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Ford Mondeo

Wagons, Hatchbacks and SedansFord Mondeo · includes 10 listings

4.3 from 116 reviews

Latest review: If it wasn't for the gearbox I would be happy with this car, over 1100km range from 70l tank of diesel. 2014 mc tdi lx wagon with 85000 on the clock, still looks like new in engine compartment but

Ford Mustang

Sports Cars and ConvertiblesFord Mustang · includes 13 listings

4.7 from 29 reviews

Latest review: The Stang is my daily driver, driving to work, long drives down the coast, it is a pleasure to drive. The sound of that V8 is awesome, the technology, adaptive cruise control, auto dipping

Ford Everest

Large / 7 Seater SUVsFord Everest · includes 7 listings

4.2 from 44 reviews

Latest review: Purchased a Ford Ranger 4 years ago and thought it was great but the Everest Sport is even better. Drivability and comfort is outstanding, new biturbo engine is powerful but gives great

Ford Fiesta

Hatchbacks and SedansFord Fiesta · includes 8 listings

3.6 from 154 reviews

Latest review: Bought a 2009 WS Fiesta LX with the 1.6 Duratec pared up to the 5 Speed manual transmission. It's an absolute cracking car to drive, awesome handling car, easy to learn manual in and the 1.6 has a

Ford Escape

Midsize / Medium SUVsFord Escape · includes 11 listings

3.9 from 48 reviews

Latest review: Bought a year ago with 21000kms, found out the head gasket had just been replaced. Had a missfire issue recently . booked in today told the motor has to be replaced as coolant has leaked into the

Ford Ranger

UtesFord Ranger · includes 14 listings

3.3 from 316 reviews

Latest review: Had D Max no problems great car, after test drive D Max /Hilux Ordered Ranger XLS Sport November Arrive February 2021 yes my mistake. Arrive without features advertised canopy not fitted correctly.

Ford Focus

Wagons, Hatchbacks and SedansFord Focus · includes 20 listings

3.2 from 355 reviews

Latest review: Would you like to give away thousands of dollars to mechanics? Would you like a car that will sit nicely for months in the driveway? Then buy Ford Focus!

Ford Transit

VansFord Transit · includes 2 listings

2.9 from 38 reviews

Latest review: Ignition switch failure Mass airflow sensor failure Fuel solenoid failure Fuel filter early failure Water cooling joint breakage just by gently wagging it to disconnect the hose I could go

Ford EcoSport

Small / Compact SUVsFord EcoSport · includes 4 listings

3.1 from 18 reviews

Latest review: Came home from work and a blue ecosport was in the driveway. Thought the missis was having a fling with someone and the culprit was still over. Was kind of relieved when she said that it was “ours”. T

Ford Endura

Midsize / Medium SUVsFord Endura (2018-2021) · includes 6 listings

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