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Latest review: I decided tonight to try and buy something online from Amazon . After selecting the items I went to checkout. I'm a new customer so I clicked new account. After a few more clicks it tells me my

Amazon Prime Video

Latest review: Amazon now is adding ads in between episodes on their platform it used to be the case that you pay for it and you don't get ads now we are getting sporadic ads make up your mind Amazon you shouldn't

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Latest review: Got 8gb paperwhite 10th gen waterproof reader. Have very mixed feelings. I like the concept but l hate that it lags. Scrolling is extremely poor! I haven’t even downloaded that many books. Not able t

Amazon Fire HD 10

Latest review: You can talk to it, say the name of the movie you wish to watch, an actor, director, or type of movie. Allows YouTube, NetFlix and many other services to work flawlessly on your existing TV. One of

Amazon Echo Dot

Latest review: This little (cheap!) box has seamlessly tied together all of our cloud connected smart home devices. And it’s brilliant (once you get to know it a little better) It connects to our ring video d

Amazon Echo Plus

Latest review: It initially had a issues with listening which eventually sorted. But this is not as flexible as google home. When i ask to play songs, i need to specify in a particular format. For example - when i

Kindle Oasis

Latest review: I bought the Oasis 2 after selling my old Oasis and to be honest, it's only marginally better. It's easy to use and light but the battery life isn't great if you're an avid reader like me. The

Kindle Voyage

Latest review: I’ve had 4 Kindle Voyage E- Readers and in all cases the Battery Failed either during the warranty period, or just outside of it! So I’ve spent a fortune buying E - Books that I now cannot read unl

Amazon Echo Input