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How do you make a manual payment on wizard wallet loan? I want to pay more than the minimum monthly payment
1 answer
BPay through your bank

So we got accepted for $600 and they say they are open Saturday’s 8-4.30pm but when we call they say we haven’t called in the business times. Does anyone know if we will get the money today or Monday??? We kind of need it today
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Monday if you are lucky they don't do transactions on weekendsWhy would you even consider getting a loan from them in the 1st place?

HI, is there anyone on here who either applied or knows someone that applied for more than $1000 and actually was approved? I applied almost a week ago and nothing, I am probably just going to get one of those oops, sorry, you don't qualify emails in a week or two.
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I'm not sure I was approved for $500 I applyed on Sunday 30/12/18 of last week and only got money in bank on Monday 7/1/19 they said because of the Xmas and new year only had couple open days and is taking bit longer then normal I would just give them a ring and they should b happy to let u know what is happeningwallet wizard are owned by debt collection company Credit corp check out the negative reviews on Credit corp then decide not to borrow anything from them they are biggest money hungry sharks if you are just $5.00 behind they will harass you every day with a barrage of phone calls & text messages then try to get a court judgement to make you pay back the whole loan. Be very very careful dealing with themDo Not get a loan thru wallet wizard they will destroy your credit rating if you are a day late with a payment, they will start legal action without you even knowing it. the five star reviews are written by them trying to make themselves look good be careful

What is the interest rate?
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I really don't. Sorry. You'll have to ask Wallet Wizard. And probably depends on how you want to borrow.I think it is around 47 or 48%

If I pay the fortnightly installments is it any extra?
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No. Mines not. And I've had 2 loans with Wallet Wizard. Yet my second loan repayment is higher than my first loan repayment.

What’s repayments on $5000 a week and what’s the interest rate?
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Interest rate is always 47.8%. This is only applied to the amount owing on the loan. You will have a principle repayment based on the term of the loan- eg. $5000 loan over 10 months, will be around $500/month. Then you will pay 47.8% interest on top of this, for the amount owing. So your first payment will be $500 principle, plus $199 interest = $699 repayment. Your second monthly payment will be $500 principle, plus $179 interest = $679 repayment. Interest is worked out using this equation: Loan amount remaining multiplied by the interest rate as a decimal, then all divided by 12. Eg. Month 1 interest repayment: $5000 x 0.478 /12 = $199 Month 2 interest repayment: $4500 x 0.478 /12 = $179 This explanation does not include any other fees or charges. It only covers principle and interest repayments.

Hi has anyone gotten a loan with bad credit from wallet wizard? And how did it go ?
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Don't get any type of loan through these sharks, they prey on desperate people They are owned by Credit Corp a credit collection company if you ever get behind by just one payment they will take you to the cleaners

I am a housewife can I apply for a loan still?
1 answer
Going by a high majority of these reviews - I would highly recommend not to bother with this loans company tagged as, wallet wizard

How much do u have to pay back a month?
1 answer
Hi there im paying back 98.00 on a two thousand dollar loan.The best part once you repay 500 you can redraw the 500 out ahain if needed.

how do I apply for a loan please
1 answer
Going by these reviews - I would highly recommend not to bother with this company, wallet wizard

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