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Love the zodiac cleaners , had a mx8 for 8 years and now an mx6, the problem I have it is now getting stuck on ledges and steps, it seems to always be the side with the yellow tab on wheel, it swivels fine. I’ve lengthened and shortened hose length and also adjusted hose weight , no change, it’s very frustrating , any other ideas would be appreciated, please?
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why have two of my hose sections split and need to be replaced after only 2 years of limited use? and as to why it has been used infrequently since purchased...…...I find your system completely inadequate. the unit spends more time attempting to climb the walls instead of cleaning the bottom of my pool.
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Hi, I bought a Zodiac MX6 December 2017 and was working very well until Christmas 2018. Since then it has ceased climbing the walls in my pool and has become very slow moving around the pool. I have adjusted the flow up and down and have replaced the tracks thinking they may have worn, But I still have the same issues. My pool is fibreglass and salt water. Do you have any suggestions for me?
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you can get a flow regulator attachment that replaces the existing one it has no adjustment on it just a straight connectionHi Vivienne, Please call our Customer Care team on 1300 763 021. We can walk through some Troubleshooting with you and get the Unit up and running. Thanks.

Cleaner keeps falling backwards when climbing the wall and ends up on its back and won't right itself. I have one weight on the hose just above cleaner .. should i put on an extra weight or is there something else I should be doing?
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ok so I have found out the problem when the mx 6 goes slow or stop it is the regulator at the end of the hose that connect to the machine you need to super glue the yellow valve so it doesn't open up and reduce suction which holds it on the wallsPlease give us a call on 1300 763 021. We can give the advice you need and do some further troubleshooting. Thanks!

My MX 6 is about 4 years old, pool has rough surface (in ground pool) so I had to replace the rubber tracks. Was working perfectly for about 2 years. It started to do some wheelies so I adjusted the float. still does less wheelies and now it only turns in tight circles. I can see that both tracks are turning. Any ideas?
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One track keeps coming off. It travels for a few minutes and then just derails. Any suggestions?
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Hi Kim, Please call us! Our Customer Care Team can walk through this over the phone. Our number is 1300 763 021, Thanks!

This has been a great cleaner, it climbs the wall to tile and has always made its way around the whole pool. This pool has 6 outside corners , now all of a sudden each week I show up to service it is high centered on one of these corners and pool is dirty. I replaced hose and tracks about 6 months ago. Is there something that can cause this? I’ve had account for 1 1/2 years this started about 2 months ago. Once I release from corner it moves around pool like it always has but obviously ends up back on corners and sits there most of the week.
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Hi, The mx6 has a 2 year warranty. Please call us! Our Customer Care Team can walk through this over the phone. Our number is 1300 763 021, Thanks!

Is there an adapter available for the skimmer as the one supplied is too large?
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Hi Deb, We would suggest that you go to your local Dealer, they would be able to help you with sizing etc as it is difficult to say over email what you would need. Please find the link to our dealers - https://www.zodiac.com.au/find-a-dealer

Our unit keeps popping wheelies so the suction part and cleaning wheel is pointed up. We’ve adjusted the pressure but it still seems to happen. Any help?
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I went back to cleaning by hand - gave it up as a joke

My MX6 continuously climbs up the wall to the waterline level, sits sycking in air and making annoying noise, before it turns, only to climb up again 5minutes later doing the same thing. It is so annoying the neighbors are complaining and I ended up disconnecting the cleaner. Is this normal? If so this brand new $400 cleaner is going to the bin!
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Hi Andre, If you are able to call us on 1300 763 021, we can help you with this as this is not how the Cleaner should operate. Thanks.

My zodiac has stopped moving. When I lift it, the wheels turn but when I place it back in the pool, no movement. Any ideas?
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Hi I bought a mx6 2 months ago. And am very happy with how clean it has kept my pool. But the last 2 weeks it’s started to make my pump pulsate like it’s lost it’s prime. Pump is brand new as well and does not pulsate when it’s on without the cleaner Any help would be great?
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Hi Bob, Please give us a call on 1300 763 021, we would be able to do some Troubleshooting with you. Thanks.

