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Where can i buy this product please? Looked everywhere i can think of.
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Where are you from? I found mine at daisy hill IGA in Brisbane. Try your local IGA. otherwise call up Dairy Farmers customer service and they might be able to help you.At IGA in Bellingen NSW

Where can i buy bornhoffen yogurt please. So hard to find.
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Woolworths and coles. But mainly woolies I think :)

Why has Bornhoffen's Natural Yoghurt only the same Health-Star Rating of 3.5 out of 5, as Kellog's Baked Muesli Breakfast Biscuits, which per 100g, has 5x more fat and 3x more sugar? My breakfast is often 200g of Bornhoffen Yoghurt and I love it. Instead, would I eat 10 (TEN) biscuits of Kellog's with 35g of sugar? HELL, NO THANKS. Helma.
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Is there a Bornhoffan stockists in the Tweed Heads area? Hard to find but in my opinion, it's the best if only it was available!
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Why is this getting so hard to find? each week another supermarket has stopped stocking it!
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Where can I buy Bornhoffen Yoghourt around the Brisbane area (specifically in the vicinity of Beerburrum) now that Woollies etc no longer stock it IT IS THE ONLY YOGHOURT MY FAMILY AND I WILL EAT and far and away the BEST yoghourt on the market. Obviously there is a great demand for the product and surely there must be a distributor around somewhere willing to stock it.. I was used to buying at least 1Kg per week, usually more, and know many people who are also devastated that it is no longer easily available.
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I live on Gold coast so don't know who would have it in your area but some IGA supermarkets stock it Dakes IGA at Ashmore city on Gold coast has it.Thank you

Just returned to Australia from an extended holiday to find that Woolworths have deleted Bornhoffen yogurt from their shops. Where can I buy this yogurt that I have been missing so much while overseas?
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Drakes IGA supermarket at Ashmore City is the only place I Know on the gold coast that stock's this item.Perhaps Dairy Farmers could answer with a list of shops who stock this fantastic yogurt.

Where can you purchase Bornhoffen Yoghurt. We have Coles, Woolies IGA and Foodworks and none of them stock it
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I know that the IGA store in Cleveland stocks it. I bought some there yesterday.I just rang IGA at Milton and they stock it.I asked IGA PORTSIDE to source the product and they were very gracious and now stock it.

Where can I buy Bornhoffen yogurt in NSW or Qld?
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IGA in Cleveland stocks it. I bought some there yesterday.

is bornhoffen yoghurt discontinued?
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Woolworths told me they have discontinued bornhoffen yoghurt when I could not find bornhoffen yoghurt on their shelves.As I understand... Woolworths and Coles have discontinued, but it seems you can still get it online (not helpful to me!) but some IGA stores have it. Fed up with the big supermarkets!Woolies and Coles have deleted the product nationwide although Dairy Farmers argue this point. I can't find it anywhere and you certainly cannot buy it online at either Woolies of Coles.

Can I still get Bornhoffen from Woolies ,..as Coles have discontinued it at Medowie NSW
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We shop for everything at Coles , but make a special trip to buy 3 X Bornhoffen Yogurt at WW . Now today there is non at WW !

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