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QL (2015-2019), SL (2010-2015), KM (2005-2010) and NB (1996-2004)
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2012 2ltr diesel low klm had a rubber burn smell after driving 80klms.
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I don't seem to be able to disable voiced warnings for a red light camera. No matter the settings, the car voices warning at 300m mark and beeps when near. Anyone knows how to stop these warnings?
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there a way to reset all of the electronics by turning the car on and off and leaving the key in accesories for a number of hours or something like that I cant remember exactly now Maybe an honest auto electrician could tell you , or even Kia service centre?

Changed battery and now the engine lite has come on . Need assist to remove or will it disappear on its own please
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did u change it properly , like the manual says?Or did you do it the way most people change a battery , like in the past ?It matters You have to follow the earthing instructions exactly and did you get a battery that Kia advises , not a shop, It matters The shops will tell you its the right battery when its not at all ..

My fuel cover fell off
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Using my previously paired phone, I now get this message in the car: "For your safety Bluetooth is blocked during drive. If you are in Parking status, you can connect to Bluetooth." What does this mean?
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So my sunroof has decided it doesn’t want to close .... I got it partially closed Help
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How do I get the NAV system to beep when I exceed the speed limit? I see the Speed sign on the display flash red when I go from a 100kph to 80kph zone, or when my speed creeps over the 50kph in town, but no audible warning. Sportage MY19 GT model. Thanks in advance.
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My 2016 Kia Sportage has stopped producing sound when I use my indicators, and also sound has stopped when I open my door? No welcome sound. Anyone had this problem? I have checked the manual and Googled it with no results
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I had the same issue and you need to have the technicians trace a cable that gets caught between dash and firewall. Should be covered under warranty but takes a while to find and diagnose.

Have KIA Australia solved the mapping problem with the 2ltr diesel which they knowingly sold me with this problem
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Not sure what mapping issue you are referring too, can u advise.from cold start between 70&80 kph a series of jerks and vehicle labouring in gear coming up to say a roundabout once vehicle reaches operating temp problem gone apart from a frightening couple of thuds at a 110kph on one tripI have a similar issue with my 2016 sportage diesel. Kia has initiated 3 sotftware updates so far which are supposed to have fixed the problem. They have certainly improved the issue, but it’s sill there at low speeds, around 50kph. Doesn’t do it all the time and Kia say they can’t do anything until they see the problem and get some data downloaded while it’s happening. Problem is it is intermittent so difficult to get it to do it while they have their computer connected. Very frustrating given that I have had this problem for 2 years now and still not fixed. They won’t even try until they get data. Very disappointing!

having owned the current model sportage 2ltr diesel and having it relaced with a new vehicle because of a mapping problem with the fuel/gearbox the new vehicle suffered the same problem. My question is have KIA rectified this problem because I was refunded my purchase price on the 2nd new vehicle, KIA knowingly sold this vehicle with the problem
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no fix available as yet, our MY19 sportage diesel 8 speed auto is constantly shutting down for a sec or so at any speed. Also idles very rougly - lots of surging and hunting.Thank you for your response I thought I was the only KIA customer who had experienced this problem, I,M NOT GOING MAD after all. It is all very annoying when the so called motoring experts test these vehicles they do not elaborate on these problems, how much are they paid to keep quite to let the sales roll on, makes you wonder.

Setup time?
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On a 2018 Sportage Cedi, how canv you stop the nav screen coming on every time you start the engine with the irritating “I agree” button to press?
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I don’t believe so, as it is a safety sign. You must acknowledge that using the screen while driving can be dangerous and pushing it acknowledges you understand and can’t hold Kia liable for using it while driving. I think in Mazda’s it disappears after a while, but not in the Kia.My navigation warning message comes up at first too. However is disappears within a few seconds. I will check my manual tomorrow to see if there are any settings.My message stays there until i agree. Doesnt go off

I am thinking of buying a 2018 kia sportage. Has anyone had issues with this car please?
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None, just do it. Comfortable, excellent road manners. Hint, set the engine power at normal. And use unleaded 95, as recommended.I've had mine 2 years, diesel, hasn't missed a beat. Comfy, great height and vision, good acceleration and fuel economy. Couldn't be happier, except it would be great if the servo's dropped the price of fuel a bit, but with great economy it balances out.If you want an audible speed alert, it hasn't got one. I just traded up from the Cerato to the Sportage and this car doesn't have an audible speed alert, which is very disappointing. The Cerato had one.

I have a KIA Sportage 2010 premium. Drives great but recently had some weird problems. Engine light has come on a few times, first time the machine said it was the throttle cable, blew the module out with a compressor and light went out. A week later engine light on again, this time it said the car did not recognize the key. After starting and stopping a few times engine light went out. Then driving home one night the sunroof just opened and closed by itself, twice! As I said it is driving great but every now and then the engine light comes on saying one problem after another yet none of the problems really seem to be the issue, any advise?
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Sorry, can't help The only time I had a car with erratic problems was a Ford XR 6, it was caused by a faulty battery. The XR6 was only 12 months old. One feature of my KIA is the battery is sealed and has a 2 year warranty. Find a specialist battery retailer to check it.

I have a 2018 sportage and want to know if you can change the sound of the indicator. I know this sounds ridiculous but it is really annoying when sitting for long periods at lights. Passengers comment on it too so it's not just me. Can anyone help?
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Not that I’m aware of. Wouldn’t be an option as it’s a safety item. Maybe just use the 4 click half indicator instead.Shelley, I checked the car instruction manual and went through the settings in the car. I could not find any reference to changing the indicators sound in either. Regards Arthur Rennick

I have 2wd sportage and I would like to transfer it to 4wd is that possible, if yes , is it worth it? My sportage is 2015
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It's not possible, you'll need to buy an AWD model

I've only had my Kia sportage 2017 for a week. All of a sudden I have no volume on my stereo. Why is this?
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Sorry, can't help.Thanks , it magically started working again thank goodness

Why does my Kia Sportage radio go quite when I put the car into reverse?
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Thinking of buying used sportage diesel 2013/4. Worried re dpf. Any way to see if dpf is ok/been neglected? Or do all sportage dpf perform auto regeneration? Yes spurt up the highway good for all diesels but how to know if a $large replacement bill is around the corner?! Testing/checking...can this be done easily/at all? Dpf problems abound in UK and lots of town use diesels are sold to unsuspecting/not informed people. No way to check via service recs or word of mouth unfortunately.
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After 7 years of kia sportage diesel ownership, I have never felt it do a regeneration and never saw any lights on the dash light up. So i am assuming it is one of the best designed DPF around or because its a euro 5 engine and australia didnt require that rating until 2016 it was switched off.

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