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Real Income Insurance

Latest review: I had a great experience setting up my real insurance policy. It was easy and all I had to do was answer some questions about my health status. The person I spoke to was very

Commonwealth Bank Income Protection Insurance

Latest review: Took too long. I lodge it in September 2018 and now it’s 21/12/18 and just found out that the manager won’t look at it till January 2019. So disappointed no money for Chr

AIA Australia Income Protection

Latest review: I’ve got a income protection claim with them and I’ve had very poor service with late payments then having to call them and being told they will escalate it . They ring for your payslips then tell you

OnePath Income Protection Insurance

Latest review: My husband took out a One Path policy on the recommendation of our mortgage broker. After a year we decided that the idea of having $ taken out of husband's super on an annual basis to fund the

MLC Income Protection

Latest review: I can't believe the run around we are going through just to get early release of my super due to permanent disability! Too many departments to deal with! No one actually listens and then gives you

TAL Income Protection Insurance

Latest review: I went with the Level Premiums instead of Stepped Premiums and was told the premiums will not go up much each year. Instead I've been hit with increases of 16%, 16%, and 10% each year. I also find

AMP Income Protection

Latest review: Around twenty years ago I took out income protection, trauma, and life insurance that after a variety of corporate mergers and take overs rested with AMP. Following an unexpected event that I never

ALI Group

Latest review: I took out a loan protection plan with ALI last year. This year I was diagnosed with a cancer. The claim was a simple process. Staff are awesome and very

ClearView Income Insurance

Latest review: I had life insurance with Clearview 2 or 3 years ago I did it over the phone so it was nice and easy.when they make a mistake they let you no and they pay you the money they owe you.After 3 years I

AMP Flexible Lifetime Protection

Latest review: Too easy to set up and didn't quite realize that the older you got the more prohibited the fees were. AMP would love you dead at a very early


Latest review: My policy was part of a group insurance policy for NSW Police officers via First State Super. I made a claim in 2015; for TPD. MetLife denied they were the insurer for two years. Once the Government

InsuranceLine Income Protection Plus

Latest review: 3 months, still no payment- they promise you everything and deliver nothing- if/when I get my payout, I will be cancelling my policy immediately- these guys are crooks. Been taking my money for 13

QBE Workers Compensation Insurance

Income Protection Insurance AU