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Big Mick
Big Mick · Camry

Hi all.
I have a toyota camry hybrid hl 2013 model and my digital audio broadcast radio is glitching.
It gets the radio station and then it will cut out as if I am going through a tunnel and repeats that cycle over and over.
The am and fm radio stations work just the DAB stations that won't.
Has anyone else experienced the same issue or has a fix for it

lovepuss · Camry XV30 (2002-2006)

i have a blinker problem, i have changed all fuses, and replaced blinker arm component, yet still have no blinkers but my hazards still work could you help

Big Mick
Big Mick  

Im not to sure but have you tried changing the relay as it sounds like you have tried everything else

Mher H.
Mher H. · Camry ASV50R / AVV50R (2012-2017)

Is there any difference between rear left fender Camry xv50 for usa, europe and japan models?

Mark j
Mark j · Camry XV20 (1997-2001)

1998 station wagon, I cannot open the rear tailgate, Im lucky the trim was already off, but I'm lost at what to do
any help will be appreciated
Cheers mark

MICHAEL V. · ASV50R / AVV50R Atara SL (2012-2017)

What type of type tyres

nelsjuly1967 · Camry XV20 (1997-2001)

Which is fuel effient, toyota camry or nissan cefiro?

phil M.
phil M. · Camry

Does the camry 2022 petrol only assent with 8 speed require 95 octane as a minium?Its recommended in the manual,but what will happen if people run it on 91octane?

David P.
David P. · ASV70R / GSV70R SL 2.5 L Hybrid (2017-2024)

I have had the car (2021/2022) for almost 4 weeks, and it has been great. However, as I am slowly learning about things and watching youtube videos for setting up, I now realise that a number of things do not work with the car that should, mainly to do with the Infotainment and phone.
The downloaded to phone apps such as "MyToyota Connect" and "MyToyota Link" do not work as shown in the Australian videos, where the phone and vehicle pass information to each other, such as searching business/location, etc with Link and then sending the resulting location to the car! It seems the app isn't available in the car to capture this navigation link! Actually, there are no Apps shown in the Infotainment Apps area, is this normal?
With the "MyToyota Connect", once registered it is supposed to send details of your car to your phone app, regarding Drive Pulse, Fuel Levels, Odometer, Car Location, etc. Absolutely nothing is shown, none of the details mentioned, no matter how many times I pair the car to the phone.
The trouble is, for the exact same hybrid car and year in the US and Canada, it has a lot of features available, especially regarding car default Communication and Navigation (not counting Apple Carplay or Android Auto), but I have no idea if Australia is supposed to match these default features as local detail content and setup is rare! It is like the car setup of the infotainment package before delivery, was missed, in this area, so it's incomplete.
Would this be correct? Or am I missing something?


My car was delivered to me without Apple CarPlay or Android Auto installed and I had to return it to the dealer for a software update. Toyotalink isn’t worth bothering with to be honest. Check with your Toyota dealer - your car may need a software update to get all the functionality.

David P.
David P.  

That is what I assumed. However, I don't have a problem with Android Auto (but I may not have the phone cable connected occasionally), just the cars default inbuilt systems, that should work as advertised.

Crawford M
Crawford M · Camry XV40 (2007-2011)

Dear Seller,
I am keenly interested in purchasing this unit ""Toyota CAMRY XV40 (2007-2011) Silver and wish to be furnished with all the full details. Any help?
[Number Removed]

Steve A
Steve A · Camry

Does a xv30 rear left door fit onto a xv40?


I am not sure if both vehicle s have the identical body. Best to contact a Toyota dealer.

Wilberforce · Camry

I just bought a 2012 2.5 ASV50 It's my 3rd Camry over the years and love it but makes a weird sound maybe 15-30 secs after turning off like waves sloshing on the shore, haha best way I can describe it. Any idea what it is? It does it about 3 or four times. Is it something to do with the Aircond?


I am unable to answer your question; however it could be air conditioning system related.


Try running the car with the AC on then switching it off. Then do the same without using the AC. You would soon know if it was AC related. AC's (and this is not just in cars, it also happens with refrigerators and freezers too) sometimes makes a gurgling sound after the compressor cuts out or is switched off.

John C
John C · Camry XV30 (2002-2006)

I have a 2002 Camry Conquest, The battery (2032) seams to getting weaker and may need replacing
soon. After opening the remote fob I have noticed that the battery is soldered in place and can't be removed
A Toyota rep has said that I need to replace the whole unit ($100 AU est ).
This seams over the top for want of a $3 battery.
Can I carefully remove it by melting the solder on the contacts and replace the battery?
If so do I need to re-program the unit.

DM p'edoff
DM p'edoff  

Done it with holden remote, reaffixed using metalic glue. It did't need reprograming. Toyota may be different, but what have you got to lose. Utube it there is sure to be an answer and possibly how to reprogram

m wright
m wright · Camry ASV50R / AVV50R (2012-2017)

While driving at low speed 40 kmh to 55 kmh slight shudder when Accerating as soon as RPM rise above 1700 shudder disapears. Car has travelled 133500 KLM. Any ideas?

sim h.
sim h. · Camry XV20 (1997-2001)

Has any one experience with the remote control?


Press & hold to open boot. Otherwise same as anything else.

sim h.
sim h.  

Hardball, thank you very much but mine is a xv20 without boot order has only one button for the doors. But anyway this information is still usefull for some body else or for the future, many thanks again.

Grahame K.
Grahame K. · Camry

How good is the Hybrid Camry? Fuel consumption etc.


Honest fuel consumption is about 5.1l/100km or around 900km per tank. And that's with some spirited driving.

Grahame K.
Grahame K.  

Thank you. Appreciated.

Daud A.
Daud A.  

I m getting 6 only. 2015 model

Big Mick
Big Mick  

I am getting aprox 850 but that is driving conservatively

Bruce Pfahl
Bruce Pfahl · Camry ASV70R / GSV70R (2017-2024)

How can the eco be turned off?

Bradley D.
Bradley D. · Camry XV10 (1991-1996)

Hi there, does anyone know if a windshield from an XV10 will fit an XV20? I accidently purchased the wrong windshield and cannot return it so i am hoping i can use the one i purchased. Thanks in advance

cecilia · Camry ASV50R / AVV50R (2012-2017)

Why doesn’t my Capri altars March 2016 seem to have a gps setnav app

Mher H.
Mher H.  

How to know what is difference betweenREAR FENDER LEFT FOR USA, EUROPE AND JAPAN MODELS?

Michelle Flajnik
Michelle Flajnik · Camry

what is the difference between a camry alise 4 cylinder and camry altise V6

bundy · Camry ASV70R / GSV70R (2017-2024)

Gday i habe a 2019 toyota ascent ,i see in the audio book , were the maps button is meant to be on dash , the button is info .. so no navigation built in is that correct ?
Also i have added the toyota link app n when i open it on my phone put in a destination , says send to car trip will begin next time car is started
Get in car the app beeps links to the car but does nothing ,
Only apps in it is weather n calender
How do i add maps to work?

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