I would like to know if the Zodiac MX6 was designed to remain inside the pool all the time or only when necessary to collect the debris from the ground? I can't understand why my vacuum hoses break whenever I take it out of the pool.
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No leave it in all the time and if hose keeps breaking your chemicals are not balanced or old hoses .Hi, It is always best to take the Cleaner out of the water, We understand that sometimes this isnt possible like on Holidays. You should definitely check the Water Chem to ensure it is all going as it should. Thanks.That is incorrect. There are numerous complaints of hoses breaking i only have had this cleaner for a year and a half and most people complain that at two years their hoses too broke. Cheap chinese materials or they had a bad batch of plastic and the UV ratings and so on are way lower then any other hose on the market. Let alone they are expensive. This is an on going problem and they wont do anything about it

Hi. I bought a mx6 machine but it doesn't climb my pool walls. I have adjusted the suction valve so the wheels rotates to the spec but the wheels just spin at the bottom of the pool when trying to climb the walls. Any ideas?
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Does it make any effort to climb the walls? Is the adjustable weight set at 12 inches above the main body of the cleaner? Has the filter been backwashed prior to testing cleaner. What size pool pump? Needs to be around 1 - 1.5 hp.You may have too much suction and sucking to the bottomNot sure, I assume you are set on the strongest suction position. Mine nearly climbs out of the pool just after just after having done the usual routine maintainence routines but fades to a lower level after several days. Backwash, clear skimmer box box etc. After several days use it slows down to a slower mode. I put this down to air slowly getting into the system probably at the skimmer box connection. Check and reset the connection to the skimmer box and all pipe connections. Backwash the system. Remove the top of the motor, and force plenty of water down the system. Replace the motor lid once the water stays in the full position. Make sure the motor lid is fully tightened. The connection to the skimmer box is not as good as good as i would like. It comes apart too eaisyly. Hope this hlps.

Can the Zodiac MX6 be used in an above-ground pool?
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I am not absolutely sure, but I think not. The suction systems for in- ground pools may be different from above ground pools. Best ask your local pool shop, asking for advice will cost nothing but they would need details of the type of pool you have.If your suction for the pool pump is simply a hole thru the sides of the above ground pool there is a high probability that it can be used. The suction line for the MX 6 has to fit into the suction of the pool and in your pool you must push the end of the MX6 vacuum into that take-off suction. You will find instructions for the MX6 on Zodiac's pages. If their vacuum line does not fit your skimmer or water suction point your local pool shop or serviceman should be able to provide an answer.Hi Nancy. Please refer to our website to answer any questions - https://www.zodiac.com.au

How much Horse power does the Zodiac mx6 needs to climb up the pool wall? Our pump has 2.20....
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Sorry don’t knowThat’s what we have. Thank you so much!Hi Ivan. Can you please confirm which pump you have? You can check you have the correct suction level by using the Pool Pulse also. Please call us on 1300 763 021 if you would like to discuss further. Thanks.

I have my weir valve on the lowest suction setting and when it starts running the flow valve comes open. I assume from too strong of suction? But again it’s on the lowest setting already. Any ideas?
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Hi, apparently you are supposed to have it on the middle one , I really don’t know, ask your pool person.Hi Dan, May I ask if you have called our Customer Care team? We can help you go through this over the phone, our number is 1300 763 021, Thanks.

Mx6 does up side of pool starts taking in air until pump is full of air then it floods to bottom of pool. This is happening about every 5 minutes. It does to steeps and gets stuck sitting on top step sucking in air. I’m worried the pump is going to burn out not having water running in it. Yes if I’m home I go move the cleaner in the pool. I like to run Pool filter at night and can not watch it all the time. Should I return this cleaner? Only had in pool one day should I give it a chance? Should I shorten hose so it can’t get to steps?then it will miss that end of the pool. Any ideas?
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I woulld take it back to where you bought it from. Don’t alter anything otherwise they will blame you for its malfunction. CheersI hope that you don’t have close neighbours as pool filters make too much noise at night. SeeEPA regulations.Hi Joel. As the Cleaner is new, you may need to make a few adjustments. Please call us on 1300 763 021 and we can help you, Thanks.

I have a similar problem as others where the Zodiac MK6 starts ok but then sits on its back twisting away. I have had this unit for approx. 18 months and up till now has been working well is it time to recondition ? I have replaced some hoses but it seems that the hoses are dragging the unit backwards.
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I’m sorry, you’ll have to take the cleaner back to where you bought it from, they will be able to sort it out for you. They are still trying to figure out what’s wrong with mine.Hi, May I ask if you have contacted our Customer Care regarding your MX6 Cleaner. This unit has a 2 year warranty, Thanks.

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