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CGU Car Insurance

Latest review: My car was stolen for two months,Without compensation, they also asked the investigator to conduct a comprehensive investigation of me, including your income, your friends, call records,After two

CGU Home and Contents Insurance

Latest review: We use CGU for our hobby farm, domestic home and contents insurance. I love that we can easily ask questions via e-mail to the customer service team regarding our insurance options. Everything is

CGU Workers Compensation

Latest review: There is now a Petition you can sign to tell the Federal Government how badly Injured Workers are treated. I has been approved by the Government so it is a serious petition, an Official one. The

CGU Business Insurance

Latest review: I had great support in rectifying a mistake i had made during the on line application through a lack on attention to detail on my part. Thank you to the team for all the

CGU Landlord Insurance

Latest review: Long standing tenants moved out and I went for an inspection. Property had been pretty much systematically damaged (not totally). This was confirmed by the neighbours who had complained to the

CGU Travel Insurance

Latest review: Unable to claim emergency dental because i didnt have an accident while overseas. What am i suppose to do. Wait weeks in agony until i return home? Waste of

CGU Boat Insurance

Latest review: I approached CGU Insurance for pleasure craft insurance for a 2006 Hanse 370 yacht. After the young lady I was speaking to spoke to the "senior underwriter" I was told that they could not find

CGU Motorcycle Insurance