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What do the ugly boots do on the Yamaha ttr and can I ride with them off?
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How many kilometres out of reserve on ttr230 2007?
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Ignition light won't light up. I have a 2008 TTR230 and the ignition light comes on intermittently. I know it's got to be an electrical problem, but don't know how to track the problem down to a specific part. When I turn the ignition switch to on, the motor will turn over, but won't run. When the light happens to light up, the engine will start right up. Can anyone diagnose this from my info? Thanks.
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You have to diagnose what is causing the problem. Think logically. Could be that one circuit in the switch is faulty. Spray inside the switch with WD40 or similar stuff and turn the switch off and on a few times. Wiggle and bump the switch to see if it is the problem, most times the wires never stuff up as they are just wires nothing to go wrong really. Very, very common for motorcycle switches to get corroded due to the water they are exposed to, they have a hard life. (eg: A cars switches are inside, where it's nice and dry and clean.) If not a Yamaha shop should find the problem easily, there might be common problem with TTRs.Luckily I also have a 2016 TTR. So I started trading out electric parts until my 2008 TTR would start. Turns out it was my CDI Unit Assy, which is the Capacitor. After finding out which part it was, I just blew out the connectors and plugged the old one in again and it seems to have fixed the problem. I'm so glad the part works after cleaning the connectors, because a new Capacitor is 300.00.

Is there a difference between a ttr 230 and a ttr 250?
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Yes there is. A TTR250 is a more modern design, it is more powerful and is a physically bigger, taller bike than a TTR230. A TTR250 would be faster on the road. A TTR230 is great for vertically challenged people, if you're taller buy either.

I have 2017 tt230, 2 questions: 1. What is the actual size of the handbar? None of 7'8 bark busters fit. 2. Has anyone had bar risers put in and any issues with the wires/cables length? Thanks!
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I have a brand new Yamaha ttr230 but it did start the first time I turned it on but after a couple tries it won’t start anymore does anybody know why or what I can do to solve the problem or is it something about just taking it back to the dealer and have them fix it??
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That is really strange. I have been on and off mine for a while now, it hasn't missed a beat. If it is new, take it back and get them to check it. Could be something simple like dirty fuel, but i would also check to see there is oil, the battery is charged etc. Will it start with the choke on?Read your owners manual to check the start procedure. You may have a switch around the wrong way. Do you have petrol in the tank? If all else fails contact the dealer.

I have a 2007 TT-R230 with stock jets (previous owner said pilot jet was drilled to next size). When I got it 3 months ago it started fine and idled perfectly without using the choke. After riding it for several hours it has gotten where it starts immediately but revs very high quickly and I have to control revs with kill button or else put it gear and start riding until it settles down. It does perfectly after this initial start up issue. Still stock air box and muffler. I can't find any air leaks. Does anyone have an idea about what causes this? Thanks! Steve
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My old XT500 did this when the carb slide was worn. It was OK when hot so I never worried about it. If there's no air leaks ( sounds like an air leak but if it runs OK when warm then I think it's the carb worn) just make sure the air filter has no holes in it and is oiled. Also be sure that whoever drilled the jet knew what they were doing and didn't stuff something up with carb/rubber assembly. Also seal the rim of the filter with a coat of grease so there's no air (and dust) bypass. It all depends on whether the bike has had a lot of use/abuse from previous owners. I find these bikes kinda temperamental when starting, also see the other question below.Thanks for the input! Turns out the diaphragm on the left side of the carb had the metal cap pinching the rubber diaphragm and probably causing an air leak. Fixed that. Then the rubber o-ring between the head and the intake seemed like it wasn't sealing very well, so I put a very light coat of sealant in that connection. That could have been an air leak as well. Lastly, the carb to intake manifold has a notch to align, I think this might have been off a bit so I fixed that also. The bike has very few hours so I figured it had to be something other than heavy wear, like on the slide. At any rate it now runs like a new bike again! Thanks again! Steve

Hello I own an ‘05 Yamaha TTR 230 and I started it up and put the choke on for about 2 mins to let it warm up. I get on it and rev it and it shuts off I figure I flooded it so I try to start it and it finally starts up but when it does it has a low boggy idle and it struggle to stay running and if you give it any gas it will die and soon after it will only start and run if you hold the starter down and if you release the starter it will die. I don’t know what to do first to fix this, any help?
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Symptoms like this can occur if the pilot jet is blocked. Especially common if the bike has sat around unused for a few weeks/months. I always turn off the fuel and run the engine until it stops. Using a fuel stabiliser helps too. My TTR is pretty susceptible to this even after these precautions. May be design of the carb or small diameter of the jet orifice. Try draining the carb of old fuel and then running it for a couple of minutes. Don't run it too long like that or you can damage the engine. If it doesn't clear then you will need to see someone who is qualified to clean out the pilot jet. Avoid tossers. Shouldn't be expensive if the bike has no other issues.

How long does it take to run in you new ttr 230?
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If you mean break in your new bike it takes about a week if you ride it enoughDepends what you want to use it for, for a race bike about 10 mins, if you want it to last probably a day or more. I ran in ours for a week, then used full synthetic oil, had no problems. There's a theory that run in engines are slower because the bore wear ridge limits revs to the run in revs.

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