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Miele G 4203

Latest review: Bought this a month ago after fighting with a LG dishwasher for the last few years. It cleans the plates and easily without the need wash off. Haven’t had any issues yet. It was a great price from H

Miele G 4930

Latest review: Awful smell always on everything - just like prior reviewer has said. My last Miele was 5/5, this is awful. I’ve tried 4 different brands of tablets. I have rinse aid in .i have scrubbed it inside i

Miele G 6620

Latest review: The Miele G6620 SCU is an excellent dishwasher. I was initially apprehensive about spending so much, but it washes very well for both normal dishes and pots and pans, is quiet and is of a high

Miele G 6827 SCi

Latest review: This Miele dishwasher is the best I’ve ever seen, and it’s mine! I’m totally thrilled with it every time I use it. It’s a breeze to use once you learn the different settings and it’s easy to custom

Miele G 4263

Latest review: Cannot fault this dishwasher. It cleans beautifully, is quiet as a mouse, it has a setting for everything and is extremely easy to operate. You can adjust the height of the baskets to cater for

Miele G 4980 VI

Latest review: We purchased the fully- intergrated dishwasher. You can't even tell we have one . We only have a small kitchen this is perfect for us. The dishes come out sparkling . What we love about it is set the

Miele G 6587 SCVi

Latest review: I am happy with this dish washer will recommend to others family and friends. I was looking for long time to purchase this product. Very smooth no noise cleans dishes cleanly no problems lots space

Miele G 6927 SCi

Latest review: This thing is so big and it cleans everything without fail. I never struggle to fit anything in. Its really high inside so you can even fit deep pots in there. I never use fancy tablets, just

MIele G 6722 SCU

Latest review: I have had a Miele dishwasher for only 12 months. I experienced an error message and the dishwasher stopped working. After talking to customer care, i had a local technician come and look at the

Miele G 6660 SCVi

Latest review: This is a changeover from a Siemens, which only lasted 6 years. The old one was tooted as the quiet one, but, honestly, this build in model is super quiet. The automatic programs wash better than any

Miele G 4720

Latest review: I’ve just booked my 3rd service for a Miele dishwasher in 12 months. They replaced my first one after 6 weeks after it broke twice. Now the replacement is also broken. Truly a batch of lemons. Not w

Miele G 6987

Latest review: There's a lot to like about this dishwasher, but buyers should be aware of an infrared light problem if there's an overhead light above the dishwasher. When the door is open, the dishwasher power

Miele G 6727

Latest review: Bought the XXL model. Only started using this yesterday but the "child lock" only stops the door opening. The kids can turn it on, start the dishwasher, change settings etc. Phoned support and

Miele G 6767 SCVi

Latest review: Dishwasher installed this morning, ran a normal cycle, auto open door did not open, ran another short cycle - now machine is stuck in short cycle, can not get out of short cycle. Called Miele tech

Miele G 6365 SCVi XXL

Latest review: After two wonderful years of having a Miele fully integrated dishwasher the soft door closing hinges broke. As it was out of warranty we have put up with it as we can still use. Finally got a Miele

Miele G 6785 SCVi

Latest review: I replaced a set of dishwasher drawers that after 13 years that had done enough. We had a bit of trouble with these after 8 years but were told that these don't last but 10 years. So after thirteen

Miele G 6897 SCVi

Latest review: I had been hoping that this model would be terrific. I should have stuck with my Bosch dishwasher. Poor drying and needs to serviced far too often. For the price, it was a massive fail for

Miele G 6999 SCVi XXL

Miele G 6905 SCi

Miele G 6995 SCVi