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Hi .
I have Dolphin DB3 was working ok until last summer when it started only running for about five minutes then stopping.
It will start up straight away receiving power with both slow and fast settings showing blue lights.
I have googled this problem and it seems quite a regular issue with some people claiming hair wrapped around the impeller, by impeller i assume they mean the yellow fan blade. Anyhow i checked and removed and replaced it but still have the same issue.
Can you tell me the nearest service centre ?
I an located in Oak Flats NSW 2529 Australia.
Cheers Steve.

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Maytronics A.Maytronics

Hi Steve. Please contact us on 1300 693 657 or at customercareau@maytronics.com and we will look into this for you to understand what is happening with your robot. We can then advise as to the closest dealer that is able to assist.



Same problem here. was working, then turned off now when i turn it on, it doesn't work. lights turn on on box. machine doesn't work. intermittent from the beginning. wont be buying one if these again. seems known issues ! Any help?

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Maytronics A.Maytronics

Thank you for your message.

I apologise that your robot does not seem to be functioning the way that it should.

Could you please advise as to which model of robot you are experiencing difficulties with? Could you please also advise if your power cable has an RCD switch?

As you have explained that your robot seems to be working intermittently, it could be due to the multiple factors. It includes factors such as a high pH of the water which prohibits the robot from gaining traction in order to move around freely, the filter cartridges/basket may be full or perhaps an obstruction within the impeller or the drive tracks. Could you please assess these factors so that we can eliminate them as a contributing factor.

Please call us on 1300 693 657 or email customercareau@maytronics.com should you require further assistance.



I have a Dolphin DB2. It was on a cycle I went up to the pool to check and it had stopped. Removed it from the pool, cleaned the filter basket. Replaced and put it back in the pool. Lights came on but the Dolphin now won't start up. 6 months old. Only used weekly. What could be the problem?A bit worried now after reading not so positive reviews

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Maytronics A.Maytronics

Hi, please call us at Maytronics on 1300 693 657 and we can help get you working again quickly.

Leonie B

Leonie Basked

I have a dolphin db2 and the electronic box does not come on when the power is switched on.
I used it 2 days ago and the blue start button illuminated but doesn't today.
I've checked the power point and it is working.
Can you offer a solution? Thanks.

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Maytronics A.Maytronics

Hi Leonie, please call us at Maytronics on 1300 693 657 and we can help you find a solution.

Leonie B
Leonie B

Thanks - my son works for Irrigear Lowood and he will be in contact soon.

Liz Brooke

Liz Brookeasked

I have a Dolphin DB3 that doesn’t turn on, but does light up. Was starting intermittently for few months, now won’t start up at all. Have checked the impeller and is all clear. It has started up when turned on and off or changed setting repeatedly but only for 1 second. What is the problem and can it be repaired?

1 answer
Maytronics A.Maytronics

Hi Liz, please call Maytronics 1300 693 657, you can discuss with a service tech who will be able to help work out the best course of action.

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