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11Miele Complete C3 PowerLine
Jane123 · Complete C3 PowerLine Comfort Electro (SGPA0)

My C3 PowerLine Electro has stopped working, must be an electrical fault, i have been told i cannot get spare parts anywhere for it, this is the best machine i have ever owned so i cannot understand why the parts are no longer available for such a young machine.
An help would be appreciated. Very disappointed in Miele.

Miele   DM   

Thanks for your question, Miele is sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your vacuum. Miele stock and sell replacement parts. We would like to help, if you email your full name, the state you reside in, your best contact number, and your question to info@miele.com.au, a member of our team will be in contact as soon as possible.
Alternatively, please feel free to reach out to a member of our Customer Care Team on 1300 464 353. Our Customer Care Centre is open Monday – Friday, 8:00am - 7:00pm and Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm (AEDT).
Regards, Miele Australia Pty Ltd.

narelle haywood
narelle haywood · Complete C3 PowerLine

My Miele C3 turbo just doesn't work. No noise nothing . the max light flashes

Gazevs · Complete C3 PowerLine

Thanks for all the reviews, makes researching a potential new purchase interesting. Seems Miele not so hot on honouring their warranty obligations under ACL or written. This has helped me decide not to waste my money in an overpriced vac. Will look at other, far cheaper brands where a decent warranty isn't such an issue. Dissapointing, but thanks again for the heads up.


I haven't had to claim against warranty on this vacuum cleaner, so have no experience in this aspect of Miele. I also bought my vacuum cleaner at a very good sale price, so was happy about that.

Lin H.
Lin H. · Complete C3 PowerLine

Hi my hose connector seems to be stuck. The side lugs don't stick out so I can't depress to remove. Any ideas please?

Kaza · Complete C3 PowerLine Turbo (SGDA3)

Where is this particular Miele vacuum made

Titakarn · Complete C3 PowerLine

Does it come with the head for cleaning wooden floor? I have real timber floor that can be easily scratched so was wondering if the wooden floor head included?


Yes it does

Georgie · Complete C3 PowerLine

Greetings. My vacuum cleaners suction button has stopped working. That’s the
- & + . It’s just the + button unfortunately.
Is there an at home fix? Cheers


I guess nobody else has experienced this. I have sent two emails direct to Miele but haven’t had a reply.
I’m desperate to vacuum my house :/

Marty M.
Marty M.  

I have the same issue. The Max light is flashing but it won't start.


I took my machine in to repairman…luckily he looked it over for me and found that water had somehow got in to the motor. I had previously vacuumed up a “bicarb” remedy for a dog piddle. Just the moisture from that was enough!
It wasn’t worth repairing but luckily the repair guy didn’t charge me.
Hope you have a better outcome.
Repair guy advised me to buy another Miele because they’re the best….but don’t feel you need the top of the line…as the only difference is the accessories. I did end up buying cheaper Miele machine but when they come back on sale I will also purchase the top of line because the hose and fitting’s are more sturdy and a better weight in my opinion.

SBC · Complete C3 PowerLine

Wondering if this has a HEPA Filter as it says "either"

Rebecca · Complete C3 PowerLine Allergy (SGFA0)

We have long pile carpet and our youngest has asthma and dust allergies so wondered if this vacuum works well on long pile carpet. We have an older (10 year old) Miele S5000 and it doesn't have HEPA filters and isn't wonderful on the longer pile carpet either.

Consumer concern
Consumer concern  

I have rugs, floor boards. Not sure on long pile carpet.
Tho I would say it would work if on max setting.
Hope this helps

Chris · Complete C3 PowerLine

Got this vacuum from appliances on line after reading great reviews, have owned now for a little over a month. on the first bag change i have extended the metal tube, only to find that when i have pushed the vacuum forward on the floor that this tube has shortened again, and not able to be locked into place. after trying to figure out what has gone wrong with this, i have emptied the previous bag and found two white semi circle plastic pieces, and two small metal square pieces. these have come out of the tube and are used to lock it in place.
Don't get me wrong, the vacuum other than this is great, very pleased with it, but very disappointed that after only using about 7 times this has happened.

Could someone advise what i need to do to get this replaced please.

Oskar L.
Oskar L. · Complete C3 PowerLine

hello, the vacuum is making an acute noise when you switch it off. Also air comes through the grid when the airclean filter sits when you vacuum. Is it about changing the hepa airclean filter?

