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Hello. I have Honda NSC110 Dio (for just a month) and I like it very much. I do have few issues though. One is: I am 150 cm tall and generally I am 'small' = small palms. I can use the break handles on both sides but they are a little too far for me to reach them - I need to use just my finger tips rather then, say, the first knuckle. Is there a way to get the break levers closer to the handle bars? Thanks
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You can buy adjustable levers which are very affordable. Try searching "custom honda dio levers" on google

Is it a belt driven or a shalf drivenot?
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It is a fully enclosed constantly variable transmission, so it has a vee belt with two variable pitch pulleys. It is very positive, smooth & quiet in operation.It is belt driven :)It is a CVT (constant variable transmission) which is a belt drive between two cone shaped discs. The belt moves up and down according to the amount of throttle applied. Very reliable and quiet setup, requiring almost no maintenance except a new belt every now and again as it wesrs out.

Hi there, I'm planning to buy a first scooter. I'm 4'8 ft tall so about 148cm. I'll move to Parkes and requires a scooter to commute to work. But to get to the workplace, I need to be onto A39 highway. Do you think honda dio 110cc can handle A39 highway? I have L license which max speed is only 80km/hr. And A39 highway is relatively not a busy highway. Do you think its worth it to get this? Thanks heaps!
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For highway riding.. you need something with a bit more power incase you need to get yourself out of a dangerous situation.. maybe take a look at the Yamaha BeeWee YW125. Has slightly more go for highway driving/riding. Depends on your budget of course. The Yamaha's seat height is only 2cm higher then the Honda Dio.. so being vertically challenged.. should still suit your needs. The Yamaha has dual rear shock absorbers which would be much better for country roads. Either way.. love the Dio :)Absolutely. I regularly ride mine at over 100km per hour and am usually ahead of other traffic as I find this the safest way to ride. I also ride mine fairly regularly on trips of over 100kms and find it has more than enough power to get out of any tricky situations. Honda is a solid brand and I would definitely recommend you go with the D10. I hope this helps Stev. Happy scootering.

Do you think that the honda dio 110cc is a good choice for a first timer? Thank you
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Hi Danni, sure it is. It was my first scooter having only ridden once before on a Honda 50cc for my learners test. Its a great ride and its still my primary mode of transportation. Take care and be careful when riding over tram tracks if you're in the inner suburbs- the skinny tyres dont help. Peter.

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