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Muk 230-IR

Muk 230-IR Questions & Answers

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Is there any difference between this and the gold range
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What's the wide straightener like with curling?
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How do i turn my muk onto hor?
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Trying to decide between a GHD or Muk? GHD has been around so long and has a good reputation. Which one should I go with?
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Definitely the GHD, I ended up buying a GHD Platinum 6 weeks after buying the Muk because the Muk was uselessHi Tara, I was faced with the same decision. The lady at Hairhouse Warehouse convinced me that the Muk was better. I don't know as I've never used the GHD myself but I have been really happy with my Muk 230-IR with the wide plates. It makes straightening my hair a whole lot quicker than the previous ceramic plate one I had and heats up within a minute. I love it. :)Go muk! Ghd changed their technology in 2011, it’s never been the same!

Hi, I have 2 of these units and was wondering if anyone else is having zapping from them when using them (I am aware they are double earthed)? Hope someone can help. Cheers Phil Harrison>
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I've not had that problem, suggest you contact the manufacturers in Melbourne and not use it again until you find out why it's happening.

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