Classy C.
Classy C. · Complete C3 PowerLine

I bought miele compact c1 from harvey norman , and they sell me extended warranty for $50 extra , i heard good things about these machines , how long they last and is it worth it to get extended warranty ? Tha ms in advance.

Penny S
Penny S · Complete C3 PowerLine Cat & Dog (SGEA3)

I cant get my new C3 Cat and Dog vacuum to maitin suction aftyer fitting a new Miele GN bad(supplied by retailer)
It sucks for a few seconds then stops sucking-I have checked the hose and metal tube

Minerva C.
Minerva C.  

Never had that problem, but would suggest you contact the Australian Miele service centre and see what they recommend? Try this : https://www.miele.com.au/professional/customer-support-52.htm
Good luck

Miele   DM   

Hi Penny, we apologise for the inconvenience of this however we are unable to answer this question at this time. We would like to resolve this with you, can you please contact us on 1300 464 353 (for our New Zealand customers please call 0800 464 353) or leave an enquiry via external link  (for our New Zealand customers please use external link  ) and our team can assist you as soon as possible.

If you believe your appliance needs a service, please use the below self-service page to book an appointment. Australia Service - external link  New Zealand Service - external link 

For further customer support please visit external link  and for our New Zealand customers visit external link  .

Kind regards,
Miele Australia.

Jacqui F.
Jacqui F. · Complete C3 PowerLine

Hi all I’ve just bought this vacuum and am having trouble connecting the hose to the unit. I’ve followed the instruction manual and watched some set up videos. Any tips ? I’m normally a very capable person but this has me stumped

Minerva C.
Minerva C.  

The hose does not connect vertically, but on an angle. If you look closely at the sides of the hose connection, there are two connectors (one on each side) that you hold in with one hand. As you push them in (on that angle), if you don't hold the connectors too tightly, and give the link a small wiggle, they should click into place with an audible "click". The angle is such that the hose "leans" forward over the front of the unit (away from the controls at the other end). Everything on the Miele has an audible click when it goes into place. If it still doesn't work, you're either "aiming" it in the wrong place, or you've tried to force it in and have broken one (or both) of the connectors... Once you've done it, you'll always get it right... Good luck!

Jacqui F.
Jacqui F.  

Thanks Minerva did the trick :)

Sonya R.
Sonya R. · Complete C3 PowerLine Allergy (SGFA3)

Does this vacuum have an electric powerhead?


No it doesn't but it has 6stage electronic suction system which is good enough

JLo · Complete C3 PowerLine

Why won't the brushes on the head turn when I'm trying to clean them.They have done before for easy?

Maryanne Sterling
Maryanne Sterling · Complete C3 PowerLine

I noticed the vacs are all bagged. Do you make any that are bagless as I do not want to have the continued added expense of running my vac


Hi i don't work for Miele so I'm not sure maybe have a look on the web site, but i will say i have noticed a big difference in the suction power by having a bagged machine and also Godfreys have there own brand of bag if you buy two lots you will get one free and that costs about $40 which should last a good year and maybe more

Miele   DM   

Hi Maryanne, thank you for your question. Please find the link below which lists our bagless vacuum cleaners online. Bagless vacuum cleaners - external link . Kind regards, Daniel.

Amanda P.
Amanda P. · Complete C3 PowerLine Allergy (SGFA0)

Are they good with dog and cat hair please?


Hi yes they are we have two border collies that shed hair continually

Amalia · Complete C3 PowerLine Cat & Dog (SGEA3)

I have floorboards and tiles (no carpet), does this Complete C3 Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner work best for my type of house? We also have 1 German Sheppard dog and 1 cat which shed a lot of hair.


Hi yes the C3 will do the job we have wooden floors and tiles the same as you plus two border collies I vacuum daily with problem And no loss of power I have had the same bag in the machine for about three weeks and still going good

Hope that helps


Awesome, thanks heaps.


Having had all sorts of vacuums they all work fine on hard floors, even the really cheap ones. The test comes when trying to extract fine dirt/dust (that the dogs roll in and then bring in on coat and feet) and pet fur from carpet. The miele does a very good job with the latter.

Matt W.
Matt W. · Complete C3 PowerLine Comfort Electro (SGPA0)

Hi, the remote control on the telescopic hose. Has broken. Rendering the VC completely useless! Does anyone know where to get a new PCB, or replacement?

Miele   DM   

Hi Matt, thanks for your question. Can you please contact us on 1300 464 353 and a member of our team will be able to assist you. Kind regards, Frank.

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