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Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance

Latest review: I have been it’s Bow Wow for nearly 4 years now. 2 weeks ago my fur baby got very ill. Needed xrays and other test. After lodging my claim Bow Wow paid my claim I thin a matter of days. There was o

Pet Insurance Australia

Latest review: I love PIA, they are attentive, empathetic to my pet and most of all payments actioned in a timely manner. I have been with PIA almost 3 years very


Latest review: Been with PetSecure for over 5 years and have the best cover for our pets. Always received excellent customer service. All our claims were resolved on time and with

Bupa Pet Insurance

Latest review: We made our first claim last month and was aware a $200 excess would be deducted. 3 weeks on we made a further claim for a repeat scan after treatment for same condition. Our claim incurred a further

Australian Seniors Pet Insurance

Latest review: Looking into taking out pet insurance. The lady who helped was very clear and helpfull. Looks like a good insurance, hope I will stay happy, had a not so good experience with another pet insurance


Latest review: Both my cat and puppy are insured by Prosure. Unfortunately both had claims, first puppy injured his paw last year, claim was rejected as pre existing. Then late last year cat got in a fight with

Woolworths Pet Insurance

Latest review: TERRIBLE pet insurance company! Quite expensive fortnightly payments. All nice when you join up.. Then they are HORRIBLE to deal with, they lie and just give you the run around.

Real Pet Insurance

Latest review: Woeful customer service. Even worse correspondence. Submitted my claim and all the paperwork. Some of it wasn’t relevant, sure, but I uploaded it just in case. No big deal. However, 10 days later


Latest review: I have had my dog insured since the day she was born- The breeder had her insured and we then insured her. My dog had BAD allergies- allergic to Chicken (which is in ALL dog food) Sorghum (again- in

RSPCA Pet Insurance

Latest review: Great help setting up the right policy for my new puppy from the the young lady Leanne, Compared with other Insurance companies. RSPCA offered the best value. And the Vet can put the claim when


Latest review: The claim process takes approximately 1 month and not like they say, always delays, they keep asking further details via letter so weeks of delay +5 days for money to transfer even if nowday exist

Medibank Pet Insurance

Latest review: I phoned up to add a new puppy to existing insurance. Staff were very friendly and made it as easy and fast as possible, while still running through all the legal requirements. Explanations were

RACQ Pet Insurance

Latest review: I recently made my first claim, was quite easy, just called up and answered a few questions and they did the rest. They contacted me a few times throughout the process with updates. My only complaint


Latest review: I have had my policy for approximately 6 years covering my cat Brodie. This is the second claim if I remember correctly. The first claim I had to fight for a total refund, this time they short paid

1300 Insurance Pet Protect

Latest review: I have been with 1300 insurance for a number of years & have make as many claims with no

HCF Pet Insurance

Latest review: We were a bit nervous taking out Pet insurance, you hear a lot of horror stories about companies refusing to pay up. I can honestly say I was more than surprised with the great service HCF gave us

Prime Pet Insurance

Latest review: I bought a Prime Pet insurance policy for my puppy over 4 months ago. I did not do much research but from what I read on the Prime Pet Insurance Policy website it sounded pretty good. I got the top

Guide Dogs Pet Insurance

Latest review: Worst experience ever! My policy was issued very professionally with choosi. I received an email that congratulated me on being insured ... unfortunately for me in reality I had no insurance but I


Latest review: I held two policies for about seven years and had a positive opinion of Petsure until last night. What happened last night? I received an email advising a claim I had submitted in November 2017 had

Guardian Pet Insurance

Latest review: I was with guardian for 6 months. During that time I made 1 claim which wasn't paid even though I followed the consultants request to the letter. A month after the submission of the claim I received

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