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We are based in Melbourne with the weather being freezing and having the thermostat set to a constant 19 degrees. What tog rating would I use and what clothes underneath?
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They are thin. Probably around 2 tog thinking of my other bags. In Sydney we also have the house around 18 in winter, I put them in long sleeve arms onesie, a thick Bonds onesie and socks.

I have the swaddle up in size small for my 6 week old baby, he weighs 4kg. I have noticed that the material under the zipper is bunching up and almost pushes towards his chin. I'm worried this could be a potential hazard. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it because the swaddle is too big/small?
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I noticed with my little guy when he was first born I got him the small and the back of the neck used to dig into his skin and leave red marks, he would pull his arms forward and do it worse.. it wasn’t to small either.
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This may seem like a silly question but what if the baby want to put its arms down?? I know when i sleep with my arms up i get pins and needles. Just curious if it would be the same for a newborn.
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Not a silly question at all. I wondered about that too. I guess its the same when you swaddle a babies arms down tightly beside them too. As long as you get the right size the baby can lift his or her arms down. I have seen people with babies in undersized swaddles though. The arm pockets are not tight. I hope this helps.Best to ask your doctor. But what I have noticed is babies naturally tend to sleeping in this position if you leave them un-swaddled.

I bought the swaddle up original for my 5m baby to give it a try but his fingers all scrunched up in the wings when I put it on last night so I didn't end up using it. Just want to know is that normal for babys hands to scrunched up like that? Or is it because its small for him? He's 8-9kilos and I got him a size L for up to 11 kilos. Thank you for any feedbacks.
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Hi Kimmy, Newborn babies naturally scrunch up their hands into little fists. But I'm not sure how long that lasts... I did find this online and it may help you: http://www.parents.com/baby/development/physical/your-babys-hand-control/ Good luck.My baby is 3.5months and doesn't use a swaddle anymore . But I do notice she sleeps with her hands in a fist anyways. So I think it would be fine in the swaddle

Hello we have used the love to Swaddle on my daughter since she was 9 weeks old and it is the best she slept 7pm to 7 am and we had had no problems. At 5 months we brought the 50/50 and at 6 months we have had a month of transitioning with just one arm which has worked. But at 7 months I am now trying both arms and my daughter is not having any of it she will cry and cry until the arm is put back on. I have tried mittens, dummies, comforters and nothing works. She is not rolling over yet but she soon will be so just wanted to know if anybody else has had the same issues and what did they do ? Kind regards Kimberley
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I tried the one arm in thing and that never worked so around 5 months I started giving her day naps without it and she seemed to have lost that startle reflex. At the same time I introduced a comforter so she could suck on that to comfort her. That really worked a charm. Then a week later I tried night time without suit but in a bonds wondersuit with mittens then without mittens. Hope that helps.

My baby is 10 weeks and beginning to show signs of involuntary rolling. He's only 5kg but is over 65cm in length. I have the medium size but I feel like the excess fabric near his arms could be dangerous?? Or should I be putting him in the 50/50 already??
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10 weeks seems early for the 50/50, I have only transitioned now at 8 months but each to their own. Yes there was some excess material with my bag for awhile also but wasn't an issue.

Bought this after hearing great reviews. First time using it. Just worried that the neck line may be a bit snug. I realise the material is stretchy but just wondering if anyone has found the snug neckline to be of concern?
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You don't want the neck line to be too loose otherwise your baby could slip its head into the suit, however I would think if you can't slip your fingers in between your babies neck and the suit its probably too tight. I haven't found this to be a problem for me. I know what you mean, it is snug - but it never seemed to bother my baby or cause concern for me (and my baby has quite a thick neck!). I agree that too loose would probably have it's own problems too. Btw we've stopped using the swaddle now because bub was getting too distracted eating his hands through the material (teething and chewing lots!) - oh well, was great while it lasted...

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