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I have a 2015 Honda CBR500R I am thinking of taking my slip on exhaust off (just for sound,THE LOUDER YOU ARE THE SAFER) and putting on a K&N air filter. Will me doing that burn my exhaust valves?
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No it will not affect it at all.Hi mate, no it wont affect the valves, only might frustrate your neighbors. I would recommend replacing the stock exhaust with a slip on, they are relatively cheap off ebay and will make the bike sound a lot better (much better then without any muffler). Cheers

I am 5'8'' and 132 lbs, is this bike right for me? Would it be too heavy?
2 answers
I suggest you go for a test ride. As soon as I got on my bike I knew it was for me...No..i am 5`4" and weigh 67 kg and i love it

what is the mandatory service interval for cbr500r and approximate service cost?
1 answer
6000 for a minor and 16000 for a major service. Major can be between 400 to 800.

I want to buy a magnetic sump plug for my honda cbr500 r 2014 model what is the exact size? Some is saying 12mmx 1.25 or 14mm x1.25?
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Not sure maybe you can ask Honda Australia spare parts devision

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