't fill the whole tub in this setting ad is not meant for a full stack of clothes for a short washing cycle. So far I haven't had a issue, my clothes comes out clean and smelling nice. Thanks :)

Where can I get parts, rubber ring around doorway?
1 answer
Contact your local Fisher & Paykel service technician

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