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Would the 70002b be big enough for a 6kg brisket?

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Z Grills
Z Grills Aus TeamZ Grills

Definitely yes a huge one - check out this video I did on the 700E which has the same main grill rack area.


You legend, responding on a saturday morning! Beautiful first brisket mate and it looks like i will be going ahead with the standard 700! I appreciate your help.


just curious as to how this compares to my Fornetto?...... i am looking for more cooking space but haven't been a huge fan of pellet smokers as i have a mate who has one but it smokes the heck out of the neighborhood?

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Z Grills
Z Grills Aus TeamZ Grills

Thanks for the questions mate. Not sure what your mate is doing wrong with this pellet smoker as after the initial startup release of smoke which clears after a couple of minute the smoke release is very gentle. Check this video out. https://help.zgrills.com.au/knowledge-base/z-grills-how-much-smoke/

The key advantage of a Z Grills pellet smoker over your Fornetto is easy of use - set and forget. We have stack of Z Grills owners in Australia who have an offset or other manual smoker, but the time spent managing the fire becomes a frustration - and a Z Grill solves that. Please let us know know if any further questions. Feel free to join our facebook group to see what others are doing on their Z Grill. Cheers!

Michael T
Michael Tasked

Is the 700E smoker the same as Silverbac Grilla Grills?

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Z Grills
Z Grills Aus TeamZ Grills

Hey Michael,

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to clarify that. I think quite a few people have the same question in their minds.

There is no doubt that the Silverbac from Gilla Grills looks extremely similar to the Z Grills 700E Pellet Smoker. However, keep in mind that we are not the same company. As far as I can see they are not available here in Australia.

You can read more about it here https://zgrills.com.au/about-us/

If you are looking to get yourself a 700E, check out what the 700E-XL. Our 700E-XL is an upgraded version of the 700E. It has an added top rack which increases the cooking area by 25% which works out to be 0.6 sq m of effective cooking space. With the extra cooking space for a second brisket or a few more stacks of ribs, it's not hard to fall in love with it.



How do these pellet smokers compare to the Traegers?

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Z Grills
Z Grills Aus TeamZ Grills

Hey Ken,

Thanks for the question.

We actually manufactured for many brands under an OEM agreement. You can read more about it here https://zgrills.com.au/about-us/

To answer your question, I think we need to compare apple with apples. At the time of writing this review, we have 4 grills in our product range. 450A, 700-2B, 700E (Classic) and 700E-XL.

The 450A has 450 sq inches (0.3 sq m) cooking space which is perfect for a small family. I am able to fit in about 4 shorter stacks of ribs which is more than enough to feed 5. This works out to be similar to the Traeger Pro 22 which is priced at $999.

The 7002B and 700E (Classic) both have 700 sq inches (0.45 sq m) cooking space. This gives you plenty of space to fit in a couple of stacks of ribs and a pork shoulder for your pulled pork. This compares more closely to the Traeger Pro 575 minus the wifi controller and the big price tag.

Our 700E-XL is an upgraded version of the 700E. It has an added top rack which increases the cooking area by 25% which works out to be 0.6 sq m of effective cooking space. This is more catered for the people who enjoy cooking up a storm for their family and friends. We even have a couple of caterers that use our 700E-XL as their main workhorse cooking up for hundreds of people in one sitting.

The added bonus with the 700E and 700E-XL is that it comes with a bottom storage area and the chamber of the smoker is double lined. This increases the efficiency dramatically which means it burns less pellets in the long run.

We at Z Grills believe wholeheartedly in selling more than just a product. The core of our business is you, our customers. Just read the reviews on this page and check out our Facebook group to see the sort of community we are trying to build. https://www.facebook.com/groups/zgrillsoz



Can you sear over open flame on a zgrill like the pitboss? Trying to decide between the two, cheers

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Z Grills
Z Grills Aus TeamZ Grills


Thanks for your question mate.

I don't recommend open flame on a pellet grill as you end up with a nasty mess to clean up and risk of grease fire.
We have a cast iron BBQ plate which works great for searing steaks and you can put that directly over the fire pot to get really high temps without the mess. That is also great for doing other stuff like bacon and eggs too.

Check out these videos below to see how to cook up like that.

Cast iron BBQ plate comes as part of our BBQ Accessory Bundle, or can buy separately.

Please let me know if any other questions - if you hit me up directly on our website chat or call our number (03 9034 7099) I can put together a great bundle deal for you.



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