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Gerni Classic 125.2

Latest review: Have used this pressure washer 3 or 4 times tops. Tried to use it again today and the pump motor fired for maybe 2 secs and then nothing at all... Cheap garbage. Not looking forward to returning it

Gerni Super 140.3

Latest review: I have been a huge supporter of gerni for years. Unfortunately the G4 gun they supply with their units are not fit for purpose. Having gone through a dozen guns and complained to gerni head office

Gerni Classic 130.3

Latest review: Fed up with products which arrive with a scrap of paper covered in largely indecipherable pictures purporting to be assembly and usage instructions. In the case of the Gerni, there isn't even

Gerni Super 145.2

Latest review: Does Gernie have 7year warranty I read these reviews and they are concerning should I buy or go Karcher I’m torn what product do people out there reco mend for a p

Gerni Super 145.3

Latest review: I bought this unit about two years ago. It works well, my only suggestion would be to move the power level settings from the handle as you often push them by mistake when cleaning. Anyway, the hose

Gerni Classic 110.5

Latest review: I bought this from bunnies and had no pressure and wasn't even cleaning a normal hose was triple times stronger when this was supposed to be a high pressure washer I thought maybe it doesn't work on

Gerni Super Foam Sprayer

Latest review: I have used the karcher one as well and it is a 100 times better then this Gerni one and that's saying something since the karcher one is just adequete. This Gerni one is a complete waste of money

Gerni Classic 100.5